Muslim Calls Reporter ‘Islamophobic and Racist’ For Asking Him How He Feels About Beheadings; Reporter Snaps Back, ‘Nonsense! Get Over Yourself’

In a very instructive exchange with a Sky News reporter, a British Muslim and representative from the group CAGE was appalled by a question about whether he was ‘appalled’ by beheadings carried out by ‘Jihadi John’, identified as Mohammed Emwazi as has reported.

Instead of answering the question, Cerie Bullivant said the reporter was “Islamophobic and racist” for asking it. In Bullivant’s view, the question required him to “justify (his) humanity” as a Muslim. Unshaken and clearly angered by the charge, the reporter snapped back, “Nonsense! Get over yourself.” The other thing worth noting is that Bullivant actually argues that British security forces were partially responsible for Emwazi’s actions.

Stick with the video to the end because Bullivant storms off the interview after being asked if he condemned the actions of Emwazi.

Before getting into what the Director of CAGE had to say about Emwazi, have a look at a 2013 exchange in the U.S. with Husam Ayloush, Executive Director for CAIR-Los Angeles and a reporter from IPT. Note that Ayloush reacts very similarly when asked if he condemns Hamas. Instead of categorically condemning the group, Ayloush tells the man that “bigotry” is the reason behind the question.

Extreme defensiveness in response to these questions should be a huge red flag. One of the consequences of such defensiveness is that the person being asked expresses more anger toward the person asking the question than toward terrorists:

In another case, the Director of CAGE, a Muslim named Asim Qureshi admitted to knowing ‘Jihadi John’ and said:

“You might be surprised to know that the Mohammed that I knew was extremely kind, extremely gentle, extremely soft spoken, was the most humble young person that I knew.”

In this glowing portrayal of Emwazi, Qureshi paints a picture of someone completely at variance with the Muslim man seen in videos committing multiple beheadings:

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