SHOCK: Identity of ‘Jihadi John’ Helping to EXPOSE Pro-Muslim Motives Behind Wikileaks and NSA Scandals

One of the consequences of learning the real identity of ‘Jihadi John’ (Mohammed Emwazi) has been the incredibly interesting set of doors that have opened. The man currently at the center of this growing controversy is Asim Qureshi, the research director of CAGE, which identifies itself as a Muslim human rights group. Last week, he came under fire for speaking of Emwazi in glowing terms.

Ex-Gitmo detainee and CAGE founder Moazzem Begg, Qureshi, and Assange in 2012.

Ex-Gitmo detainee and CAGE founder Moazzem Begg, Qureshi, and Assange in 2012.

It’s since been discovered that CAGE was founded by Moazzem Begg, a former Gitmo detainee. In a shocking video from 2012, Qureshi and Begg rub elbows with and clearly enjoy the company of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. The purpose of this video was clearly to provide a sympathetic platform to both Begg and Qureshi. If you’ve ever been in the camp that considers the likes of Assange and Edward Snowden heroes, take a look at how chummy these guys are together:

As has reported, the NSA scandal has revealed a similar kinship between the UK Guardian’s openly homosexual ‘reporter’ Glenn Greenwald and the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a U.S.-based organization that bills itself as a Muslim civil rights outfit but has connections to the Muslim Brotherhood.

In 2013, Greenwald joined Siraj Wahhaj, unindicted co-conspirator in the first World Trade Center bombing, as a speaker at a CAIR event.

Interestingly timed, the video of Greenwald’s speech was uploaded to CAIR’s YouTube channel one day before the NSA scandal broke on June 5, 2013:

Last August, Greenwald seemed to imply in a tweet that Jews were responsible for the Ferguson riots.

One month earlier, Investors Business Daily revealed that one of the effects of the NSA leaks was to help the Muslim Brotherhood enemies of the west:

By releasing the names of several Muslim terrorist targets under surveillance by the NSA and FBI in a new expose — “Under Surveillance: Meet the Muslim-American Leaders the FBI and NSA Have Been Spying On” — Snowden and his mouthpiece Greenwald have tipped off the enemy and jeopardized major counterterror investigations.

Have you ever wondered why there have been no real consequences for Snowden, Greenwald or Assange? Why is Assange allowed to interview a former Gitmo detainee and the Muslim fundamentalist leader of a group who defends ‘Jihadi John’?

The UK Telegraph has revealed that CAGE research director Qureshi called for the destruction of the west at a 2006 London protest against the U.S. in which he expressed support for Hezbollah. Here is part of that speech:

As reported last week, Qureshi uttered some bizarre praise for Emwazi after it was learned that Emwazi is the man who has been beheading westerners on video. Qureshi said:

“You might be surprised to know that the Mohammed that I knew was extremely kind, extremely gentle, extremely soft spoken, was the most humble young person that I knew.”

So, westerners were to believe that ‘Jihadi John’ was a sweet boy and that his decision to join ISIS to behead people – despite having a college degree and coming from an affluent family – was completely unexpected and a shock even to Qureshi. Even if one is steeped in enough denial to buy that last week, the video of Qureshi at the 2006 protest should make the purchase a bit more difficult:

As if that’s not enough, consider that CAGE has been accused of promoting the preachings of Anwar al-Awlaki and worked with Michael Adebolajo, the man who murdered British soldier Lee Rigby on a British street in broad daylight.

Last week, a spokesman for CAGE embarrassed both himself and his organization during an interview with Sky News, as reported:

Here is a London protest from February of 2006, outside the Danish embassy. It was in response to the anti-Muhammad cartoons. It is not known if Qureshi was at this event but clearly some of the sentiment in the crowd was similar to those who attended the Hizb-ut Tahrir rally at which Qureshi spoke:


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