More Prayers Have Just Been Answered, ISIS Just Released Twenty Four More Christians

By Theodore Shoebat

Prayers have been answered ISIS just released 24 more Assyrian Christians, after abducting hundreds of them from Christian villages in Syria.

According to Tom Doyle: “Some key Christian leaders were let go. The families were going through some agony.”

A Christian man named Nuri witnessed how ISIS, or Daash, kidnapped so many of the Christians. “We were at home sleeping and we saw that Daash had come,” he said. He could see from his home in Tel Tamer, the Muslim jihadists setting explosives on a bridge crossing the Khabur River. He then witnessed the Muslim terrorists get into a firefight with police, killing at least one. From about 500 yards away, he saw a horrifying sight: men, women, and children carried off and loaded into trucks. The sight was something reminiscent to the Nanking Massacre in which Japanese soldiers conducted genocide on the Chinese in one of the most cruelest massacres in human history.

Last week, ISIS released 19 Christian hostages. What has been recently found out is that ISIS was continuously pressuring them to convert to Islam. When the Christians made it clear that they would not convert, the Muslims made them go through a sharia trial and pay a jizya tax and then told them that they could not return to their homes, and that if they returned they would be killed. One of the Christians, named Robert, recounted:

They kept pressuring us to convert to Islam, it was their constant focus… We said we would not convert. They said you must then pay the jizya [a Christian poll tax] or leave the country. That was the option given to us. We said we would pay the jizya but we would not convert. …They said that they would release us on condition that we not return to our village. They said if we returned and they captured us again they would kill us without any other option, they would behead the men and enslave the women.
They again said that we must not stay in the country, if they captured us again they would kill us…it is by the grace of God we were saved.

Since ISIS did this to the 19 Christians released last week, then they most definitely did the same thing to the 24 Christians were just now released.

ISIS does not immediately kill the Christians; they continuously pressures their Christian hostages to convert to Islam. Why not automatically kill them as they do the Shiite or the Yazidi? Because the devil wants the souls of the Christians, and will keep them alive until they can get them to convert to his diabolical religion.