Christians In Pakistan Get Sick And Tired Of Being Persecuted Without Justice, And Now They Are Taking The Streets By The THOUSANDS, Blocking The Roads, And Fighting Against The Islamic Persecution Of Christians

By Theodore Shoebat

Christians in Pakistan have been being persecuted in Pakistan for so many years, while being almost completely ignored by the government. The government of Pakistan looks the other way as Muslims enslave, rape, assault, and murder Christians. And now the Christians of Pakistan have had enough. After Muslim terrorists blew up two Christian churches , killing 17 (including an 8 year old boy) and injuring 70 or so others, Christians knew that they were not going to get justice.

So now they are taking the streets, blocking roads, praying in public, and even attacking police and other Muslims. I did a whole video on this:

Here is a photo showing the riots:

pak chris photo

According to a recent report, Pakistani police officers have already been deployed to squash the protests.

Ale Natiq, an activist in Pakistan, argues that we cannot blame the Christians for protesting and rioting, since anti-Christian violence is never punished or efficiently squashed:

For decades, many have justified the suicide bombings of Taliban and ASWJ on the pretext that these people have lost their family members in drone attacks and the bombings are a reaction only. However, one can bomb a church full of Christians on a Sunday and expect no reaction whatsoever. After all, only Muslims have the monopoly over emotionalism and mob mentality in the country. …Christians in Pakistan for years have been discriminated, mocked with racist jokes, oppressed and persecuted. They have been reduced to odd jobs which none else wants to do – cleaning your gutters and child-minding your kids while you enjoy fine Australian beak steaks at five stars.

Their entire villages have been burnt time and again; they have been named under false blasphemy cases; their houses have been torched across the country; their property has been looted; their churches have been bombed and nothing has been done to counter any of this.

The crimes against the community are escalating. Their killers roam free and vow to do more of the same. They are abused and threatened in broad daylight by the likes of Hafiz Saeed and Ludhianvi under state patronage. Under these circumstances, when terrorists come to wipe off two churches, some give their lives to defend others and still 20 die, how can we expect them to remain sane?

It is not surprising to see these riots. All human beings have breaking points. Persecute and oppress people enough, and deprive them of all rights, and they will inevitably fight back. There are 3 million Christians in Pakistan, and their protests and riots could end up in a civil war, or, most likely, they could be used as a justification to unleash an all out persecution against Christians, from both mobs and the government itself.

The Christians in Pakistan endure through so much persecution and evils, and yet the state does nothing. The Pakistani government does nothing, the US government does nothing, and so we, as Christians, are obligated to do something. This is why we founded Rescue Christians, to enable Christians to be part of the greatest rescue mission of our time. We have rescued 3000 families so far in Pakistan. Make a donation today and you will be part of the rescue mission to rescue persecuted Christians.