Three Persecuted Christian Families Flee Syria And Go To The US, The American Government Is Now Holding Them In Captivity And Refuses To Let Them Go Even Though It Has Been Proven That They Pose No Threat

By Theodore Shoebat

Three Christian families fled Syria and entered the US through Laredo, TX. Now they are being held like criminals even though it has been proven that they pose no threat. According to the report:

The Syrian women who arrived in Laredo last month have been held with their children at one South Texas immigrant detention center, the men at another, Ryan said. They are not allowed to visit or communicate by phone or letters, he said.

Ryan said they traveled to the U.S. because they have family here and because they had been targeted for being Christian.

“As a group, they are under significant threat. We’re still exploring grounds for the asylum claim,” he said.

On Friday, Ryan met and talked via an Arabic interpreter with the two fathers and a third Christian Syrian who arrived with a group of five on Nov. 20 — his wife, child and two men.

“They seem to be in a state of kind of suspended shock,” Ryan said. “Their lips quiver at the slightest mention of their wives. You can see the pain in their eyes of that separation. They’re willing to undergo every background check, to submit to every step in this process. They’re just asking to be treated like every other immigrant who comes to this country and not be singled out simply because they come from Syria.”

Ryan said the men seemed unaware of the national attention focused on Syrian migrants, and looked “perplexed” when he explained that people were connecting Syrians with the Paris attacks and that “the government thinks you’re a threat.”

The women and children passed asylum interviews, but the families were still denied release Friday by Immigration and Customs Enforcement due to what paperwork listed as “law enforcement interests or potential foreign policy consequences” and because they “have not established to ICE’s satisfaction that [they] are not a danger to the community or U.S. security.”

“The question is why are they continuing to be held compared to other families we are seeing released without these additional hurdles,” said Ryan, executive director of RAICES, an immigrant legal advocacy group based in San Antonio.

Homeland Security spokeswomen did not immediately respond Friday to questions about the Syrian families.

While criminals are entering the US without problems, the US government is keeping in captivity Middle Eastern Christians and other poor people from Mexico who pose no threat whatsoever.