The One Who Murdered Boris Nemtsov Was Not Putin, But Devout Muslims

By Theodore Shoebat

The one who killed Boris Nemtsov was not Putin, but devout Muslims from the Balkans. One of them, Zaur Dadayev, was confirmed by Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov, to be a devout Muslim:

All who know Zaur (Dadayev) confirm that he is a deep believer and also that he, like all Muslims, was shocked by the activities of Charlie and comments in support of printing the cartoons

Zaur was also a high ranking member of the Chechen police force and distinguished for his bravery.

Zaur Dadayev, one of the killers of Boris Nemtsov. Notice how he raises his index finger, giving allegiance to the unitarian and anti-Trinitarian god of Islam

Zaur Dadayev, one of the killers of Boris Nemtsov. Notice how he raises his index finger, giving allegiance to the unitarian and anti-Trinitarian god of Islam

Another one of the Muslims involved in the killing of Boris blew himself up with a grenade once Russian police surrounded his house to arrest him.

Russian judge, Judge Nataliya Mushnikova, said today that Zaur Dadayev confessed to killing Boris Nemtsov, and even wrote his confession in writing. The judge said:

The participation of Dadayev is confirmed by his confession

There are a total of six, so far, found to be involved in the murder of Boris Nemtsov, and all of them are Muslim. Not one of them is Putin.

This flies right into the face of all those who were blaming Putin on the murder of Nemtsov. Lets see some examples of what anti-Russian paranoia came up as soon as Boris was murdered, before it was discovered that his killers were Muslim. On March 3rd, Bill Browder of Politico wrote:

Whatever the alternative theories about who killed Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov on February 27, there is one thing for certain: Vladimir Putin had a clear motive.

There’s another thing for certain: Putin and his law enforcement agencies will do everything in their power to cover up the truth about this crime. I can back this up from my own personal experience with the Russian justice system. …Already, in fact, it seems that the cover-up has started.

Yevgenia Albats, editor of the Russian magazine The New Times, did an interview for the NPR in which she affirmed that there were only two possibilities for the Nemtsov murder: either the police were incompetent or that the Russian government did it:

So there are two hypothesis: Either the so-called Russian law enforcement can’t do their job — except for following the opposition, tapping their phones and putting peaceful opposition leaders into jail — or they don’t want to do their job, and that suggests that they were part of this plot to kill Boris.

Garry Kasparov wrote an article for The Gaurdian in which he strongly suggested, or at least elusively insinuated that Putin was involved:

When the victim is a former Russian deputy prime minister and a prominent critic of the regime, and his murder takes place in a wide open area right next to the Kremlin, the chance that it occurred without the involvement of Russia’s security services is vanishingly small.

All of these remarks show that in America it seems that the only conspiracy theories that are accepted in America, by both liberal and conservative, are ones against the Catholic Church and against Russia (and China as well).

The Muslims are killing more liberals in the West than they are conservatives. The liberals are right now more in danger, and it seems that God is using the Muslims to purge the world of left wing scum. Of course, I am not praising the Muslims, and I will affirm that Christians must be ready for the future Holy War that will commence between Christendom and the revived Islamic Ottoman Empire.

Many have complained that is pro-Russia. And yes, we are. Because Russia is at the forefront in the war against Islam, the homosexual agenda, and other evils that are attacking Christianity. Russia will be one of the major forces to fight and defeat the Antichrist in the End Times war.