An Antichrist Covenant Is On The Horizon. Turkey Is Making Peace With The Kurds To Complete A Sunni Alliance Which Has Prophetic Significance

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive)

A peace treaty between the ancient Medes (today’s Kurds) and Lydia (the Turks), to the secularist might  just be ‘good news’ but to someone who studies the Bible it should spark prophetic interest. Ancient Medo-Persia was a unification between Persia and Media as one empire. The Bible predicted a split and each will play separate roles to continue until the coming events before the closing of this age.


Abdullah Ocalan, the imprisoned head of the Kurdish PKK Invited the leaders of his party to hold an emergency conference next spring to take the historic decision to cease the armed struggle in the effort to put an end to the ongoing conflict with Turkey. The conflict between Turkey and the Kurds PKK has resulted in over 40,000 deaths. Kurds make up at least 15 per cent of Turkey’s population – the largest population of Kurds in any country. Many complain of systematic discrimination by the Turkish state. Such a step to solidify the foundations of the peace process between Ankara and the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, is seen as a historic moment obtaining a radical solution to the Kurdish issue in Turkey.


This developement should be focus from a prophetic perspective for two major reasons. Biblical Medo-Persia arises in the end with only one Persia (Iran) being a threat while the other, Media (Kurdistan) is marginalized. The Bible predicted these two will split and that only one of them will emerge (Persia) to  become a threat:

“And there before me was a second beast, which looked like a bear. It was raised up on one of its sides, and it had three ribs in its mouth between its teeth. It was told, ‘Get up and eat your fill of flesh!’ (Daniel 7:5)


The bear, “rising on one side” while the other lays dormant is exactly what we see today. Persia is Iran today which arises without Media which is today Kurdistan. This is significant. The Medes are today’s Kurds and historically they were united with Persia (Iran). The prophet Jeremiah, for instance, refers to Babylon as a lion. The lion motif is found abundantly in ancient Babylonian art and architecture. Likewise, the description of the bear matches the unbalanced character of the two sides of the bear, the Medo-Persian Empire, in which Persia (one side) exerted far greater influence over the Median portion of the empire. Iran is rising, but Media (Kurdistan) is not and will move further from Iran which is what is in the works. Many of the political wings and factions belonging to the Kurdish “PKK” including PJAK in Iran will now develop economic and political forces that fit the Turkish model and strategies in the region. This will help Turkey expand its sphere of influence in the Middle East at the expense of the Iranian influence and will complete this separation of the Medes (Kurds) from the Persians (Iran).


Therefore, the transition to a peaceful and democratic solution and for the Kurds to renounce violence, the PKK will shed Iranian services, which means that the entire Kurdish issue in the entire region which the world will see acceptable since the Kurds will move away from Iran’s state religion and theocracy.

The effects of this call will further bring the Kurdistan Workers’ Party in Turkey on the one hand, and the Kurdistan Democratic Party in Iraq on the other hand closer to Turkey as well as the Kurdish scene in Syria, with the easing of political competition between the two parties and the liberation of the Labour Party from the Iranian axis is considered a political breakthrough, bringing the Democratic Union Party (Syrian version of the “PKK”) of the Syrian opposition closer to nearby Turkey.

The Justice and Development Party, the ruling party in Turkey, is now allowing courses to teach the Kurdish language to Kurds and launched a Kurdish speaking television channel “6TRT” as part of Erodgan’s declaration regarding the “democratic reforms package” in September 2013. Included in some of its clauses was giving licenses to open private schools and institutes of languages other than Turkish, and rename some of the old Kurdish villages with Kurdish names and lifting restrictions on publication in the Kurdish language.


What we see in the latest events from Turkey’s meetings with Saudi Arabia and today Qatar’s Al-Thani had a secret meeting with Erdogan to work on forming a Sunni Alliance needs the peace with Kurds to settle a Sunni deal and “a covenant with many”. All this sets the stage for a further covenant once ISIS is moved out of the way. An Antichrist covenant is on the horizon in which Turkey will make a “covenant with many” not just Israel.

The great Protestant Prophecy teacher Sir Robert Anderson, perhaps one of the leading scholars of prophecy who unlocked the seventy weeks of Daniel and wisely understood such layers and dual fulfillments, stated: “Verse 7 indicates that the rise of all these kingdoms was future.” He continues:

“In the history of Babylonia there is nothing to correspond with the predicted course of the first Beast, for it is scarcely legitimate to suppose that the vision was a prophecy of the career of Nebuchadnezzar. Neither is there in the history of Persia anything answering to the bear-like beast with that precision and fullness which prophecy demands. The language of the English version suggests a reference to Persia and Media but the true rendering appears to be; ‘It made for itself one dominion,’ instead ‘it raised up itself on one side.’”

Anderson gets it. Even today this “bear” is rising in a lop-sided fashion. Agains, we have Iran (Persia) rising without Media (Kurdistan). Anderson continues showing his brilliant understanding of these dualities and layers stated:

“While the symbolism of the sixth verse seems at first sight to point to the Grecian Empire, it will appear upon a closer examination that at its advent the leopard had four wings and four heads. This was its primary and normal condition, and it was in this condition that dominion was given to it. This surely is very different from what Daniel 8:8 describes is the history of Alexander’s Empire realized, viz., the rise of a single power, which in its decadence continued to exist in a divided state.”

Anderson then comes to the following accurate conclusion:

“Each of the three first empires of the second chapter (Babylon, Persia, and Greece) was in turn destroyed by its successor; but the kingdoms of the seventh chapter all continued together upon the scene, though the dominion, was with the fourth (Daniel 7:12).

This coming unification is the Antichrist system in the making which is a composite of ancient Babylon, with its historic sphere of influence (Iraq, Arabia …),  ancient Persia with its sphere of influence (Iran, Afghanistan …) and Greece with its historic sphere of influence (Turkey, Central Asia and the Levant …)

And now you can see the big picture.