The Mastermind Of The San Bernardino Massacre Has All The Hallmarks Of An ISIS Terrorist Attack

By Walid Shoebat

The reports reveal the two apprehended shooters in the deadly San Bernardino shooting Wednesday were Syed Rizwan Farook, a 28-year-old American citizen, and Tashfeen Malik, “of unknown origin”. So why can’t anyone seem to locate her origin? It is because there are no records of the two together or are there any records with the name of Tashfeen Malik. The mystery of this Jihad affair grows when Farook recently traveled to Saudi Arabia and returned with a new bride he supposedly met online. The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) says Farook has been married with this woman for two years — but wouldn’t confirm whether Malik was the wife’s name. Fact is, Farook traveled to Saudi Arabia only six months ago and returned with a wife he supposedly met online. This does not answer the six month old child who was conceived 15 months before and where he was conceived.

This visit, unlike what CAIR claims is recent. And the reason no one can locate her origin is most likely that her name is not really “Tashfeen Malik”. No one is able to find any female named “Tashfeen Malik”. The name is very unusual for a woman and there is no record of any Tashfeen Malik in the U.S. or even abroad in Arabic.

Tashfeen Malik (King) is a nom de guerre for a Muslim Jihadist from the annals of Muslim history. As he is known to Muslims “تاشفين ملك الموحدين” Tashfeen Malik Al-Muahideen, in English: Tafhseen King of the Unitarians (Muslims) and the conquerer of the west. The history stems from when Yusuf ibn Tashfin led the Muslim forces in the Battle of Zallaqa/Sagrajas. He came to Andalusia from Morocco to help the Muslims fight against Alfonso VI, eventually achieving victory and allowing the Muslims to remain in Spain for centuries. The battle has been symbolic for Muslim victory against the Christians.

This is a hallmark of ISIS. Another hallmark is that Farook was a devout Muslim, but rarely discussed religion at work. Mr. Farook, 28, born in Illinois and who had Pakistani origins. Police says of his operation that “These were people that came prepared,” “There had to have been some degree of planning that went into this.”

No kidding.

Police Chief Burguan said that although initial reports indicated that as many as three shooters may have been involved, “we are confident now” that Farook and Malik acted alone. He said the pair were “either boyfriend-girlfriend or husband and wife”. The reason they cannot get such a resolution to this is that perhaps they do not understand the code-names used might not belong to the real name of this mysterious  woman. She hardly looks Pakistani and could even be a western convert.

The FBI is investigating several possible motives, including workplace violence and terrorism, said David Bowdich, assistant director of the bureau’s Los Angeles office, adding that terrorism is “a possibility, but we do not know that yet.” The FBI is working with state and local law enforcement.

Where did they get the guns? The U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives reported that the two assault rifles and two handguns used in the killings were all purchased legally in the United States — two of them by someone who’s now under investigation. Meredith Davis, a spokesperson for the agency, said investigators are now working to make a connection to the last legal purchaser.

A bag believed to belong to the shooters was found inside the conference. Inside, investigators found three  rudimentary explosive devices packed with black powder and rigged to a remote controlled car. The remote for car was found inside the SUV where Farook and Malik were later killed, a law enforcement official said. They were also wearing GoPro cameras when they were killed. The gunman who killed four people at the Jewish Museum in Brussels filmed his attack with a camera mounted on his chest.

Much planning went into it — tactical gear and clothing, pipe bombs … the works. That takes much training, forethought, planning and preparation which six months is sufficient. The mystery, the planning and the name of the supposed wife spells all the hallmarks of ISIS.

UPDATE: The photos above are now being reported as the brother and his wife. Please read our latest update here.