As Muslims Turn State Capitol Into Mosque, Police Drag Out Christian Woman Who Objects

New video has surfaced which provides more footage of just how Oklahoma State Police (Troop R: Capitol Patrol) handled a Christian woman named Christine Weick, who objected to Muslims turning the State Capitol into a mosque on Friday, February 27th by shouting out the ‘Our Father’. reported on the incident previously but this new video is beneficial in determining how the police handled Weick (h/t WND):

To illustrate just how wrong the police were, consider a man with two house guests in his living room. One guest is a dirty elephant destroying the carpet and surrounding furniture. The destruction of the man’s home is easily visible if something is not done.

The other guest is a woman who is seated quietly in a chair in a corner of the room. Next to her is a table. On top of the table is a cold glass of lemonade she is enjoying but with a small problem; she’s not using a coaster.

Instead of taking steps to deal with the elephant, the home owner chides the woman for leaving a ring on the tabletop.

That was the Oklahoma Capitol police on February 27, 2015. Below is how the Oklahoma DPS website describes the duties of Capitol Police in the state. As you read, consider both short and long term factors:

The Capitol Patrol Section is responsible for law enforcement, police services, safety and protection of the State Capitol Complex in Oklahoma City and Tulsa. The Troop has the primary responsibility to provide for the safety and security of all three branches of Oklahoma State government and, in addition, is also the primary law enforcement agency for over 70 state facilities and thousands of citizens, visitors, elected officials, and employees each day.

Short term, the police avoided a “disturbance” inside the Capitol building but their job is to protect the State Capitol. Long term, they did just the opposite that day as they allowed that State Capitol to be turned into a mosque.

Oklahoma Capitol Police Haul off Christian so Muslims can pray in Capitol.

Oklahoma Capitol Police Haul off Christian so Muslims can pray in Capitol.

How about their duty to protect all three branches of their state’s government? They failed there too and they failed to keep order in the name of restoring it. Sharia law is antithetical to both the U.S. and Oklahoma Constitution.

Were the police in a tough spot? You betcha. Were they following orders? Yeah, probably. Is the problem larger than them? Yup.

Does that make what they did right?

No, they failed to protect the Capitol from invasion, regardless or who is ultimately responsible. At minimum, they were cogs in the apparatus that is allowing that invasion, which is still unacceptable.

Is there something the police could do now? Yup, Oklahoma Highway Patrol Chief Rick Adams could publicly express his gross displeasure (assuming he is displeased) with what was permitted to take place inside the Capitol on February 27th. Such a move would place the ball firmly in the court of Oklahoma’s Governor Mary Fallin:

Col. Rick Adams, Chief of OHP

Col. Rick Adams, Chief of OHP

Governor Fallin shouldn’t have to wait for Adams to comment. In fact, she should stand shoulder to shoulder with him (assuming she has a problem with the Capitol being used in such a way). As a Governor, she is charged with leading the state. Whether she has the authority to do anything legally to prevent what happened inside the Capitol is immaterial. People like her need to start taking loud public stands:

Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin

Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin


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