Evil Homosexual Priest Molests A Little Boy, When He Is Arrested He Says He Did It Because ‘Jesus Is A Homosexual And He Sodomizes John The Baptist Each Night’

Fr. Francesco Calcagno was a priest and Franciscan monk in the area of Brescia, Italy, who was arrested after he was caught molesting a little boy. When he was arrested, he defended his actions and when questioned further, he unrepentantly declared that ‘Jesus is a homosexual’ and that ‘he sodomizes John the Baptist each night.’ He also proceeded to say there is no such thing as hell, there is no afterlife, and that religion is a joke:

Prior to becoming a priest, he had been “professed” (ie a brother who took the vows) in the monastery of Santa Eufemia in Brescia [1] . He had a libertine lifestyle and was part of a “blasphemous congregation” that, until the Council of Trent, was able to act without being subjected to repression [2] . On February 7, 1550, he was denounced by Giovanni Antonio de Savarisi, probably to block his manners with a “little boy” (boy), the son of the former “massara” of the denouncer [2] .

The testimonies of Lauro Glisenti, Giovita Ballino and the bookwriter Pietro delle Grazie of July 13, 1550 confirm the allegations. One of them stated that the Franciscan friar slept with a boy almost every night believed that Jesus had had a sodomite relationship with Saint John (“I was told that it was [was] pleading that he had said that Christ held for his bardassa san Joy, and other things I do not remember ” [2] ) and denied the existence of God and Paradise as well as the immortality of the soul [3] .

Even after the Roman expulsion he had suffered, Calcagno kept his rebellious attitude, continuing to parody the Catholic Church and its beliefs and celebrate Mass even though he had been forbidden to do so [4] . The confession of the defendant came partly on 14 July 1550 and the rest – probably after a torture session – the following day [5] .

Calcagno told the inquisitors that his thought had been influenced by La Cazzaria , a homophobic dialogue written in 1530 by Antonio Vignali, which was distributed in a hidden but widespread manner at that time [6] . The final plea had no effect: after being transferred and tried in Venice, Calcagno was sent back to Brescia with a condemnation of the lay-down, the cut of the tongue, the decapitation, and the burden of his body. On December 23, 1550 the monk was executed in Piazza Loggia [5] .

Officially, the tribunal spoke of blasphemy and Lutheranism, but it was a pretext: along with him, two true Lutherans were tried, who received much milder penalties. The motif is clear: while Eisleben’s monk’s followers were still Christians belonging to a “wrong” Church (which could be “saved” by requiring them to enter the “right” Church), libertarians denied the rightfulness of any Church [2 ] . (source)

The priest of Francesco Calcagni, an apostate resident in Brescia in Aromataria district de Barbisino already professed in the monastery of Santa Eufemia .

First, it was said that Christ was never Christ, and that Christo, who was equal to humanity , was a homo-carnal, and who often knew carnally [often having sex with S. Gioanni , and that he kept it for a homosexual lover [likewise] said that the hostess, and the chalice, all sleep, and that he does not believe anything in them in Sunday [God] (source)

This was a real case that took place in the year 1550- almost five centuries ago. At the time, the Council of Trent was just in its early years (it would not finish until 1560), Martin Luther had been dead for just four years, John Calvin was busy terrorizing the city of Geneva with his anti-clerical and power-obsessed pogroms, and the Hapsburg wars were still taking place again the Ottomans. While Christendom’s death blow was struck by the reformation and the wars of religion started by Protestant revolutionaries were taking place, a majority of people, especially in Italy, were Catholic who believed and practiced.

And then there is this sodomite, Fr. Calcagno, who by his words and ideas sounds like he was alive today.

Fr James Martin, an LGBT supporting priest

Several weeks ago, there was a controvery involving the heretical Catholic Priest Fr. James Martin, a fervent defender of the LGBT and homosexuality who recently said that Mary, the Mother of God, was a lesbian in a Facebook post. Fr. Martin was appointed by Pope Francis to be in charge of communications for the Vatican, and Pope Francis has said nothing of a word of censure to him publicly regarding his actions:

If this sounds familiar, it should because this is similar to what is happening today. Pope Francis’ ambiguous statements have paralyzed many in the Church, and due to his refusal to clarify them even when formally asked by fellow bishops he refuses to, and the result has been widespread confusion and disorder. In the meantime, as we have pointed out, there is a tremendous movement in the Church, lead in particular by heretical bishops from Germany, Holland, and even the USA, to legitimize communion for divorced and remarried as well as to give legitimacy to the horrendous abomination of homosexual unions. The latter has been made a particular issue in the USA due to the appointment of Fr. James Martin by Pope Francis to the Vatican department of communications, especially in light of how Fr. Martin is a passionate advocate of homosexual unions, brags that homosexuality can lead to sainthood, and even made the abominable statement that Mary, Mother of God may have been a lesbian. (source)

Throughout Christian history, one can see the conflict between the forces of right and those of evil. When Christ restored the world, He did not come to make everything perfect. Rather, he came so that those who believe in Him and received Him might have the chance to attain perfection by following in His way, for this was likewise the reason for why He promised a second coming. The first time, He came as a baby offering mercy, and for which reason he was crucified. When He comes again, as He was warned, it will not be as a baby and for mercy, but as a man bringing justice to the world.


The job of the Church as the Bride of Christ and pilgrim ark on Earth, which like the Ark of Noah offers salvation to those who gather into her, is to offer mercy and execute justice in accordance with God’s will as revealed by Christ. Likewise, because the Church is the fulfillment of the promises of the Old Testament and the perfection of Israel, since as John’s Gospel notes that the “chosen people” of God are those who follow Him by choice of the will and not because of any national, social, or ethnic affiliation, the entire breadth of human problems that encompass ALL of human history also follow. There is no problem in the Church that has not been seen before in human history.

Christ has promised that His Church, established on the Rock of Peter would not be overtaken by the gates of hell. He did not say that it would not be temporarily occupied by the gates of hell, or that hell would not put the Church through a lot of trouble. While this might seem to be discouraging, one can conclude that since the Church cannot be overtaken and given that it has seen every possible problem that human history can foist upon her, she likewise has all of the solutions and experience to be able to stop any problem that might arise. This does not come form her own merit, but is a gift from God because She is His Church.

Consider this Fr. Francis Calcagno, the sodomite priest who blasphemed Christ in his times, or Fr. James Martin and his blasphemies 500 years later. Also, add to that the words of St. Peter Damian, who lived during the 10th century and wrote the Book of Gomorrah, in which he exposed the filthy deeds of the sodomites in the Church and spoke of their blasphemies, many of which are the same that both Fr. Calcagno and Fr. Martin advocated. Times change, but sin does not, and likewise the medicine for which one uses to treat sin does not change.

We at Shoebat.com are one of the few Christian websites who flatly say what the Church has always taught, that based on the words of Sacred Scripture and Tradition, that homosexuality is a sin that is worthy of death in the Old and New Testaments, that it cries out to Heaven for vengeance, and that all of the saints, church councils, and writings of the Fathers throughout the ages excoriate all that homosexuals do as intrinsically disordered, evil and meriting of punishment because of the horrible crime that it is. The sodomites will publicly defend themselves, saying that criticism of their sick behavior is “intolerant” and “bigotry,” but then when they have the opportunity to speak candidly about their beliefs, they admit openly they desire a world where they can rape little boy, indulge in all their perverse fantasies, and then finally use the force of law to destroy anybody they do not like, such as in the “Gay Manifesto” released back in the 1980s:

We shall sodomize your sons, emblems of your feeble masculinity, of your shallow dreams and vulgar lies. We shall seduce them in your schools, in your dormitories, in your gymnasiums, in your locker rooms, in your sports arenas, in your seminaries, in your youth groups, in your movie theater bathrooms, in your army bunkhouses, in your truck stops, in your all male clubs, in your houses of Congress, wherever men are with men together. Your sons shall become our minions and do our bidding. They will be recast in our image. They will come to crave and adore us. … We shall raise vast private armies, as Mishima did, to defeat you. We shall conquer the world because warriors inspired by and banded together by homosexual love and honor are invincible as were the ancient Greek soldiers.

If you dare to cry faggot, fairy, queer, at us, we will stab you in your cowardly hearts and defile your dead, puny bodies (source)

Homosexuality is bad now, but as we have noted before, in the ancient world homosexuality was far more prevalent. It was a defining part of life and was what made Christians so unique, because they refused to bend over for the sodomite perversity, and told them about the evils they were doing and to repent or perish:

We complain of the sodomite movement, but we must realize that we are heading toward a revival of an ancient utopia much more depraved than now, because in antiquity homosexuality was the norm, not only that, it was a part of religion and government.

In ancient Rome homosexuality was most common, it was not solely a preferable activity, but interconnected with the religion, the state, and the culture. Homosexuality was as ordinary as marriage, and more preferable, and the pagan Caesars themselves were open sodomites. Jupiter, or the tutelar god of the empire, was a homosexual deity who satisfied his lusts with the Trojan Ganymede, and another young man named Fabius. (1)

Because of the sodomite behaviour of the gods, their worshippers would see no wrong in plunging deeper in their depravity and being homosexual themselves. Their mindset was, if the gods do it, then I could, and should, too.

It is no wonder, then, as to why when St. Paul gives his descriptive history of homosexuality, he recounts that they “changed the truth of God into a lie,” (Romans 1:25) before “God gave them up unto vile affections” and they turned to homosexuality (Romans 1:26-27).

The worship of this homosexual god was enforced by the state, and when Christianity came, it was the sodomite establishment that killed Christians for rejecting this reprobate god. A statue of Jupiter Phlilius was erected in Antioch by the famous wizard Theotecnus who, like Haman, told the emperor Maximinus that Jupiter demanded of him “to expel the Christians as his enemies, beyond the limits of the city and the adjacent territory.” (2)

This order began to be issued in all the cities of the empire, and even the subjects were told to purge the land of the Christians. The priests of the pagan gods were commissioned to orchestrate the persecution, and they did not hesitate to comply, for they wished to establish a universal utopia like Babel, in which all worship the gods as one.

When Antiochus invaded Judea he had erected an altar to Jupiter, and those who refused to burn incense to it were brutally executed. This homosexual tyranny is further made clear by the fact that before the conquest, the traitorous Jews, in wanting to integrate Israel with paganism, built a gymnasium, “according to the laws of the nations” (I Maccabees, 1:15). The gymnasium was inherently homosexual, with the exercisers being completely naked. (3)

The gymnasium was a place where the pagans would exalt the male body to not only partake in homosexual attraction, but to as well honor the pagan gods, (4) by whom homosexuality was justified. In Sparta, the gymnasium was institutionalized in the role of forcing recruited young Greek boys, by the age of twelve, into becoming homosexual warriors. (source)

The connection between the ancient, pagan world and homosexuality is not an accident. Homosexuality is not a life giving act, but it is at best a sterile and pleasure-seeking union directed solely to the self, which is itself a sin. Ultimately, it is a power struggle for dominance of one group over another, and hence why the act is performed- instead of giving life in the way God intended it to be used, it is perverted into being a way to “show” another person “who is in charge.” Since this is a display of dominance without any moral boundaries outside of those which the person performing the act chooses, it is a physical manifestation of the Crowlean mantra “do what thou wilt.”

Likewise, since homosexuality is a power struggle, it does not have to include simply anal contact between two men. In fact, this is just one facet of the homosexual lifestyle, and as many homosexuals will note, represents only about half of the “community.” Sodomites, acting in the pursuit of pleasure without restraint except that of their own personal limits they establish and can change as they will, engage in a plethora of practices regarded as “normal” and “common,” many of which are highly dangerous and transmit disease. The most common of this is “fisting,” which is the insertion of the entire fist and sometimes, the arm of a man into another man’s rectum. After the anus as been stretche out of the size of a tennis ball (no exaggeration), homosexuals will then spread their anus open, an act they call “gaping,” and will have other homosexual lick the anus (“rimming”), attempt to shove two or three penises of other men into it (“extreme penetration”), or even shove other objects in. Sometimes they will even have other men vomit or urinate into the stretched out hole, have the man close his rectum, move around, and then defecate the vomit or urine mixture now flavored with is own feces into another homosexual’s mouth or have another homosexual sodomize him so that the feces-vomit-urine mixture spills out over his penis while he is sodomizing him. As one might guess, many times there is fecal matter that is involved in these extreme practices, and it is not a concern to them, because many will willingly eat any feces from the other man’s anus that may fall out, or they will rub it on their bodies and even masturbate with it.

If you don’t believe the above practices, watch this video from 40:00 to 45:00.

The practices of fisting and even bug chasing- attempting to get HIV from other men- are discussed.

Note especially around 41:00, the “fisting stations” on the left side of the screen that he has set up. Notice the abundance of paper towels there, because the sodomites engaging in this practice will have to wipe the feces and other bodily fluids off of their hands after shoving them into the other men’s rectums.

Also notice starting around 43:30 that another man talks about “fisting” and “dual” man action. Notice that when he describes “dual man,” he uses his fists. He may be speaking about two men penetrating another man with their penises at the same time, but he may also be talking about putting two fists into another man’s anus at the same time. The person who gave the event says that the “goal” of the party was for many to take as many “loads” as he could, meaning his goal was to get masturbated on/into by as many men as possible. This abhorrent practice he is describing has two different terms in the pornographic industry, and he may mean swallowing as much semen as possible from groups of men (called gokkun), being penetrated/masturbated on by a large group of men (called bukkake), or a combination of the both. Notice also how around the same time, the man speaking says “This is what may dreams are made out of.”

It is worth noting that much of the pornographic industry today geared towards a heterosexual market actually engages in these same activities. Therefore, one can draw a direct connection between the state of pornography today and practices long established in LGBT circles.

This is one look into the face of what homosexual activity is, this is the reason why it is so evil and why it is called worthy of death. 

All of these practices are sick, disgusting, transmit disease, and have no place anywhere. The LGBT may carry their version of a rainbow flag and call themselves “gay,” but there is nothing good or happy about a group of child abusers who define themselves by masturbating on each other and consuming vomit, feces, and urine to show domination over each other in the name of “sexual pleasure.”

As you watch this parade, remember what we have said earlier, for these practices are what may of them support.

THIS IS NOT THE FACE OF HOMOSEXUALITY, but it is the public perception of what one side is, and for all of the perversity that is even in this video, this is the “nice side.” The reality is that the homosexual world is a life devoid of meaning, filled with disease, death, and teaches perversity of the worst types.

So what is the answer to the homosexual issue? The Catholic Church has already answered this problem because she has dealt with it before. As St. Bernardino of Siena, St. Peter Damian, and many other saints who have stood against the LGBT all say, homosexuality is the manifestation of an extreme form of demonic sickness in any society, and for the good of society and even the sodomites themselves there need to be laws against homosexuality, and those who practice homosexuality need to be arrested and jailed, committed, or executed depending on the severity of situation. Just as the rot from one fruit in a bag with other fruit can spread and affect others, the Church emphasizes that homosexuality is a rotten apple in society and it needs to be removed from the bag before it destroy the bunch.

The problem today in the “Western world” and even the Church is not that nobody knows how to handle the rise of the LGBT and all of the disease-spreading, child abusing perversity that they bring, but that they do not want to listen to the Church’s teaching because they are afraid they might lose social standing for standing up to the sodomites. There is a point here, because as the Gay Manifesto notes and the sodomites themselves brag, they will use social pressure, harassment, and any other means they are legally (and sometimes illegally) able to in order to prevent people from speaking candidly about homosexuality. This is a problem in the Church too, for as we and many other Catholic sources have noted, there exists right now in the Vatican a “gay mafia” consisting of bishops, cardinals, and priests who while a minority are using their positions of influence to propagate their views and are trying to destroy anybody who stands in opposition to them.

Pastor Martin Ssempa. He was part of the opposition to homosexuality in Uganda and his frank, candid style of talking about what sodomites do is overdue in churches today

The reality is that all of the fear that exists in the society and the Church about standing up to the homosexual agenda comes from either a lack of understand what homosexuality is or the seriousness of the act, fear of being criticized or losing social favor, or because the people actually support it in spite of the horrible reality of sodomy. With the exception of the last option, the first two are not an excuse, especially for a Christian. Ignorance about homosexuality does not excuse one or give one license to support it, and if one sees it is a problem one needs to learn why it is a problem. The second issue, that of human respect, is the biggest one because while many Christians who believe that homosexuality is wrong could speak up, they do not because they fear social reprocussions.

We at Shoebat.com understand something about social reprocussions, for by taking the stances we have taken we have made many enemies and lost many supporters over the years. Often times, we find ourselves almost alone because of what we say. Yet to that, we say human respect be damned, for if one wants to pursue truth, one must do so regardless of popularity. Indeed, homosexuality is a grave evil, and it does not matter to us if people love us or hate us for saying this, because all that ultimately matters- and matters for us or anybody else- is that we speak correctly on this issue as per divine revelation.

Homosexuality has always been a problem in any society, and as Western society chooses to reject Christ and further embrace paganism, so will homosexuality rise in proportion to its acceptance. Yes, there are many problems with the LGBT, but ultimately the greatest problem is with Christians, who are called to be the salt of the earth and light of the world, who refuse to stand up to the LGBT and instead will stand with the LGBT for fear of potentially losing something in the eyes of family, friends, or society. While it is important to attempt to do what is right and to treat others is a good and kind way, it is equally wrong to refuse to address major issues such as sodomy out of fear because the issue of sodomy penetrates to the core of society itself and the refusal to deal with the issue is no different than giving consent to it.

People complain and express concern about the Muslims and the problems they bring in society, and there is much to be said for this. However, at the same time and as we have noted, Muslims move into vacuums where Christianity is no more. As the light of Christ has been forced out and abandoned in the Western world and the people have embraced perversities such as homosexuality, it is only natural that Muslims would begin to move in. I do not say this in any sort of condescending way, but as a simple fact attested to from the Bible- when Israel disobeyed God, God gave her over to her enemies, and when Israel obeyed God, He protected them.

The problems we face today are not new. They are very old, and they can be defeated. The medicine is the same. The only thing stopping the LGBT from being defeated is because we refuse to give the medicine that the Church has prescribed.

St. Bernardino of Siena. He was one of the greatest preachers against the LGBT and had infamous sodomites put to death.

Remember, he is a saint, and that per the Catholic Church, a saint is person who is not just in heaven, but has lived a life that is a model of holiness for others to follow.