The Evangelical Movement Is Filled With Evil And Demonic Lies, And Is Filled With Satanic Propaganda Against The Catholic Church


Is it also a sin for the Pope to be a gentleman kissing the hand of a Jewish holocaust survivor?

By Walid Shoebat

Who can honestly deny that in our modern ‘civilized’ west, blaming everything on Jesuits is the most popular conspiracy theory while hating Catholics is the only accepted prejudice? While belief in the Jesuit Conspiracy has not permeated the whole culture (knock on wood), blaming everything on Jesuits is one of the most important and enduring conspiracy theories in modern western history. The problem is that such conspiracy theories do not predominately permeate secularists, but the bulk of it stems from Protestants and especially Evangelicals, Calvinists and Messianic movements including even Zionists.

Even America’s founding fathers like Abraham Lincoln and John Adams and others, believed in Jesuit conspiracies regardless that Pope Clement XIV forever abolished the Jesuit Order in 1773.

“The war [i.e., the American Civil War of 1861-1865] would never have been possible without the sinister influence of the Jesuits.” (Abraham Lincoln)

Anyone dare deny what I said so far, step forward, and I will make minced meat out of your arguments.

The extent of this “Jesuit conspiracy” was only revealed to me the days I decided to debunk misconceptions  about Catholics to only solicit me more attacks from so-called fellow ‘brothers’. I became more sickened and alarmed as I perused the volume of websites that claim that Jesuits control everything from banks, the CIA, even “Hitler modeled his dreaded SS army” after “the Jesuits” to even accuse the Jesuits of “sinking  the Titanic” and even creating and training Muhammad to kickstart the very Islam that I left. So many hate messages I had to delete accusing me of being a Jesuit spy that I began to believe that the Almighty wanted me to address this issue.

Even the Antichrist, according to these anti-Jesuit loons is some sort of a combination burrito of Islam maligned with Catholicism, an impossible theory, which has no scriptural validation. While it is plausible that the Antichrist could invade Rome someday, abolish the sacraments, and take his seat in the Vatican by force, scripture clearly states this man of sin must “deny the Father and the Son” (1 John 2:22).  


Combination Burritos, dangerous to your eternal destiny

This new Antichrist theory and others are promoted despite that a bulk of martyrs come from apostolic succession churches. These martyrs are hardly Protestant conspiracy theorists. Many Protestants also gladly proclaim them (as we have seen with 21 Copts beheaded by ISIS) as their own.

But of course, one still finds lunatics like Calvinist apologist James White who rejects the martyrdom of apostolic succession Christians to even saying the Catholics who died defending Jews in Nazi Germany can never be “saved”.

The danger is, that if conspiracy theories consumed an entire culture, the end result is an assured Fourth Reich. This is no conspiracy theory especially since that tyrannies start by the promotion of propaganda and conspiracy theories which fester to finally engulf the entire society.

Today it is not uncommon to read absurdities which say that “the Order (of Jesuits) controlled the infamous House of Rothschild since no later than the French Revolution and Napoleonic Wars, after which Jesuit-led Crusade the Rothschild family was surnamed the “Guardians of the Vatikan Treasury (1830).” (Eric Jon Phelps, Vatican Assassins”, 3rd Ed., p.90.)

While not all Evangelicals adhere to conspiracy theories, Protestant scholars who don’t are usually the academic historian types or professors like Norman Geisler and Daniel B. Wallace. But these are friends of the Orthodox and the Catholic and Geisler too has his share of accusations being a ‘Jesuit spy’. All one has to do is to look up ‘Jesuit’ with ‘Norman Geisler’ and see conspiracy theories by loons about him.


Conspiracy theorists are daily conditioned not to click on any resource that is Catholic because everything Catholic is considered by them demonic. Even when we confront them, everything bad written by Martin Luther, to them it was simply done because of Luther’s Catholic background. I could not believe the multitudes I met who were educated professionals who even taught scripture at sunday schools, yet were plagued with Jesuit conspiracy theories.

Although the Jesuit conspiracy is the most die-hard, there is an array of other conspiracies that plague these churches. I got so much flack for pointing out some outlandish blood moon predictions made by one named Jonathan Cahn and pastor John Hagee. Both predicted that because America (forget the rest of the world) has not been obedient, that on September 13, 2015 (since it is the 7th and last Shemitah Sabbath year) that it will be a year of judgment and reckoning with God Who “might” cause an economic collapse. The december 2015 blood moon, also came and gone with more blood moon catastrophes predicted only for America, yet here we are still gazing at the moon for whatever reason.

All this regardless that the book Jewish History in Conflict written by an Orthodox Jew named Mitchell First revealed that the Jewish Sages purposely stated an incorrect chronology of Daniel 9 in order to prevent people from using the passage to accurately predict the time when the Messiah would come. Regardless that the calendar denies Jesus as Messiah, Cahn and pastor John Hagee and others would still deceive millions to believe such outlandish claims. Even despite that I was correct, I was accused of being anti-Semitic by  World Net Daily since how dare I speak out against a Jew. This despite that it was a Jew (Mitchell First) who debunked the calendar Cahn and Hagee used. Me being a ‘gentile’ qualifies me not to address truth as if it is no longer “there is neither Jew nor Gentile …” or as if the gentile, Uriah the Hittite,  should have gladly given his wife Bathsheba to King David because he was a Jew and then commit suicide after that.

Conspiracy theories sell to folks with scant knowledge of history. One can easily find a disgruntled lowly admin lawyer at the World Bank like Karen Hudes who claims that the CIA’s purpose is to protect the Vatican’s 170,000 tons of gold. Many like Joel Rosenberg and Tim Lahaye even use the Bible to write fiction novels of an anti-Christ arising from the European Union or that Putin will soon invade Israel. All this, while not one of these fights the anti-Catholic stereotypes which are a long-standing feature of English literature, popular fiction, and even pornography.


And dare you expose the errors, your Facebook gets hit with all sorts of ‘believers’ who will instantly denounce you as “unsaved” and even report you to Facebook (exactly what the homosexuals do to us) and your account is suspended for 30 days. The very new-world-order censorship, these complain about, is well exercised by this new ‘Christian’ order who complain so much of the coming censorship. They have never condemned in the past all the fiction authors who said that Mussolini, Gorbachev, Saddam Hussein, and a myriad of other persons as the “Antichrist”. This, regardless that everyone who predicted the name of the Antichrist was wrong. You will know them by their exposés of real whisle-blowers.

So how did I attract so many followers who are conspiracy theorists? For two decades I have been an Evangelical Christian with a movement that is plagued the most with conspiracy theories. In fact, I have rarely ever ran into a church that was not littered with conspiracy theories where they have read books written by modern Evangelicals with faulty history. Even the apologist ‘experts’ who dare not renounce history or Church Fathers refuse to deal with the epidemic. When Calvinist James White invited me for a debate (they love to only debate theological topics), I insisted on debating a subject that was never once debated in these protestant apologetics circles; how conspiracy theories plague top Protestant and Calvinists like John MacArthur and so many others who say that the Catholic Church murdered 50 million innocent Protestants. They quote conspiracy theorist named David A. Plaisted, a computer science professor who obtained this number from other conspiracy theorists to only trickle down to a Jehovah’s Witnesses housewife who inflated the number to 100 million and have more Protestants quote her instead of real historians. I dared James White to refute my Blood of Saints article in my response to him. James tucked tail and instantly retreated saying that my email was rude.


Photo of James White during one of his attempted refutations of Theodore Shoebat.

Any time one stands up to vulgarities and reflects the same vulgarities back, they only accuse us of being “vulgar” and our defense of such apologists is instantly portrayed as “rudeness” and “dividing the body of Christ”. These forget that it was Calvin and Luther who did the major autopsy while sparking the greatest conspiracy theory the Protestant schism ever inherited from the Manichaean heresy saying that John the Apostle was speaking of the Catholic Church as “the Harlot of Babylon” while forgetting that apostle John’s students were the first Catholics.

None of these apologists I met even knew that Protestantism adopted such nonsense from Manichaeism and the Albigensian heretics. Most in fact, like Dave Hunt, Tim Lahaye, Chris Pinto and John MacAurthur do not even recognize that Manichaeism and the Albigensians were heretics, yet they defend them to the  death looking to find Protestant martyrs in all the wrong places. The ironic thing about all this is that the same crowds that welcomed me are now positive (and without evidence) that I was a Jesuit infiltrator while my terrorist background was completely fabricated (regardless of all the evidence).


MacAurther (left) Lahaye (center) Hunt (right)

While they refuse to learn from history, that the schismatic Cathars were enemies of true doctrine, yet today, you find not one of these Protestant apologists address these conspiracy theories or do they especially expose the Protestant Reformation, and paricularily the English Reformation and how it brought new suspicions against the Jesuits, who were accused of infiltrating political realms in order to destroy non-Catholic Protestant churches.

And while they speak of Catholics “burning at the stake” the so-called saints, the English Reformation’s Jesuit conspiracy theorists instituted the death penalty in Protestant England forbidding anyone to belong to the Jesuits under the penalty of being hanged, drawn and quartered.

They rarely if ever even look at the long list of Catholic martyrs of the English Reformation executed under treason legislation in the years of the English Reformation between 1534 and 1680 CE. Yet, these very truth-seekers are quick to quote a 1689 work, Foxes and Firebrands by Robert Ware (later exposed as a forger), claimed Jesuits took a secret oath that stated:

I do further promise and declare that I will, when opportunity presents, make and wage relentless war, secretly and openly, against all heretics, Protestants and Masons, as I am directed to do, to extirpate them from the face of the whole earth; and that I will spare neither age, sex nor condition, and that will hang, burn, waste, boil, flay, strangle, and bury alive these infamous heretics; rip up the stomachs and wombs of their women, and crush their infantsheads against the walls in order to annihilate their execrable race.

This quote can easily be searched to see how it is still being used, yet no one can find any historian to confirm Jesuits were ‘hanging’ ‘burning’ ‘wasting’ ‘boiling’ ‘flaying’ ‘strangling’ or ‘burying alive’ any of these Protestants who were accused of being ‘infamous heretics’.

One could imagine a Protestant claiming that Jews butcher Christian children and mix their blood with communion bread? Imagine the type of backlash this will get. But not so when it comes to Jesuits. From Muslim to Protestant, one can see where this is heading: the persecution of apostolic succession churches. One can easily see the world today and count where are the martyrs primarily coming from, and it is not from the Evangelical circles. Yet Evangelicals would not hesitate claiming the Copts as martyrs while ignoring they damn the Copt’s theology, while forgetting it was Saint Mark the Apostle who started that church in Egypt.

History is the greatest weapon in the hands of apostolic-sucsession churches. While history completely debunked all these conspiracy theories, fact is that truth is not the issue here, no matter how many times it destroys the lie; the real issue is the issue of effective propaganda that is sold daily to the masses by major Evangelical publications.


If Jesuits are behind the rise of Hitler and the alleged Holocaust of 6 million Jews, why then would the  Nazis propagate Jesuit conspiracy theories themselves? Hubert Hermann’s The Jesuit: The Obscurantist without a Homeland Propaganda Pamphlet (1933) inspired the Nazis to declare the Catholic order of the Jesuits “public vermin” (Volksschädlingen) – the same term it used to describe the Freemasons. Its members were persecuted, interned, and sometimes murdered. This pamphlet warned against the Jesuits’ “dark power” and “mysterious intentions.” Hitler murdered Jesuits on account of Jesuit membership.

While persecutions of Jews did happen by mobs throughout the middle ages, the other fact that is rarely revealed was that throughout that same history, the Catholics Papal bull Sicut Judaeis issued during the Middle Ages was the cornerstone that proclaimed Jews are not to be harmed and that Catholics are forbidden on pain of excommunication to force convert Jews or confiscate their property. This was clearly established by Pope Callixtus II in the original bull:

“[The Jews] ought to suffer no prejudice. We, out of the meekness of Christian piety, and in keeping in the footprints or Our predecessors of happy memory, the Roman Pontiffs Calixtus, Eugene, Alexander, Clement, admit their petition, and We grant them the buckler of Our protection.”

It was the Popes who foresaw the potential for pogroms while 18 successive Popes re-affirmed Sicut Judaeis.

I challenge anyone to find anywhere any official document where the Catholic Church endorsed Nazism. Catholic opposition to Judaism has always been ideological, never racial.

Yet despite all this, perhaps the most attacked in history is against Pope Pius XII. The more we discover from the annals of history, the more we find archives like what was revealed by Historian Mark Riebling who wrote of Pope Pius XII’s secret to support attempted overthrows of Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler.


Wow, a photo of a Catholic cardinal with Hitler


Secret photo of Jesus meeting with Lucifer in the Temptation should render Christ as a secret Jesuit who made a pact with the devil

The historian described these actions as “some of the most astonishing events in the history of the papacy.”

And just as Christ cast away the devil, Pius XII had connections with three plots against Hitler. The first, from October 1939 to May 1940, involved German military conspirators. From late 1941 to spring of 1943 a series of plots involving the German Jesuits ended when a bomb planted on Hitler’s plane failed to explode.

The third plot again involved German Jesuits and also German military colonel Claus von Stauffenberg. Although the colonel successfully planted a bomb near the Nazi dictator, it failed to kill Hitler. The priests had to flee after the failed attempt. Those unable to escape were executed.

The plot to kill Hitler clears much of the late 1990s, debate over whether Pius XII did enough to counter the Nazis reached a high point with the publication of the deeply controversial book, “Hitler’s Pope,” by British journalist John Cornwell.

The book was highly critical of Pius XII, charging that he was culpably silent – if not an accomplice – in the rise of Nazism. It is the sort of thing that if one condemns Jesus of His own crucifixion because He was silent in front of Herod.

“There were at least ten documents implicating Pius XII and his closest advisers in not just one, but actually three plots to remove Hitler – stretching from 1939 to 1944. These were typed up by someone using a very distinct nickname.”

The plot was carried out by Ray Rocca. Rocca served as Angleton’s deputy in Rome and for most of his later career.

“Pius becomes a key cog in conspiracies to remove a ruler who is a kind of Antichrist, because good people ask for his help, and he searches his conscience, and he agrees to become an intermediary for the plotters – their foreign agent, as it were – and thereby he becomes an accessory to their plots.”

At one point Hitler planned to invade the Vatican, kidnap the Pope and bring him to Germany. Leading Nazi Heinrich Himmler “wanted to have the Holy Father publicly executed to celebrate the opening of a new soccer stadium,” Riebling said.

“Pius became aware of these plans, through his secret papal agents; and, in my view, that influenced the Holy Father’s decision to become involved with the anti-Nazi resistance.”

“When he heard that a priest was arrested for praying for the Jews and sent off to a concentration camp, he said: ‘I wish everyone would do that.’”

We hear a lot about when when Pope Paul IV in 1555 issued a canon (papal law), Cum Nimis Absurdum, by which the Roman Ghetto was created. For accusing the Jews of being the killers of Christ, Jews were then forced to live in seclusion in a specified area of the rione Sant’Angelo, locked in at night, and he decreed that Jews should wear a distinctive sign, yellow hats for men, and veils or shawls for women.

While many give selective historical quotes to show how bad the Popes were, they completely ignore that this created an uproar. And who was the defender of the Jews? It was the ‘evil’ Jesuits and the ‘evil’ Dominicans, and other conservatives in the Vatican itself and the Jews of the ghetto no longer had to wear their yellow badges and could buy land and work in other businesses. (see The Vatican’s Secret Plan To Save Jews From The Nazis by Gordon Thomas Page 25)

Why was this resolved? It was that the same Jesuits and Dominicans who went to the Nicene Creed, the core of the church for centuries which taught it was Pontius Pilate who was ultimately responsible for the death of Christ.

While we know that our sins killed Christ, be it Jew or Gentile, but this was speaking on the legal terms where every time a Catholic would say the rosary or some other prayer, you say it by name: “…Who was crucified under Pontius Pilate, suffered, died, and was buried.”

It was Francisco de Toledo, also of Jewish descent who was the first Jesuit to be appointed a cardinal. New Christians were so common in the order that King Phillip II of Spain termed the Jesuits “a synagogue of Hebrews.” Jesuit haters who claim love for Zion should read the fascinating subject of Jesuits and Jewish blood has received a full and expert treatment in Robert Aleksander Maryks’ recent work The Jesuit Order as a Synagogue of Jews.

There is a faction within the Evangelical movement that blames everything bad on the Vatican and the Jesuits. Nearly all of the anti-Jesuit enthusiasts are Evangelicals who are ardent apologists for Jews, Zionism and Israel. Yet it has been these who are the most notorious for making incredible allegations with the flimsiest evidence imaginable about the Jesuits.

The attitudes of people seem to be driven more by prejudice than anything. Here is one example:

“Are we to believe Martin Luther—this fearless man of God, the great champion of the doctrine of Justification by Faith alone, the center of attention at the Diet of Worms where he courageously made his immortal confession before the Papal Legate, the Emperor and hundreds of nobles ruling the Pope’s Holy Roman Empire—would hatefully malign the Jewish Race of the Lord Jesus Christ revealed in both the Old and New Testaments as opposed to the false, crucifix-Christ of Rome? Would this man, knowingly enjoying the protection of the risen Son of God from the hands of a multitude of Papal assassins, advocate murder and theft clearly condemned by the very Bible he had so diligently worked to translate into the language of his beloved German people? We read the following supposed words of Luther from a purported 1543 essay; which, in fact, was published sometime after his death in 1546 titled On the Jews and Their Lies …”

It is this that permeates the culture of the neo-Calvinists and so many in the Evangelical circles. Instead of dealing with the truth, these would write absurdities like:

Did not Jesuit Generals Ledochowski (1915-1942) and Janssens (1946-1964), using their Society of Jesus in control of Roman Catholic Hitler’s Nazis and the Jewish Labor Zionists, do all these things to the pitiful Jews of Europe only sixtyfive years ago? Dear truth-seeker, Martin Luther never wrote these words, as they do not comprise his style nor convey his Biblical, doctrinal convictions. Written after his death in 1546 and then deceitfully attributed to the Great Reformer as having been penned by him in 1543, these are the cruel words of the Jesuits …

To the conspiracy theorists, it was the Jesuits who wrote the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and not Russian Czarist Secret Police. Another crowd would say that Alberto Rivera exposed the truth that Jews aligned with the Pope wrote the Protocols. There are “Jesuits” in the American government, Jesuits run the world …. all the while that none of these conspirators can name a single active member of the Jesuit order who occupies high-level office in the American government and despite having Zionist lobby there are not one single Pro-Vatican lobby group is the U.S. which would obviously be calling to implement laws to ban abortion. Had these Evangelicals who are anti-Jesuit and pro-life would be at the forefront to kick-start an Evangelical-Jesuit lobby. Gay marriage would also be completely outlawed if Jesuits ran the show.

It would be much easier to concoct Jewish-controlled conspiracy theories. Why would Jesuits pass a Global Anti-Semitism Review Act in 2004 to monitor global antisemitism?

There have been for many decades now a huge preponderance of Jews in high-level positions in the US government. (See: Jews in the Clinton Administration, Jews in the Bush Administration, Jews in the Obama Administration)

While my two decades effort having changed the minds of millions that Vatican is not the Harlot of Babylon; this they accept since my interpretation transferred it to Mecca. However, to swim the tiber as result of finding a plagued Evangelical movement with so many hideous conspiracy theories, is where the buck stops. So I vowed to either shake the rest of my followers off, or convert them to the truth.

So many Evangelicals from believing the Gog and Magog is Russia, they still believe the Money Power, the Insiders, the Secret Team, or the High Cabal, sold out the U.S. to the Soviet Union, which would then establish a one-world government. Even after the Soviet bloc collapsed, it did not end this fear. Many Evangelicals still worry that the Kremlin caused this collapse as a charade intended to get Americans to put down their guard. The major 700 Club TV conspiracy theorist, Pat Robertson, because of his faulty prophetic interpretation, foresees a European seizure of American wealth via a world currency and a single global bank. This despite that the European Union is weakening and could possibly fall apart. The mad Robertson believes that “a one-world government, a one-world army, a one-world economy under an Anglo-Saxon financial oligarchy, and a world dictator served by a council of twelve faithful men.”

Conspiracy theories is a cult on its own and its adherents do not usually kick the habit. If I listen to Russian testosterone, I am quickly accused of being a KGB agent.