Islam Is Just A Social Variety Of Kaposi’s Sarcoma- You Can Only Contract It If You Have No Moral Immune System


Kaposi’s Sarcoma is a defining disease for HIV patients. In other words, if a person in known to have HIV and contracts KS, then medically speaking he has made the transition from being infected with the HIV virus to having full-blown AIDS. What makes KS such a signature disease is that it is only able to infect and spread in persons who have little to no immune system left to fight the disease off. It is in that sense an opportunistic infection– it fills a vacuum in a person that was previously held by his immune system. KS is among the many causes of death for HIV/AIDS sufferers simply because there was nothing left to fight to keep the body healthy.

There are some things that you will notice if you have studied Islam for a long time. One of them is that in spite of the terrible violence, mayhem, and conflict that Muslim armies and Islam has wrought upon the Earth, Islamic societies are actually very disorganized and chaotic. Even in wars of expansion and pillage, it is is consistently very difficult for Muslims to band together to fight the “infidel,” and when they do so it is only for a short time until they disband just as quickly.

You will notice that Muslims speak often about “Christianity,” which they claim to know about, but which really is a “Christianity” taught to them by their inherently anti-Christian Quran- naturally, what they learn based on the source from which they learn about Christianity is not going to accurately reflect Christian teachings. It is nearly impossible to discuss Christianity with a Muslim because even if you bring him original sources which pre-date and definitively prove that his Quran is genuinely in error, he will by necessity re-frame any and all discussion in terms of what his Quran says. This is why logic does not work with Muslims, because he assumes the answer to his own questions and responses to you before you are even able to ask or present your side to him. The only “Christianity” that a Muslim knows is really another version of the Arianism.

You will also notice that Islamic societies very often occupy areas that once were Christian majority nations- Turkey, Bosnia, Albania, all of North Africa, much of the Middle East, and so forth. Yet amidst that mix, there are some nations which have remained totally Christian for centuries in spite of being surrounded by Islam- Lebanon (until ~1950), Georgia, Armenia, Spain, Portugal, Malta, and the Philippines. There are also many pagan nations which were infected with Islam and later not only drove out the Muslims and Islam but greatly prospered after, such as Spain and Portugal.

These observations are not accidental, but are the unspoken proofs of the fact that Islam is in fact the Kaposi’s Sarcoma of civilizations- it is an opportunistic socio-religious disease which infects a society that does not have an immune system, and that immune system is at the very least the Apostolic, and in its full form the Catholic Faith.

john damascus

St. John of Damascus

St. John of Damascus, who is considered the last of the great Church fathers of antiquity, wrote that Islam was a heresy and that Muhammad was the heresiarch of haeretists. His opinion was repeated by Bl. Peter the Venerable of Montboissier, who is considered to be the father of Islamic studies in the West. 20th century Catholic writer Hilaire Belloc wrote similarly in his book The Great Heresies, echoing the words of these men.

If Islam is truly the culmination of all heresy, then it had to be born from heresy itself. In other words, when Christians failed in their duty to God and man to smash, destroy, and continually uproot heresy and those who propagate it, and they neglect their duties for a long time, what could have been manageable becomes an unmanageable, deadly problem.

People correctly speak of sin as a disease that all men are born with as a result of our first parents. I think of it like a child born with HIV from his parents- it is not his fault that he has the disease, but he still suffers from it and has to take steps to maintain, preserve, and improve his health. If he neglects his antiviral medicines, he will get sicker and sicker until eventually he will have full-blown AIDS. At that point, unless he does something immediately to improve his health, there is a strong chance that he could get a disease like Kaposi’s Sarcoma because his body has no other means to defend itself, and if that happens, unless he can improve his health, he will have a better chance of survival. If he does not do anything, the disease will kill him.

The person born with HIV represents any human civilization. We are all infected with sin on account of our first parents, and we cannot change that fact.

HIV represents sin and man’s sinful tendencies or beliefs, which in this case notably takes the form of heresy, or false teachings.

Kaposi’s Sarcoma represents Islam, since like KS, Islam only moves into societies in which the Faith once played a central role but for whatever reason is no longer practiced or has been driven out, and since the Faith contains within itself the fullness of truth, anything else that attempts to enter into its place will merely be attempting to fill a spiritual vacuum. That is what makes Islam so dangerous, because between its promises of temporal bounty that extend and multiply into the eternal and an emphasis on its perfect ritual practice yet its lack of and repugnance towards merely answering basic questions about its theology means that, just like eating cookies for breakfast, Islam will keep man satisfied enough with his current situation yet not advance him towards any higher spiritual goals- it fills a hole but does not satisfy.



Arius in hell, with Melchizedek over him

Look at the societies into which Islam was able to grow and take over. Most of North Africa was infected with a multiplicity of heresies including the infamous Arian heresy (which denied Jesus’ divinity), Donatism (which denied the efficacy of penance for those who sinned), and Gnosticism (which asserted that man needed “secret knowledge” to reach heavenly beatitude, resulting in the spread of “Christian” witchcraft-like practices). The Nestorian heresy (which taught that Jesus was a man who became God upon) was rampant in Syria, Iraq, Persia, and spread as far east as India, Central Asia, and even possibly Korea. Spain and Portugal had extensive conflicts with Arian heretics. Arabia during the seventh century was a veritably cesspool of religions, and it was known as a dumping ground for heretics and was the environment from which Islam emerged. What were the first societies to be taken over by Islam? All of the lands from Spain to Samarqand- all of which had been infected with heresy.

Centuries later, the nation of Bosnia converted to Islam, along with large groups of people in Albania and Bulgaria. What made these nations special? They were infected with the Gnostic heresy, know in their areas as Bogomilism and was related to the Cathar heresy of southern France, in which many parts for centuries were used as a major Muslim pirate base.

In the Byzantine Empire, the decline of Christianity in the society corresponded with the rise of Islam and its eventual fall. Yes, there were Christians left over, but they were in small, powerless communities subject to the whims of the Ottoman Empire. They met their fate in 1917 with the Armenian Genocide.

On the opposite side, nations like Lebanon, Georgia, Armenia, and many of the nations of Eastern Europe vigorously fought against the Muslims on the basis of their Faith and succeeded. They continued to persevere in the Faith and applied it in society and their personal lives. As a result, they were able to maintain not only their peoples when occupied by Islam (such as in the case of the Muslim invasions), but were able to eventually drive Islam and the Muslims out, but not while converting many Muslims to the Faith as well.

It is a dirty thing to say in America today, but Islamization and secularization are linked at the hip- when one comes around, the other is sure to follow at some point. When secularization declines and the Faith is established more in society, Islam also declines proportionately.


The Vincentian Martyrs of the French Revolution, among many others

Western Europe was once entirely Catholic. France, which was home to the infamous anti-Catholic revolution of 1789, was at one time called the most Catholic place and people on Earth. And what did she do? She lead European culture, life, and later military crusades against the Muslim for centuries. All of the Western nations- England, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Austria, and so forth- their success in this word came from the morality of their people, which rose and fell in proportion to their devotion towards and practice of the Catholic Faith.

While at times it was not always practiced well, the fact is that its practice has preceded many of the great triumphs or failures in European civilization. Successes include the Crusades, the conversion of the New World, and the heroic defenses many times again Islamic armies. Failure to effectively catechize Catholic faithful gave rise to bad knowledge and fewer people caring about the Faith, let alone attending Church, which bore its rotten fruits first in heresies against Catholic teachings on the Eucharist and grace and later in outright revolution with the Hussites and later, Lutherans. This in turn bore the horrific Thirty Years War, the rise of a general anti-Christian attitude that established secularism in government, which eventually lead to the ostracization of the Faith from public life, not to mention more horrible wars culminating in the First and Second World Wars. Europe has become a moral sewer and a blasphemous insult to its ancestors.

With the Faith gone from public life by the Second World War, a moral vacuum had been effectively implanted into Europe. It should also be no surprise that at the same time, beginning with France, Europeans brought over a large number of North African Muslims to help rebuild her infrastructure. The communities they settled into still remain- they are now the Muslim no-go zones in many European cities.

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Mexican Catholic cristero executed by Plutarco Calles’ atheist regime

Mexico has been Catholic for many years. She struggled a lot with secular atheism during the 20th century, and while she still is mostly Catholic, many people were affected by this struggle. Additionally, there have been many anti-Catholic, primarily American “missionaries” who try to “plant churches” and pull people away from the Catholic Faith. Interestingly, one of the areas that both the atheists and the Protestants have had the most success is in the Mexican state of Chiapas, which also is the only area in Mexico with a community made up of primarily native Mexican converts to Islam.

Heresy left unchecked will culminate in Islam.

Europe’s problems with Islam and Muslims are not really a migrant problem. It is a sin problem that comes from Europe abandoning the divine Faith that she was given and which sustained her for millenia. She has prostituted herself on the altars of heresy beginning with protestantism and leading to secularism, atheism, nationalism, socialism, communism, and now finally Islam by giving preference to all of these beliefs yet the very one that she needs.

Europe has the medicine to cure herself- it is found in the many Churches scattered across Her land. Her problem is that she would rather suffer with sicknesses caused by heresy and her immorality that may take her life than humble herself to take the medicine she needs. That medicine is the Catholic Faith, the only cure for the spiritual disease of Islam.