UK Sniper Saves Christian Family Of Eight Just Seconds Before Being Beheaded By ISIS

According to a story published by the UK Daily Star and coming from the UK Express, a Christian family was moments away from being executed by ISIS soldiers when a British SAS Sniper shot the terrorist, killing him:

A Christian family was moments away from being decapitated by Islamic State executioners when they were saved by hero SAS snipers.

The crack snipers shot down the executioners as they were about to excute a Christian family-of-eight, the Daily Star reports.

The British newspaper reports that the executioners were so close to going through with the dead that their knives were at the throats of the father and one son.

The daring rescue operation took place near Mosul, in Iraq, and resulted in around 15 ISIS fighters being killed.

Despite the huge death toll, it was only two snipers who carried out the amazing feat to save their lives.

The newspaper reports that a joint SAS-Peshmerga patrol sprang into action after receiving a tip-off that Islamic extremists in the area were targeting Christian families.

An unnamed source told the Daily Star Sunday that four executioners were killed on the spot while the others were killed as they attempted to flee the scene.

‘It was a chance encounter. The SAS patrol just happened to be in the right place at the right time,’ the source said.

‘The killers were moving around the area executing villagers. Muslim families were accused of being spies and Christians who refused to convert to Islam were beheaded.’

It’s not the first time Christians have been rescued from Islamic extremists as they were moments away from death.

One Christian ministry working covertly in the Middle East said, according to one report, that lions attacked Islamic militants as they were threatening to stone a group of new converts who had just been baptized in a forest.

On another occasion, seven Christian girls were rescued from ISIS militants who stormed their student house after sending a text message to a pastor from their hiding place. (source)

I don’t believe for a second this happened. 

My old theology professor in college and later, personal friend until his death used to say in class that the search for truth is like holding a candle in a dark cave, and the light is your faith which guides you along the walls, and that part of the search for truth is after having ascertained truth, to leave a path behind for others to follow in the way that you laid.

Such is also the case with the news media and stories. As we at pride ourselves on the pursuit of the truth, we both seek to report that which is happening around the world and, should we err, to correct that in which we have made a mistake. Sometimes things can be very difficult to discern in an era of much information but not always substance. It is very easy to shout FAKE NEWS at something that a person does not like or wants to disagree with. It is much harder to actually identify, quantify, and give a valid explanation describing WHY something is fake versus why it is not.

The story above sounds really good. It was even reported by major Christian news media. However, something was not right with the story, as it seems to be a little too similar to stories we have seen before. By this I am referring to two articles I reported on last year (see here and here). The first time I wrote about the story it seemed like a normal story. However, the second time this story came up it just seemed ‘too similar.’ Several months later I saw a third one, and it was at that point I began to notice a pattern that seemed like something far more than just news.

Upon further investigation, one will also note that both of the previous stories as well as the current one above all seemed to originate from the UK Express.  In addition, one will notice that if one searches for stories with “sniper” and “isis” in the title the following interesting stories (with dates added) come up as well:

Hero SAS sniper saves father and eight-year-old son from being beheaded by ISIS mania -August 8, 2015
Hero SAS sniper foils suicide bomb attack by killing five jihadis with just THREE bullets -December 15, 2015
SAS sniper kills THREE ISIS suicide bombers by firing shots through 10inch WALL 1km away -January 4, 2016
ISIS vs SAS: Elite Brit troops TRICK jihadis into desert death trap with DUMMIES (after which they were gunned down by snipers) -February2, 2016
Poetic justice: SAS sniper blows head off ISIS chief who taught jihadis how to DECAPITATE -February 15, 2016
Hero SAS snipers smash horror ISIS suicide bomb plot in ‘perfect’ operation at busy market -March 7, 2016
Hero SAS sniper saves hundreds of lives by killing ISIS suicide bomber with just one shot -August 2, 2016
Hero SAS sniper saves hostages by killing four ISIS jihadis with just ONE bullet -September 12, 2016
Hot shot SAS sniper kills THREE ISIS jihadis with single bullet in ‘one in a million hit’ -January 22, 2017
SAS heroes save 12 kids from ISIS ‘DEATH MISSION’ in heart of terror stronghold -March 6, 2017
Hero sniper kills ISIS fighter from TWO MILES away in longest confirmed kill shot EVER -June 23, 2017

And now this story today.

Do you see a pattern here?

Every few months, there is a story that involves groups of ISIS fighters being destroyed single handedly by an SAS sniper or elite military personnel SECONDS before COMPLETE DISASTER happens. Notice too the stunningly similar shape each story has, and that the number of stories put out this year, following the election of Trump and the subsequent shift in media attention to other parts of the world, the frequency of these stories has died down.

You be the judge, but that seems awfully suspicious. If you ask me, I call this an example of real “fake news” in that this is a feel-good story means to generate propaganda, for the ultimate end is not the pursuit of truth, but about the selling of a particular angle to the public.

The English are masters at propaganda and have been so for centuries, beginning with the Protestant Revolution’s spreading of real “fake news” and fake facts about the Catholic Church and false testimonies of “former Catholic nuns/priests/bishops” that supposedly “expose” how Catholics are all statue-worshipping cannibals in alliances with Islam that want to burn Bibles and persecuted BYEBULL KRISHINS for 1500 years from Constantine’s days until Martin Luther arrived and began talking about nationalism. There always have been propagandists, scammers, and opportunists in every culture, but the English are particular in that while claiming to be “Christians” they succeeded in exterminating the Catholic Faith from Albion, only for it to be restored in fragmented parts by Irish immigrants and converts from Anglo, Welsh, and Scottish backgrounds. Indeed, what the Muslims have desired to do for millenia the Anglo-Saxons realized in scarcely a few centuries.

Alexander Hislop, a Scottish minister and notorious anti-Catholic propagandist. Many of his works are still in circulation, renamed and slightly modified but many times remaining fully intact. He was one of many Anglo-Saxon propaganists whose anti-Catholic works were utterly false, devoid of all facts, and outright lies that achieved their ultimate end, which was to slander the Faith and prevent it from having any roots in the UK ever again.

It is important that one uses any and all available means to spread one’s views. However, one must do such in accordance with the truth. One must continually check oneself and be willing to question one’s views and most importantly, be honest enough to admit if there has been a mistake made.

Another example of such English propaganda is in the treatment of the Spanish and French versus the British treatment of the native Indians reality versus perception. When one learns about the French or in particular, the Spanish, one hears about how THOSE TERRIBLE CATHOLICK SPANISH (spelling intentional) murdered Indians just for fun and the priests backed them. It is not discussed at all how the Spanish, while they did fight many of the Indians out of necessity, were also allies to far more and that millions of the natives embraced the Catholic Faith of their own will. To that while slavery did exist, it was the Catholic Church who fought most aggressively against it and as such made Spain the first nation to give full rights and Spanish citizenship to the native people at least two centuries before William Wilberforce of the UK even existed. If that was not enough, one only needs to LOOK at Central and South America. Far from massacring the natives, the Spanish married them and created a new, mixed race of people- the mestizo- with his own culture, heritage, and wonderful contributions to the world. The French did similarly, and in the case of the USA gave birth to the “creole” culture and creole peoples of Louisiana, Zydeco Music, Cajun food, and more. Their descendants are willing testimonies to the fact that while abuses did happen at the hands of the conquerors, the Spanish and French chose to convert and mix- not massacre- those who they encountered.

Contrast the Spanish and French situation with the British. While American children learn about “the Pilgrims” coming to Massachusetts and how “Squanto” taught them to grow corn, the Puritans were really tyrannical Calvinist jerks. The reason they were sent to the USA was because even their own people could not tolerate their insane ideas, and their disorder manifested in that when they arrived in the colonies, they did not at all mix with the natives, but instead massacred them. I do not speak of the necessary fights with the natives that took place, for the Spanish and French engaged in the same struggles, and there were many tribes among the Pequot, Naragansett, Seneca, and Iroquois nations who were outright savages and worthy of death in the same ways that the Incas and Aztecs were. However, they are also people too, and the fact that all of the lands of New England and eventually the ENTIRETY of the USA east of the Mississippi were wiped out of the natives and the survivors put into ghettos- Indian reservations- and that there as such a small amount of intermarriage and mixing with the natives in comparison to that which happened in central and south America shows the difference in mindset. The Protestant, Calvinist, Industrialist “mindset,” in which they believe God’s favor is measured by wealth and power over one’s fellow man, manifested in the genocide of the natives while the Catholic mindset in central and south America saved an entire race of people, transformed their culture, and restored their dignity that had been stripped from them through their paganism.

Fake news does exist. So does fake historical memories. Both are created to manufacture a specific account of events of the past in order to justify current or intended future political or social goals, always for the benefit of a few at the expense of the many. While I have singled out the English because they are indeed very good at doing this, it is not limited to them alone. Anybody can tell a well-crafted lie if he intends to.  It just so happens that it is very easy to do this today, or in some cases, communicate errors without even knowing they are errors.

Indeed, searching for truth is like holding a candle in the dark. Sometimes in the path of discovery one may indeed err, but that is expected on account of sin. What matters is that one corrects one’s errors, and at the same time after having corrected the errors, then goes on to call them out when they see them.