Hindu Mobs Attack Christian Church As They Praised Their Demonic Gods. Hinduism Is Just As Dangerous As Islam.

Christians demand police action getting nothing but talk after Hindus attacked Jabalpur church this Friday in Madhya Pradesh’s Jabalpur district and terrorized Christian worshippers accusing them of converting Hindus to Christianity. Christians have threatened to close all missionary schools and colleges in Jabalpur on Monday if police do not take any action.


On Friday evening, nearly 20 activists of Dharam Sena had come on foot and motorcycles and stormed the premises of a church adjoining Saint Thomas School.

The activists who terrorized the people inside the church while damaging property raised slogans like “Jai Shri Ram” a holy chant advocating loyalty to the Hindu god Emperor Rama, while alleging that Father Thankachan Jose should be handed over to them as he was converting Hindus to Christianity.


After the church people informed authorities, the police chased the attackers who had entered the Saint Peter and Paul Cathedral after the opening day of the three-day-long Bible convention had ended.

Ravi Francis, an eyewitness, said Hindu activists entered and started abusing them.

“They used abusive language and alleged that conversion was going on,” Ravi told Mail Today.

When they failed to find Father Jose, they manhandled his friend Savio Reddy.


Hindu mobs with one protester has Jai Shri Ram on his forehead


Early this month, activists of the Hindu Jagran Manch (HJM) had injured Emmanuel, a resident of Jobat in Alirajpur district, while alleging that he was converting Hindus as he was organising prayer meetings at his agricultural farm.

The wishful thinkers in the West say that Hinduism is all about transcendent and mystical ideas, inner peace and never ending compassion and love. And if they got Islam wrong, what makes us  think they have Hinduism right?

And soon the world will see the violent and cruel nature of Hinduism in its fullest extent, now that a  Hindu savage, Narendra Modi, is leader of India. One pastor, Ronald John, forewarned on the coming persecution of Christians under Modi:

persecution of Christians will increase under the BJP-led government… Christians already are gripped with fear and concern over the election results. Hindu nationalist groups will take advantage of the situation and use it to attack churches and members of the Christian community

There has always been persecution against Christians in India, lets not forget that St. Thomas, the Apostle of Jesus Christ was murdered by Hindus. Under Modi we will see not just confident and empowered Hindu mobs (as in the past), but major systematic persecution of Christians by the state. CA Daniel, president of the National Congress of Indian Christians, prognosticated:

There will be stringent rules and legislation restricting Christians and the exercise of the freedom of faith

The Hindu savages see Christians as their enemies, and they believe that their demonic god, Krishna, is behind them in their slaughter of the innocent, just as Muslims believe that Allah is with them when they shed the blood of the saints.


Daily Mail