Mexican Drug Cartel Takes Seventy Eight Year Old Woman, Rips Her Clothes Off, Rapes Her And Then Brutally Butchers Her

By Theodore Shoebat 

The Mexican drug cartel in Veracruz raped and murdered a seventy eight year old woman. They stripped her naked before raping and killing her. Police present at the murder scene affirm that the murder was of a very violent and brutal nature. The investigation on the murder so far as confirmed that the killers dragged the victim into a corn field where she worked, and they indulged in their sanguinary cruelty. The victim has been identified as Apolonia Hernández Sabalza. Her son, Juan Hernandez Ramirez, was utterly shocked and filled with absolute dread when he saw the corpse of his mother. A photo was taken of the body, captioned with the words, “Veracruz, en the power of the demonic”: