Newly Released Documents Reveal: The Obama Administration Donated Millions Of Dollars To Al-Qaeda

By Theodore Shoebat

Newly released court documents reveal that Al-Qaeda received two million dollars from United States funds under the Obama Administration, through the backdoor of the Afghan government. was able to find this story thanks to the work of Rawa, an Afghan publication.

This is how the story goes. An Afghan diplomat named Abdul Khaliq Farahi was kidnapped in Pakistan by the Taliban. The terrorists demanded a ransom of $5 million for his release.

The Afghan government paid the ransom, but of those $5 million, $2 million came from the United States government under Obama. One al-Qaeda terrorist, Shaykh Mahmud, wrote of receiving the two million dollars in a letter he wrote to Osama Bin Laden:

I have good news: God blessed us with a good amount of money this month. The Afghan Ambassador, who was our prisoner for two years, was exchanged. His exchange was delayed because we wanted to trade him for brothers imprisoned in Afghanistan.

We submitted the first demand to release a list of prisoners including Arabs (the ones in Pol Sharkhi instead of the brothers in Bagram held by the Americans). Most of them are from Waziristan and Afghanistan.

We tried hard and held firm to that request, but we could not accomplish it. The criminals did not respond. So we decided to proceed with a financial exchange and we will set aside a good portion o f the money to gain release for the prisoners, God willing.

The amount we agreed on in the deal was five million dollars.
As I write these lines, we have received approximately two million dollars.

We still have a pretty good amount (I don’t know how much right now).

All this is thanks to God, and it is part of the two million we received until now.

Part of letter written to Osama bin Laden

Part of letter written to Osama bin Laden

The ransom payment was discovered in the raid of Osama Bin Laden’s home in 2011 by Seal Team Six who killed bin Laden at his compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan.

Osama Bin Laden himself knew about the 2 million dollars paid to Al-Qaeda and suggested in a letter, written to one Shaykh Mahmud, that the money should be converted into rupees, with the suspicion that the Americans could have poisoned it. In the letter Osama wrote:

In regards to what you said about the two million that you received and the four that you’re waiting for as ransom for the Afghan politician, it seems a bit strange somewhat because in a country like Afghanistan, usually they would not pay this kind of money to free one of their men. There is a possibility — not a very strong one– that the Americans are aware of the money delivery– considering how news travels fast in Afghanistan-and that they accepted the arrangement of the payment on the basis that the money will be moving under air surveillance to be able to reach the field commander in the area and then to the leadership that will receive a portion of this money.

What can help determine the probability of this assumption is to know the importance of the prisoner to the government. Is any of his relatives a big official in the government or not? Anyway, if you become suspicious of any kind of monitoring, then consider yourself under surveillance and when the weather is cloudy, you change the house (the subject is for discussion).

Even though the possibility is not strong, the fact is that in our position of being strongly wanted, there is no harm in being careful in situations like these. So, I wanted you to be cautious in this situation and in all·future situations.
What you should do with any money you receive from the enemy is to carry out an operation of cutting off air and land surveillance.

You can also exchange the money in stages from one of the banks in the big cities. Exchanging it will require converting it from one currency to another. If the currency you received is in dollars and that’s the currency you want, then you go to a bank and change it to euros and you go to another bank and convert it back into dollars.

The reason for doing that is to be on the safe side in case harmful substances or radiation are put on paper money and can’t be seen by the eye.

We learn from one Afghan publication that the millions given to al-Qaeda were used to buy weapons and fund terrorist operations:

An al Qaeda official wrote bin Laden that the ransom money would be used for weapons, operational needs and payments to families of al Qaeda fighters held in Afghanistan, the report by Times added.

The Obama Administration used Afghanistan as a conduit to send money to Al-Qaeda. This is similar to how the Obama Administration sent weapons to Syrian jihadists through Turkey.

This story reveals a reality that is already quite conspicuous: the US government right now is harloting itself with the devil, and so is appeasing the soldiers of Satan.

We think that our government is watching over us. We see the smiles of politicians and believe them, never knowing — nor caring to know — that behind all of the smiles, all of the suits, the meetings, the conventions and the polite gestures, is an ocean of blood, where the cries of the innocent resound the realms of the abandoned.

As the western governments are funneling money to terrorists, they turn a blind eye to the very Christians that the terrorists are killing.

This is why we founded Rescue Christians, to save Christians from the horrors they have to endure. We have already rescued 3000 Christians. Please help us save more.