VIDEO: Muslim Mob Takes Iraqi Soldier And Beats Him To Death, IRAQ HAS BECOME A LAWLESS COUNTRY

By Theodore Shoebat

A video that has been recently released shows a Muslim mob taking an Iraqi soldier and horrifically beating him to death and shooting him. The video shows just how lawless Iraq has become:

There are several opinions on what is happening in this video. According to Rudaw the video is “allegedly showing a Peshmerga brutally murdered by Shiite militia forces”, but some are also saying that this video is of Shiites killing a Sunni Iraqi soldier being killed by a mob for working with ISIS.

Regardless the video an indicator as to how lawless Iraq has become. By America getting rid of Saddam, it allowed for mass violence to inundate the society of Iraq. When you have Obama backed Iraqi soldiers killing an 11 year old boy, and mobs killing people without trial, it is only an indication for disastrous lawlessness and mass violence.

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