An Israeli Arab Tells Netanyahu Haters “Screw You. I Love Netanyahu And Vote For Him”

By Walid Shoebat

Netanyahu said today that the right-wing was in danger because the leftists in Israel were bussing in Arab voters in droves. CNN host Erin Burnett said this comment was pretty disturbing, comparing it to an American politician saying that about black voters, and asked Huckabee if it was a racist thing to say:

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When Huckabee refused to characterize it as racist, Burnett asked him again if he was ‘comfortable’ with it.

As an Arab myself, and I am from that neck of the woods, CNN’s comments about Netanyahu accusing him of “racism” is itself racist. It is as if the politically motivated issues on racism in the U.S. all of the sudden applies to Israel between Arab and Jew.

This, while the racism in the U.S. is so low, that one wonders why they speak of it 24/7 on the liberal media. Such media is always trying to create segregation when no segregation even exists. If CNN wants real racism, they picked the right country, Israel, but they accused the wrong side: the Jew.

So it is time for a personal story, lest the record of history forget, I was myself a first-class racist and also a terrorist. And had it not been for Israel, the Mufti of Ramallah, Ibrahim Shoebat, my first cousin would have been dead.

So the story begins when Ibrahim who was religious, having belonged to the Sharia school at the Temple Mount, was swimming with his classmates in the Mediterranean and started to drown. Two of their Muslim bearded friends tried to rescue them, but drowned and died.

A Jewish passerby saw what was happening and took two empty gallon gas containers out of his car to use as floatation devices and he swam risking his own life got to Ibrahim and let him hang onto the containers until he could pull him out of the water.

Years ago I decided to take a trip to Israel and visit my family. When I mentioned the story to Ibrahim in the presence of several family members, everyone in my family started screaming at me and yanked me into another room.

“Don’t you ever bring up that story!” my aunt Fatima shouted in anger.

“We will not discuss this. Why are you asking about that?”

No matter what a Jew does, even if he saves the life of a Palestinian, it’s never going to be good enough to accept the Jew to live in Palestine. It is rare that a Palestinian would ever risk his life to save the life of a Jew.

I reminded my father of the Palestinian named Abu Aita who owned a plastics factory in Beit Sahour, the largest manufacturing plant of its kind in the Middle East at the time. When I was about 15 or 16, it caught fire. Everyone from town ran to the factory, hysterical, hoping everyone would get out safely. The flames spread so quickly and the fire became so enormous that even though I was watching it from quite a distance, I could still feel the heat nearly scorch my face.

All the workers ran out, except one poor truck driver who was taking a nap before driving out his next load. When the fire broke out, nobody bothered to wake him up or tell him to get out. Nobody tried to rescue him. They just left him there to burn to death.

People kept asking, “Was anybody hurt? Did everyone get out OK?”

My other cousin, a prominent doctor named Daud Najib Shoebat, arrived with the ambulance and hours later, after the fire department had put out the flames; they brought out the napping truck driver’s charred skeleton.

A woman stood in the middle of the road crying, but no one was compassionate, no one tried to console her. She was the truck driver’s wife, but because she spoke Hebrew and because no one cared that the man who died was a Jew, she was left alone in her grief.

People from all over the town flocked asking: “was anyone killed?”

“No one was killed, thanks be to Allah”.

They said the same thing days later. “No one died.”

The Jew was “no one”.

Jews will save Palestinians, but Palestinians believe the only good Jew is a dead Jew.

So much for CNN’s talk about racism.

In those days, when the plastics factory burned down, Jewish soldiers freely walked down the streets of Beit Sahour in the district of Bethlehem to their military camp. I told my cousins we should kill one of those soldiers as a sacrificial lamb and take his machine gun. We were planning for it, sharpening our knives and everything.

Then one day my cousin Mussah told me he’d killed his first Jew at a demonstration in Jerusalem. He said he’d choked a Jewish soldier until there was no life left in him. I don’t know if it was true or not, but we went along with him and said, “OK, job well done. I guess you got your first Jew.”

“Father, we have a superiority complex,” I said to my father on the day Ibrahim’s family yanked me to stop me from speaking on how a Jew rescued Ibrahim’s life.

He too was silent.

During that trip, I asked my father to go with me to the Temple Mount. As we walked through the streets of Jerusalem’s old city, I said, “Tell me the truth. Has a Jew ever harmed you?”

An old Orthodox Jew, who happened to be passing by when I asked the question, quickly walked away distancing himself from two Arabs (us) walking by. Was he going around us because he was a racist Jew?


It has become customary, older Jews remember that they need to go on the sidewalk when passing Muslims lest he get slapped.

I pointed to him and said to my father, “Look at that Jew. He’s afraid of us. Has a Jew ever harmed you?”

My father looked at me then slowly shook his head. “No, they never have. Not once in my entire life. The only harm I ever got in my entire life was from my own family, from my own brothers. Jews never harmed me. That’s the truth.”

It was probably the only time I ever heard my father speak positively of Jews.

It was a Jew that saved my father’s life. Before I was born, when Dad was a young teenager, he developed a blood clot. Palestinian doctors weren’t able to help him. Instead, they gave him sugar pills and told my grand father to take him home so he could die in peace.

Then someone told my grand father that he should take the boy (my father) to a Jewish doctor in Jerusalem—Doctor Bernabaum. He gave Dad medicine and that broke up the clot.

Had it not been for Doctor Bernabaum, if my father had just relied on Palestinian doctors, he wouldn’t have lived.

I had asked my father that day if he’d ever said a supplication prayer for Doctor Bernabaum. Those are prayers where Muslims ask Allah to have mercy on people who do good things in life. Prayers like ‘May Allah bless him, may Allah watch over him.’

Dad said, “I can’t. Indeed Dr. Bernabaum saved my life. He was a good man, but Islam doesn’t permit Muslims to pray for Jews. There is no prayer asking for a blessing for Jews. The only prayer for Jews in Islam comes from the Hadith, ‘Cursed be the Jew as he was cursed by the mouth of David and was cursed by the mouth of Moses and cursed by the mouth of Jesus, son of Mary.’ That’s the only prayer we have for the Jew.”

“But why is it that Palestinians would rather go to Jewish doctors than Arab doctors. They prefer being treated at Hadassah Hospital, which Jews run, instead of Hussaini Hospital, which Arabs run?”

“Hadassah’s one of the best in the country. Medical personnel not only treat civilians, but also terrorists, and both groups get excellent care.” I added.

“No one really trusts Hussaini Hospital” my father said, “especially our family.”

“Why then do we blame the Jews for everything, but when it comes to our own health, we trust Jews more than our own doctors?”

He had nothing more to say.

But on the other hand, it was Jews who also killed us.

I got news years later of Atef Abiyat from my village of Beith Sahur who became the most wanted Palestinian PLO terrorists and fugitives in the West Bank.

But why couldn’t I even consider that he also was directly responsible for the deaths of five Israeli human beings, unless of course, I have considered them sub-human?

But how can one consider the entire people guilty for the actions of few?

I began to ponder, Abiyat was considered as the Pancho-Villa in the Bethlehem area when he officially was appointed as “Commander of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade”. There he was not a fugitive however, for in reality, these terrorists gained the support of the extended neighborhood. If he was a mere maggot, why at his funeral, the entire community showed up to show support for his life as a terrorist and his success in killing Jews?

The whole city was there.

It’s an unwritten rule that anyone who blows up Jews gets the full support of the community, regardless if he is Hamas or PLO. Abiyat and two associates were killed after a car in which they were riding exploded in my village when the Israeli snipers hit him with a missile, in response for his responsibility in the deaths of three Israeli soldiers.

But was it true what the Palestinian sources claimed, that Abiyat’s death was another example of an innocent Palestinian who was randomly killed by the evil Israelis?

Atef was related to Hussein Abiyat, one of the first Palestinian gunmen to be killed in the Intifada. He and two women bystanders died after helicopter missiles hit his car. The two ladies were relatives of mine, and another man who was injured in the strike was my first cousin who was with me when I bombed Bank Leumi in Bethlehem—the bank, which sits adjacent to the Church of the Nativity where Christ was born in which Helena, the mother of St. Constantine, the Catholic, erected a shrine on Christ’s birthplace in which Abiyat, along with many of his family members helped suicide bombers purchased chemical compounds or explosives, planned the suicide bombing at the International Convention Center in Jerusalem, occupied the Church of the Nativity, Christ’s birth place, desecrating it, and holding all the priests hostage.

They even lit fires in the Church. I had wondered how would the Islamic world respond if Jewish terrorists kidnapped some Muslim clerics in Saudi Arabia and occupied Mohammed’s Masjid Al-Nabawi Mosque?

The world saw how they behaved over a simple cartoon. Yet with all of this (and more), the Vatican had compassion and the U.S. pressured Israel to set the terrorists who violated the Church of the Nativity free.

These terrorists now reside in Italy, Greece, Ireland, and Portugal. Meanwhile, the Danish cartoonist and his family are living in hiding, moving from place to place, to avoid being assassinated. In May 1985, over a thousand terrorists were released in exchange for three Israeli soldiers as part of the “Jibril deal.” The terrorists who were released became the ideological and operational foundation for many terrorist activities in the years that followed. These releases are occurring constantly as a part of our war on terrorism; all the while Al-Qaeda is being hunted; PLO terrorists are being released to roam the streets.
But this shouldn’t be much of a problem, since these terrorists are only killing Jews!

Thanks to Israel, Ibrahim now runs The Palestinian Fatwa House, headed by Muhammad Hussein, the Mufti of Jerusalem and Ibrahim Shoebat, the Mufti of Ramallah (my first cousin) who now, like CNN sends out a condemnation against Israel.


(Photo of Ibrahim Shoebat)


Ibrahim Awadallah Shoebat working with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt



Ibrahim Awadallah Shoebat with Feisal Abdul Rauf, the man behind the Ground Zero Mosque controversy. He is here working on plans to Islamize the Americas.

It was a Zionist Jew who saved my cousin Ibrahim Khalil Awadallah. Ibrahim now works closely with Feisal Abdul Rauf, the man behind the Ground Zero Mosque project. Thanks to a Jew, he had become a prominent figure in the community.

In 2008, Ibrahim who became the Mufti of Ramallah met with Rauf to discuss a plan to Islamize the Americas with the Da’wa of Islam (call to Islam). Two of the Mufti’s brothers (my other cousins) were known terrorists. One being Raed Khalil Awadallah Shoebat killed by the Israelis while attempting to bomb innocent civilians in Ben Yehuda Street in Jerusalem. His ‘martyrdom’ is listed in the official list of Martyrs of Bethlehem. His other brother Mahmud was released after a deal was brokered by the United Nations. The Mufti is no moderate Muslim and regularly marches in ‘martyrs’ precessions against the very Jews who saved his life.

There was one Mufti like my cousin. His name was Haj Amin Al-Husseni, a friend of my family and also was a close friend of Adolf Hitler. Husseni succeeded in causing the death of countless Jews who ended in the crematoria and constantly visited concentration camps in AuschwitzMajdanekTreblinka and Mauthausen to ensure the death of all Jews.

Could it be possible that Muftis are racist?

Allah forbid.

To all who hate Israel,  Screw You, I Love Netanyahu And Vote For Him.