Muslim Leader of Group with Ties To Islamic Terror Organization Says Praying Inside State Capitol Was Just about ‘Love, Peace and Understanding’

Oklahoma Muslim at the Capitol Day was all about ‘love, peace and understanding’. That’s if you believe Oklahoma’s Executive Director of a Muslim civil rights group with distinct ties to an officially designated Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO) in Hamas. Hamas is also the Palestinian wing of the larger Muslim Brotherhood.

Below is a news report from KFOR 4 in Oklahoma about the event. It also features Christine Weick, the woman who interrupted the Muslim prayers by shouting the ‘Our Father’ (h/t BNI):

As reported, here is a short video of Weick interrupting the event with the Lord’s Prayer:

Oklahoma State Rep. John Bennett, an outspoken critic of Islam, passed out Bibles and fliers at the event. One of the questions on the fliers asked Muslims if they condemned Hamas. Not doing so while claiming to be in the Capitol for ‘love, peace and understanding’ would clearly send conflicting messages.

Here is Bennett speaking about Islam in the wake of the Alton Nolen beheading in Oklahoma last year:


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