Sweden Sells Its Soul To The God Of Mamon, Reverses Saudi Arabia’s Human Rights Abuses In Order To Please The Savage Saudi Muslim Arabs

So lets see, a Sweden criticized Saudi Arabia’s human rights. Sweden’s Foreign Minister, Margot Wallstrom, had called the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia a “dictatorship” and said that the Kingdom’s flogging of Raif Badawi was ‘medieval.’ She also strongly criticized Saudi Arabia’s record on women’s rights. Sweden cancelled a lucrative arms export contract with Saudi Arabia shortly afterwards, as Wallstrom was blocked from speaking at the Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) in response to her comments. This prompted the withdrawal of Saudi Arabia’s Ambassador, the denial of business visas in Saudi Arabia to Swedish citizens and shortly afterwards, the withdrawal of the Ambassador to Sweden from the United Arab Emirates.


Margot Wallstrom

Swedish firms do at least $1.4b in business in Saudi Arabia annually. Following the recall of the Ambassador, Sweden’s Trade Minister Mikael Damberg invited 50 industry leaders of key Swedish export firms to a conference to discuss Swedish trade in the Middle East. They expressed a strong desire to prioritize repairing the relationship with Saudi Arabia.

The meeting followed the publication in the Swedish press of a debate article written by 31 business leaders. It warned of the potential damage to Sweden’s exports that could be wrought by the Foreign Minister’s defense of human rights.

Sweden’s King and Prime Minister both apologized to Saudi Arabia, each sending a letter to King Salman stressing the importance of bilateral ties. The letters were carried by a former defence minister, Bjoern von Sydow, in the capacity of a personal envoy from King Carl Gustav to King Salman.

It is clear that Sweden has priotized its business relationship with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia over its support for human rights.

Saudi daily Al-Arabiya Sweden’s Prime Minister Stefan Lofven “apologized for any interpretations which may have caused offense to Saudi Arabia or Islam, adding that he hoped Riyadh would realize Stockholm’s genuine concern over relations.”

If one looks at the issue regarding insulting Muslims and Islam, the whole issue becomes rather strange, especially if one reviews the insults of Muslims level on each other and everyone else for that matter. Saudi Arabia calls Houthis “Kafir” while Houthis call Saudis “Kafir”. Then you have the Saudis, to minimize the ISIS threat on the wealthy Saudi monarchy, they say that ISIS is “Kafir” while ISIS says that the Saudi royal family are all “Kafir”.

hk copy

Muhammad Abul Athim Al-Houthi, Muslim scholar and cousin of the king says “Houthis are Kafir, hypocrates, liars and enemies of Allah and his messenger”

All these insults while they call Christians of all brands, eastern and western, northern and southern as “Kafir”.

Yet no one is apologizing.

Westerners who for the sake of ‘lucrative deals’ with Saudi Arabia would retreat from exposing Islam’s persecutions while the Christian who suffers would never cease to call the whole kitten caboodle, Houthi, Wahhabist, ISIS … including the ‘lucrative deals businessmen’ as “all Kafirs”. A Christian  worships God, not Allah or Mamon. Selling your soul to Allah or selling your soul to the devil makes no difference since the two, Allah and the Devil are but the same and they both can kiss my hide, a Christian gave his soul already for Jesus.

And what have we done with such lucrative deals? The Muslim Arab is still a savage and instead of him only having the sword and the camel, his two only toys he dedicated for the cause of Allah, the lucrative dealers gave them jet fighters to continue to sell his lies. Has Islam’s Allah proven anything, except that Allah has Cain kill his brother Abel? But this time, instead of using a rock, a camel or a sword, he now can use missiles. And lest we forget, soon with the blessings of Gog-Obama, in the name of another strange deity they call “Deal” he will be using nukes. The good news is that these nukes will hit Saudi Arabia. And while the Arab will cry, the saints in heavens will rejoice.


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