Israel’s Elections: With 90% Of Votes Counted, Netanyahu’s Likud Wins By A Landslide

With special thanks to The Right Scoop

All of the polling and exit poll data have showed a very close race between Netanyahu’s Likud party and Herzog’s Zionist Union party. It’s been said that it’s too close to call all night based on exit polling data, that it is neck and neck. Most Israeli outlets showed both Likud and Zionist Union winning around 27 seats each. But the actual election results show a very different story, it’s a blowout for Likud!

The graphic below is from Project 61 and it shows the number of seats in the Knesset won by each party. Notice that Likud is 6 seats over the Zionist Union with 90% of votes counted:


It’s not even close.

And what’s more, Likud is more dominant than it was last time. In the last elections, Likud had partnered up with Lieberman’s Israel Beiteinu Party on the ballot and together they got 31 seats. In tonight’s election, again with 90% of votes counted, Likud by itself has 30 seats.


If this is what happens when Obama meddles in Israeli elections, I’m sure Netanyahu will have no complaints!