Amazing Times: A Woman Gets The Stigmata, Sees Christ In Syria Where Thousands Of Muslims Convert To Christianity

By Walid Shoebat

From sunrise to sunset, the bride of Christ does a perpetual sacrificial offering (Malachi 1:10-11). The devil chased this bride, yet he can never take away her inspiring virtue and fidelity for her husband who is the Lamb of God and the very sacrifice she continually observes as an unstoppable memorial. This is the Shulamite girl, “keeper of the vineyards,” as King Solomon described her, which the devil through Communism in Russia tried to suffocate but failed miserably to only cause this bride to re-arise once more and Orthodox Christianity was triumphant in Russia. The Shulamite bride was then sent to aid the Orthodox who remained as an unshakable stubborn branch in Syria along with the Melkite Catholic Church which both comprise about 10 percent of the population of Syria.

Putin holds an icon of Mary the Mother of God

Putin holds an icon of Mary the Mother of God

To Syrian Christians, Putin is the St. Constantine of our time, for like that priestly king of old, he has unsheathed the holy sword of the Church to strike down the enemies of God in Syria. Russia is following the Christian precept of loving God, honoring the state, and defending the brethren. The Russians are abiding by the teachings of St. Peter,

“Honour all men. Love the brotherhood. Fear God. Honour the king.” (1 Peter 2:17)

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The Catholic World Report confirms that the government of Bashar al Assad by combating ISIS and Al Nusrah terrorists is committed to protecting Syria’s Christian community. And now that Russia, a nation loved by Syrians is aiding Bashar, it also reveals the unspoken truth: the pro-Muslim Obama administration by bombing Syria is supporting Turkey and the Islamic insurgency.

The fact is that the Syrian church has enjoyed peace and religious freedom under the Assad regime. The Arab Spring has destabilized that peace. Christians are now typically perceived as supporters of the existing government and with the Muslims of Saudi Arabia and Turkey, many Islamic fundamentalists, as the flood from the mouth of the red dragon (Turkey, see Revelation 12) are taking advantage of the opportunity to pursue their agenda in Syria. This has significantly increased the persecution of Christians.

Faced with the threat of a full scale civil war and intervention by the international community — factors which may bring about even greater persecution — many Christians are preparing to leave Syria altogether. This possibility could create a crisis similar to the exodus in Iraq, where thousands of Christians have fled intense persecution for safer regions, leaving the Iraqi church practically nonexistent.

We spoke to Talib Ibrahim, a known analyst for the Syrian government who is no stranger to During the end of the interview he was uttering words that were strange from the mouth of a Shiite Muslim.  In his statement he said that “Jesus was God”. I found it strange that a Muslim would believe in His deity and as I questioned him, he even followed up with “Jesus resurrected from the dead”. I speak to converts in Egypt which Rescue Christians are aiding where there are thousands of convert x-Muslims in the underground church. Talib testified that thousands of Muslims are converting to Christianity in Syria as well and he was rather excited for Russia’s aid to Syria to combat Turkey. I could not piece together why Talib speaks the way he speaks sounding more like a Christian than a Muslim until he sent me another strange message today which added the missing link. He stated:

“we are facing very honorable moments, our army is great, God and Christ are on our side, Jesus has a rod of iron, He will strike the terrorists, I have a great story, Mary the Mother of  God appeared in Damascus, she said to a Christian woman do not be worried, I will help the Syrians.  I will try to bring that woman to an interview with”

“Mary the Mother of God?” Now I began to piece the puzzle as to why Talib speaks the way he does. He was speaking about Myrna Nazzour, a Christian woman who started getting the Stigmata since 1983 but only when Orthodox and Catholics prayed together during Passover as a message that Christians need to unite. The suffering of Christians is uniting the church. Myrna’s story has become the subject throughout the region where doctors who were present cannot explain the healing miracles in the community which included Muslims and she says that she received a message from Christ that He “will strike the enemies of the church with a rod of iron” and that “the church should be one, united,” that “no schism comes from Me” and “to the others, Mary is the Mother of God”.

It is no wonder why Talib adheres to this message calling Mary “the mother of God”. He too apparently was touched by this phenomenon and the miracle is hitting his soul.

A side wound which two french doctors insisted it must be stitched immediately, yet it healed overnight on its own after her husband refused doctors help.


When Theodore first challenged me asking “Is Jesus God?” I said “yes,” he continued “Is Mary the mother of Jesus Who was God,” I also answered with the affirmative. “Why then do you not call her the mother of God?”

Out of the mouth of babes that they can ask Jesus-style questions. Prior to Talib’s latest message, I interviewed him, and of course, he was rather hopeful that Russia will defeat Turkey, except I know better, the Rod of Iron only comes after much tribulation first, which sister Myrna said that the church needs to be patient. Here is my interview with Talib. Do not skip, listen till the end for an interesting discussion.

Pray for unity, where God will restore the church. Pope Francis is to meet this month with Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill, in the first such meeting between a Roman Catholic pontiff and a leader of the Russian Orthodox church and in an unprecedented push for wider Christian unity. The pope will make the visit Feb. 12 during a previously unannounced layover in Cuba just before continuing with his scheduled February visit to Mexico, Vatican spokesman Jesuit Fr. Federico Lombardi announced Friday. The Vatican and the Moscow patriarchate said in a release that the meeting “will be the first in history and will mark an important stage in relations between the two churches.” Beyond an encounter between two Christian leaders, the February meeting also signals a significant and historic move toward wider Christian unity between the long-separated Eastern and Western churches. This is crucial for the coming war with the red dragon.


When Talib first used the term “the red dragon” to describe Turkey I was rather shocked how on his own he was able to interpret despite that many falsely see Russia or China as a red dragon. The Lord works in mysterious ways and if Christ said “out of the mouth of babes” I can also say “out of the mouth of Muslims” who apparently are being led to see Christ’s light by the droves in Syria, that as Malachi predicted that from sunrise to sunset “In every place incense and pure offerings will be brought to me, because my name will be great among the nations”. Even Israel, that at their wedding festivals always held a three braided candle stick symbolizing the Triune God Who shines with one light. From ages ago, it symbolized the virgins, the Shulamite girls with their lamps lit in the truth of the Trinity, awaiting the shout “The Bridegroom Commeth!”

O that cup, I shall drink. O that lamb I shall eat. From sunrise to sunset O Lord, Your name is on my lips and to Thee I will light a braided candle. To three I wait. With virtue and fidelity. I am the keeper of Your vineyard. Come from Zion to Zion where they too will place incense and a pure offering for Thee. I Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.