Polish Government Puts Officers On Its Borders To Keep Muslims From Entering Their Country From Germany

Polish border guards

Polish border guards


By Theodore Shoebat 

The government of Catholic Poland has put officers on its borders in order to keep the Muslim refugees from entering their country from Germany. According to the report: 


Local authorities in western Poland have increased the number of patrols on the border with Germany to reduce the number of illegal crossings by refugees, a Polish cultural center in Russia’s Kaliningrad said Monday in a statement.

“The local authorities in the west of the country want to protect themselves from the unlawful crossings of refugees from Germany to Poland. The security is provided by increasing patrols and information exchange with German colleagues,” the statement reads.

 According to the document, the Polish town of Gubin in the Lubusz region has already requested additional border police controls to cope with 600 refugees located nearby.The European Union is currently struggling to manage a massive refugee crisis, with hundreds of thousands of people leaving war and poverty in their home countries in the Middle East and North Africa for more prosperous EU states.

Germany is pushing Poland to absorb the refugees because it hates Poland, because Poland is Catholic and not of the Protestant tradition, as is Germany. I believe that Germany is an enemy country. I will write about this extensively one day in the near future. But I will explain this briefly. I believe that Germany’s investment in inundating Europe with Islamic refugees is being done for two possible reasons: (1) Germany could be brining in the refugees in order to create a societal chaos that will compel the populous to be more independent on government, thus justifying Germany to restore itself as a tyrannical super power.

Or (2), Germany wants to recreate a Nazi society, but because the youth are not conditioned for Nazism, it has to bring in millions of Muslims whose children will grow, speak the language, and thus become a whole generation of Germans who are already brainwashed to love Hitler and Nazi ideology. Either way, I believe Germany is using the refugees as a way to destabilize Europe and push the nations to disintegrate the EU, thus allowing Germany to individualize itself and not be burdened with the problems of other countries. This individualization will allow Germany to singularly make itself a domineering world power again.