Parents In The UK Persecute Christian School For Teaching About Sin And Hell At The Same Time Countless Numbers Of Brits Are Traveling To Serbia To Have Sex With Animals

The UK Mirror recently uncovered a highly disturbing story which found that large number of British people are regularly traveling to Serbia for the express purpose of having sex with animals. The problem is so large that local animal rights groups are trying to bring awareness to it so that it can be stopped, but so far there has been complete silence from the governments according to a recent report:

Brits are among a growing number of sick tourists travelling to Serbia for sex at ‘animal brothels’, it has been claimed.

The capital Belgrade is said to be a hotspot for ‘zoophiles’ who enjoy sex with animals such as goats, sheep, donkeys, dogs, cats, geese and cows.

The eastern European city can be reached via a direct flight from London, but an animal rights group claims most groups come via organised ‘bus tours’.

Online adverts offer animal sex from between 70 and 150 Euros (£60 to £135) with visitors paying an extra 50 Euros (£45) to film themselves, it is claimed.

An investigation into the horrifying trend was broadcast by TV channel RTL recently.

It included an image of a dog apparently wearing fish-net suspenders and high heels.

Pavle Bihal, who runs an anti-animal cruelty group called Leviathan, wants the clubs closed down.

He said: “We have information about a club, which is actually an apartment, where all this happens.

“We are currently waiting for the location to be confirmed so we can report all to the police.”

The highest number of animal sex tourists come from Germany, Holland, Sweden and Great Britain, Bihal’s group claims.

There are thought to be a number of specialised estates and stables in the countryside catering to their depraved tastes.

Farmers who run the ‘brothels’ don’t see anything wrong with the setup, according to Leviathan. (source)

While this story might seem to be an exaggeration, we can guarantee it is not because this has been written about before in Europe, and it is a major problem. There was an article which appeared in 2013 in Vice Magazine about a Ukrainian prostitute named Anna who talked about how in addition to saying that she participates in the vilest of sexual acts, often times hired out by Arabs living in Europe but also for many other clients in Europe. In addition, she works on “dog farms” in Germany, Belgium, Russia and Sweden where she trains dogs to have sex with humans solely for the entertainment of the viewers:

What are your duties?
The average client of our club is a VIP, lots are from television. It’s fun to get to see what they are all worth. We have reckless four-hour, 16-people orgies. Sometimes I’m hired as a “bitch.” I have to stand on all fours and let dogs fuck me. I’m up for anything except for scat, which is just as well since my boss doesn’t let clients do that any more.

About the dogs, where do you get them from? Do they live in the club? Are they especially trained to have sex with people?
There are special dog farms in many countries that train dogs to do just that. I know at least two of the kind in Russia. I personally work as a trainer in such farms in Germany, Belgium, and Sweden. They employ me to help the dogs get used to the human female. After about half a year of concentrated effort, the dogs fuck like devils and I love it. Of course these special dogs aren’t cheap at all. I also have two dogs living in my cottage and they have never fucked with other dogs, only with humans. Often the clients will bring dogs of their own, these are of course trained dogs, too.

They bring the dogs to the brothel?
No, only talks and presentations take place in our club. The rest happens at the clients’. They all are well-heeled and have huge houses. There are dog enclosures and special basements for BDSM. They look like the basements Gestapo used to torture people in. (source)

In the meantime this is happening, a Christian school in the UK is being persecuted by the parents who send their children there, calling the school “extremist” for teaching about the reality of sin and the existence of hell:

A Christian group is defending itself against allegations that it’s teaching students “extremist” views after being banned from a church-run primary school following complaints by parents who said their children were being “exposed to potentially damaging ideology.”

“Wherever possible we work in partnership with local churches and we reflect their teaching, always aiming to be sensitive to the local context, and recognizing that churches vary. We teach mainstream Christianity,” Wayne Harris, national director of Christian charity Crossteach, said in a statement on Tuesday.

“In 16 years of Christian schools work no teacher has ever raised a concern that something has been said that could be interpreted as in any way ‘hateful’ or ‘extremist’ and we strongly refute this current parental allegation. On the contrary, schools have consistently expressed appreciation for the contribution that Crossteach has made and for the quality of the work,” Harris added.

As The Telegraph reported, Dan Turvey, headmaster of St John’s Church of England Primary School in Tunbridge Wells, said he had listened to parents’ concerns and decided to no longer invite the group to lead assemblies or take lessons.

Some parents apparently complained that their children were being taught about sin, and were told that if they don’t believe in God, “they would not go to a good place when they died.”

Another parent who wasn’t named said, “I do know some of the children have been upset by what they have heard. No one minds Nativity plays and Bible stories but considering most of the parents at the school aren’t practicing Christians, I think the feeling is that it’s all too much.”

The parent added: “In Tunbridge Wells the vast majority of primary schools are affiliated with the Church, so it’s not like you have a choice whether you expose your children to this. Personally I want my children to learn about all religions. If you want them to be raised as Christians there are plenty of Sunday schools.”

Another statement from the parents provided by The Guardian read: “We recognize and respect the school’s Christian values but think there is a brand of Christianity that is abusing that respect. The basis of [our] complaint relates purely to concerns over the welfare and safeguarding of children who we believe are being exposed to potentially damaging ideology.”

Turvey summarized the complaints by stating that parents believe their children have been “exposed to extremist beliefs” and have been upset and emotionally disturbed.

The headmaster said that he is “deeply saddened” to be cutting ties with the group, however.

“I do not believe Crossteach has done anything wrong,” Turvey added. “They do not deserve the tarnishing of their good name and allegations of extremism that have taken place over the last few months.”

Although as a faith school St. Johns has leeway to promote the Church of England and Christianity, it’s still under obligation to follow Department for Education guidelines when it comes to non-discrimination and respect and tolerance for other faiths, The Guardian noted. (source)

These two stories may not seem related to each other, but the fact is that they are indeed directly connected because the decline of Christianity correlates directly with the rise of serious forms of perversity and unnatural behavior.

All of the great saints of the Church emphasize that because God is Love and all that is good comes from God, a man can do no good apart from God, for if God is perfect, anything less than that which is reflected from Him is a perversion of the good and is therefore evil. Man can create evil on his own not because he can engender it from his being, but because he must pervert the good which God has made. He cannot create good because only God is good, and it is merely for him to reflect He who created him.

God came to restore man to relationship with God after the sin of Eden, and as such my God entering into our humanity we would be able to be raised up to His divinity. The more a man binds himself to God, the more like God he becomes and as such, he and the world transforms in proportion to his devotion and actions. Likewise, the more a man separates himself from God, the more evil he will natural engender because apart from the source of all good man can only manipulate to perversion that which he contacts, and this is including himself. It is why sin and evil are a direct consequence of the rejection of God, for to reject God is to reject the good and to embrace evil.

Surely if the story about the ‘beast brothels’ was shared with the parents of the children who attend this school and protested the teaching about sin and hell, most would likely respond with some level of disgust. Such a reaction would be expected and natural, for is it intrinsically disordered to seek out unnatural relations. Yet what these parents are doing by their refusal to acknowledge the reality of sin and hell and instead focus on ‘Christianity’ as the popular idea of ‘being nice’ to all, emphasizing that ‘nice’ means ‘accepting and abiding by the accepted sociocultural patterns of behavior for the current time, they are in fact reinforcing the ontological pathway that created the situation where British men are seeking out sex with animals.

Christianity is not about being ‘nice’ or ‘tolerant.’ Christ came to restore man to relationship with God, and as God is perfect love, Christ came to bring mercy to those who embraced Him and justice to those who rejected Him. Christ did not come to conform to the social and cultural patterns of the time He walked the Earth, or before that time, or after that time. Christ came to invite all men to follow in the path of salvation, and in order to do this He had to give the human race a choice. In order to unify, Christ had to divide, and by divide I speak not of creating division between men for power, but to rend asunder those who would follow in the ways of God to reflect the good of their creator from those who would reject God and embrace perversity fashioned by their own wills. Christianity is as much a faith of mercy and love as it is a feast of justice, for mercy cannot exist without justice.

There is no such thing as “tolerance” in Christianity because God does not tolerate evil or sin. While many people criticize the doctrine of Purgatory, aside from its scriptural foundations and evidence in sacred tradition, Purgatory is a reflection of the mercy of God because if nothing unclean can enter into Heaven, yet a man who desires God dies and has not yet made sufficient expiation for his sins, Purgatory is the shower room which God gives a man so that his sins can be washed away before entering into eternal rest. If God will not tolerate even the smallest of sin, because there is no tolerance for evil, then it is anything but gravely irresponsible to teach people they can “tolerate” beliefs, ideas, or concepts that are either spiritual realities or could lead a man into eternal damnation.

The reason these parents are protesting the school is, as the article note and as reflected by the majority of much of American and European society, they do no believe in Christ or even in God at all. They want the ideas and values of Christianity in their children, but they refuse to accept the divinely revealed foundation through which these beliefs were established as moral absolutes for all time. They desire a Christianity without a cross, and salvation without a savior, and rejection of the ways of the world without having to reject worldliness.

People wonder how such evils as men traveling across the world to engage in bestiality happen. They wonder why there are child molestations, murders, robberies, and all kinds of perversity that pollute their societies. Yet as the wonder about this, they refuse to accept divinely revealed truth and, considering themselves wiser that ‘some old book’ or ‘some old dead guys,’ they think they can define morality on their own terms apart from God and that all will be well, yet their attempts to create a heaven for themselves will always result in the creation of a hell because without God, that is all that man is capable of.

Thank God for His mercy, because without it there would only be justice, and as it is reflected in many tragic theatrical works, it is man who when left to his own devices will bring about his own demise.