‘I Was His “Pleasure Wife”‘- American Woman Tells Her Story Of Being In The Harem Of Infamous Muslim Billionaire Arms Trafficker

Jill Dodd was 21 years old when she found Muslim billionaire Adnan Khashoggi writing on her arm with blood at a party. He added her to his personal harem, and decades after she returned to the USA and resumed a normal life, she told her story:

Speaking on Channel Nine‘s 60 Minutes on Sunday night, Jill Dodd, now 58, lifted the veil on her life with notorious billionaire Adnan Khashoggi, who was almost 30 years her senior, reported Daily Mail.

Ms Dodd revealed she was a ‘naive’ 21-year-old model when she met Khashoggi at a party and he wrote on her arm in blood as a means of introducing himself.

“He pulled up my sleeve and he wrote ‘I love you’ I was like oh my god that’s blood and I was kind of shocked, but I thought it was really funny and cute at the same time,” she said.

Khashoggi was already a married father-of-five when he met Ms Dodd, but pursued a relationship because he was allowed up to 12 women to serve as his ‘pleasure wives’.

Ms Dodd quickly became a member of Khashoggi’s harem, living in lavish suites in Saudi Arabia and taking turns to have sex with the billionaire arms dealer.

While she realised she was living a life of luxury thanks to her relations with Khashoggi, she continues to defend the legitimacy of their relationship.

“I never thought of myself as a hooker, I still don’t think that,” she said.

Ms Dodd revealed the business tycoon made her sign a contract before they started a relationship.

“He said ‘I want to take care of you, I want to make a five-year contract with you. I’ll provide everything for you and you will be at my beck and call 24 hours a day’,” she said.

And… she accepted.

Khashoggi was a Saudi Arabian businessman who made billions dealing arms on the international market.

Ms Dodd said she and Khashoggi went to lavish parties with politicians and royalty, and shared drug-fuelled evenings together.

“We did (cocaine) recreationally. We would lock ourselves in a room for days, we would make love, we would eat, the chef would bring us food,” she said.

“I believe I was in love with him,” she confessed.

The American woman said she loved Khashoggi and did not regret her years as his ‘pleasure wife’.

“He was great, we just melded together. He was a great lover, everything was just mutual and beautiful,” she said.

Ms Dodd said it was years before she decided her life with Khashoggi was no longer what she wanted.

She left his harem seven years after their relationship started, going on to found popular surf brand Roxy, marry and become a mother-of-three.

Ms Dodd detailed her love affair with the multi-billionaire in a book released this year titled The Currency of Love. (source)

This is an interesting story, but the reality is that it does not deserve the attention which it is getting in the media, as neither do the majority of women who are claiming “sexual assault” should. Make no mistake, I am not saying that sexual assault against women is not serious or a crime, or am in any way at all justifying it. What I am saying is that we are seeing a great many women use the claims of “sexual assault” as a way to socially cleanse themselves of their own personal immoral deeds without assuming responsibility for them.

It is a well-known fact that women have traded sex for power and money since the dawn of time. It is why prostitution is called the “world’s oldest profession,” and why the first since that caused the fall of Adam was the classic “honeypot” trap, where Adam chose to eat of the tree of knowledge after his wife, Eve, who consumed the fruit in order to gain power, offered it to him. The Bible does not say if there was any dialogue between Adam and Eve at that time, but one is left to wonder what she may have said to him or perhaps, threatened him with if he did not follow in her error.

While it is not correct to blame all women for the problems of society, as men are equal participants in it, the fact remains that as pointed out by the famous American educator Mary McLeod Bethune, a culture can rise no higher than the moral position of its women. While Bethune spoke from the perspective of educating the children of slaves in the rural American south (she was Afro-American), the principle she put forth persists that as goes the morality of the women, so goes a culture. If the man is the head of a people, then the woman is its heart. While it is important to have a strong head, if the heart is rotten or missing then the head will only serve to further evil aims. Conversely, if the heart is good and strong, the head will be able to make good and righteous decisions. The two provide vastly different functions but are equal in their dignity as they need each other to function, and what affects one part inevitably affects the other.

The dignity and most importantly, chastity of a woman is one of those issues like honest, non-usurious money- it is one of the very small but critical lynchpins upon which a great deal of social stability rests. If a pin is removed or altered to such a point it is no longer functioning, then a society will feel the strain. If this happens with too many pins, then the society will inevitably collapse. In the case of a woman, the collapse is magnified because of biological reasons- not only could the society simply collapse, but its basic biological makeup could change, and the people that once inhabited it might completely disappear. This has happened many times throughout history, and it very well could happen again as history tends to repeat because men make the same mistakes in different generations.

Using the examples which Ms. Bethune spoke of from her context- the black family- her observation is immediately clear today. As many great sociologists have noted, the black family did not collapse after slavery, but in reality was strong and remained strong until the Civil Rights Movement and the government-based social programs targeted at black families, specifically those at black women, which, subsidized single mothers through extensive welfare programs and permitted no-fault divorce with preference given to women in court cases. The results have been disastrous, with a supermajority of black babies born to single mothers, extensive poverty, violence, and the inability of black men to raise and care for families in a stable environment.

There have always been problems in any human society, and it is understood there is always a degree of social deviation, dangerous behavior, and problems that simply cannot be eliminated. As Christians, this is understood simply to be a consequence of original sin- as man was tainted after the fall and he strives by the grace of God to conform himself to His will, there will always be room for improvement, and old problems will eventually become new ones again. This is a process that will only end when Christ returns. However, it is the extend, magnitude, and severity of these same problems that matters- if they are allowed to get out of control is when they become critical dangers to a civilization.

The major problem facing women in the ‘western’ world today is that due to the decline of the Church in society, the rise of heresy, the permissibility of other sins, and the absolute lack of care of the people in society (one cannot blame “the government,” since all governments are just reflections of their populations), they have been given license to act at they will and use the law to support their behaviors with the support of the greater society. As women have been made equals to men not in dignity, but under the law as absolutes in all areas, it has lowered the dignity of men and women alike, with women being legally favored and using their preferred and protected status to, in a reflection of the first woman, to seek power in all things first while thinking of consequences secondly, only to realize the errors of their ways after it is too late to change it.

For example, the entire “rape” claims as mentioned above. While there are rapes that do happen, I ask the question again- how many of these “encounters” were willing contacts with women who wanted money and power?

Don’t believe me? Look into the statistics for what people search as far as it pertains to “adult” material. They are readily and publicly available. Any of the terms listed above prove this with a simple Internet search. However, there is another way which I prefer to show, and that is through the so-called “Instagram Models” and a blog dedicated to exposing them, called Tag The Sponsor.

Tag The Sponsor is a blog that is basically dedicated to exposing women on Instagram who spend their days posting sexually-attractive photos of themselves and them living “the high life” while in reality they way they make their money to do this is by selling themselves to mainly Muslim Arab men. In exchange for committing some of the most debauched, disgusting things a person could do, these women are given tens of thousands of dollars. Keep in mind that these women who do this are not doing it out of poverty or a need to support  family. No, they are doing it out of a lust for money and power and with no respect to their families or other important people in their lives.

Take for instance this Instagram model from Hawaii, Josene de la Cruz:


How about more? Here is Mia Raquel:



Here is another model, Grace Santiago:


Lastly, there is this horrible testimony from a woman who worked as a model-prostitute with a non-Muslim, but still a man whose desires were evil:

NubileTexasOiler23 revealed himself to be a 92-year-old oil tycoon who made all of his money during a series of oil booms in the 1940s. The man was a multi-billionaire and wanted me to be his “sugar baby”.

NubileTexasOiler23 always made me call him “Gertrude”, which happens to be the name of his deceased wife, and throw chocolate sauce, which happens to be Gertrude’s favorite dessert, at his naked body while he flopped around like a fish out of water and cried….NubileTexasOiler23 also had a fetish for making me wear a chicken outfit while he hurled racial slurs at my face and called me ‘McFatty’.

I think you get the idea. 

Tag The Sponsor makes the following statement in its about page:

These sponsorettes are glorified prostitutes with malnourished brains and nothing to offer but two holes and a large derrière. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with having a sugar daddy, as it’s beneficial to both parties. But all of a sudden, there is a surge of women with small waists and disproportionate butts that have 50k + followers on Instagram, with booking info in their bios. Booking what? P***y. The problem here is, is that these sponsorettes put on a facade that they are signed models, fitness chicks, bartenders, real estate agents, marketing executives, or some obscure form of employment. Don’t models have agents? Don’t fitness chicks actually work out? How does a weekend bartending gig finance private jets? Don’t real estate agents and marketing executives actually work, not lay under a cabana on a different island ever week? They might as well start putting their rates in their bios as well, because they won’t be fooling anyone much longer.

As we noted in a previous article, the fact is that the decline of society is directly tied to the moral license given to the women, since when morality is removed they on average do not care so much for society, personal dignity, or the greater good, but instead seek power, fame, and money even if it means destroying that which is around them.

A scene from a film by Ghetto Gaggers, one of the most infamous online pornographic websites. Based in New Jersey, the site specialized in everything mentioned above- the complete degradation (in this case of black women by white men, but there are other sites that do the same in other ways- it just happens this site is the best known in the USA) of the women in it of the worst sort, including physical abuse, actual rape on camera, drinking spit/vomit/urine, feces eating, and other horrible things.

Yet how come if the women know this is going to happen to them, why do they keep going by choice?

This is the real scandal- it is not the abuse of the women, but the fact that the women are actively seeking out in order to willingly participate in the worst forms of pornography– coprophilia, emetophilia, group sex- on their own. And the people of the society laud them and say THEY HAVE A RIGHT TO DO THIS AND WE MUST PROTECT THEM.

If this is not the extreme decline of a society, I do not know what is.

People say there is an issue with “women’s rights” in society, and one must acknowledge that mistreatment does happen and it must be addressed when it is appropriate. However, the fact is that one cannot hide the fact that the majority of these women did not have their dignity sullied by another, but instead chose to sully themselves in order to attempt to get power and fame.

This also factors into another major problem today in “the west,” which is how the whoredom of the modern western woman has destroyed marriages.

The fact is that these women, such as Ms. Dodd and the above persons listed, do not just disappear into nothingness. They have lives and continue to age. Eventually they will look like your average old lady because everybody gets old. Therefore, there is only a certain, limited time frame in which they can exploit their sexuality for financial and social gain, and it is when they are young and “good looking.” As they start to age, usually beginning around 25 or so, but becoming drastically apparent at 30, their beauty begins to fade. They are not sought after as they were when they were younger by rich, powerful men, who simply replace them in their harems with fresh, young women of the same mindset.

So where do these women go? As Ms. Dodd noted, she married some man and had a few children.

Now I understand that every man’s perspective is different. I understand that some people will enter into relationships with women who have “bad” pasts. However, historically speaking this would be a proportionate minority of women who would find themselves in situations such as these, and an even smaller number of mwn who would wililngly marry a woman who chose to spend her most beautiful and theoretically, fertile years in a state of wanton harlotry. This is bad enough. It is now at the level of a near-unprecedented social crisis that penetrates all classes and cultures. Thanks to “women’s rights” and the fact that the fallen nature of Eve has now been given license and legal protection, many women simply whore themselves out willingly and then choose to marry a “safe man” after spending years riding, as one notable blogger on men’s issues has called, the “cock carousel”:

While the cad/dad dichotomy of choice in women is as ancient as the tree of life, the social constraints on satisfying the dichotomy have never been looser than now. Post-modern, post-industrial, pre-singularity West — whatever you want to call it — is enabling women to not only pursue an ultimately self-defeating dualistic cad/dad strategy that will leave the lot of them feeling spiteful and unloved, but it’s encouraging them to extol the strategy as an empowering way to interact with men. It’s as if women have forgotten that men respond to sexual market cues as well, and won’t just casually accept disadvantageous dating roles that leave them supine to women’s machinations.

A few very beautiful women — not the Salon interviewee — can successfully pursue an “alpha fux, alpha bux” dating strategy. This is the equivalent of hitting the jackpot as a woman. And in point of fact, beautiful women have fewer sex partners than their more modest-looking sisters. The reason is simple: when you have the goods, you are less likely to give them away for free. Beautiful women can capture — and keep — alpha male attention without resorting to leg-spreading enticement. Homelier women must spread… or accept loneliness.

But most women are not that beautiful. For the majority, an “alpha fux, beta bux” strategy will net them, if they are in reasonably good shape, a decade of fantasy-fueling sex and miserable relationships, culminating in marriage (and a bank-busting wedding extravaganza) to a doughy herbling who must know deep in his bones that he is paying dearly for damaged product which better men than he used for free back when it was fresh off the shelves. He must also know that his rode-worn beloved who is about to execute the final stage of her indentured beta male servant plan considers him a second-rate alternative to the lovers of her past. If women don’t think this galls the betas who must accede to these liberated, feminist-friendly conditions, they are in for a rude awakening when they discover how quickly the hubby herblings give up on life and on pleasing their cackling sow wives.

An “alpha fux, beta bux” dating strategy may sound, on paper, very pleasing to women, but pursuit of it is almost guaranteed to lead to frustration and bitterness for most women in the modern mating market. One, the natural order of things can withstand only so much subversion before the spirit breaks. An aging woman with an extensive sexual history will come to resent her unexciting diaper-changing bore of a husband with whom she settled, and he will resent her rapidly imploding sexual attractiveness, acidic demeanor and daily tacit reminders of his low status.

Two, men are not wind-up toys ready to do the bidding of manipulative women; those jerkboy fux and betaboy bux may refuse to play along. The sexual market is the collision of competing reproductive goals, and in that plunderdome of all against all, where the only guiding principle is self-interest, the jerkboys may not bother showing up for a date and the betaboys may decide the jerkboys are getting the better end of the deal, and adjust their behavior accordingly, perhaps in the arms of a mistress or porn. Or game.

A woman who plays this strategy to the hilt is taking a big risk that she will be left a destitute single mom or, at best, an unhappy and unloveable EatPrayLove commodity, an appendage to the dehumanizing globalist corporate borg, desirable to no one but the most desperate loser men or conniving schemers. And, looking around, this is what we see happening all over America. The crosstabbed and powerpointed nth wave modern feminist woman will realize, at the end of her long, exhilarating but empty journey, that her happiness as a woman was never amenable to her best-laid blueprints for the efficiently maximized love life. (source)

For the sake of fairness, it is true that there are many men who engage in immoral activity, and that does not excuse it because in God’s eyes, sin is sin and the wage of sin is death. However, drawing on the words of Mary McLeod Bethune, a culture can rise no higher than the moral position of its women as they are the first transmitter of morality and culture. Given this understanding, what benefit is there of a man to marry a woman who chose to spend at least a decade prostituting herself to who she believed were rich or powerful or “interesting” men?

Certainly the average man is not “powerful” or “rich,” and what a man finds interesting or fulfilling certainly is not what many women would call interesting or fulfilling. This alone creates a grave schism between a man and such a woman that given time and the natural monotony that characterizes all marriages with time, these women are already inclined to leave their husbands in search of what they would perceive to be “greener pastures” in the form of “interesting” or “exciting” men. In past times, this would have been less of an issue (although still real), but owing to the feminized legal system which dominates ‘the west,’ such a woman is free to leave her husband and cheat with another man, then to initiate divorce and force the husband to fund the costs of her harlotry. This becomes even more serious with children, because children are used as bargaining chips in a game of poker where the rules are rigged in favor of the women. One only needs to ask any father who has been through the family court system to tell his experiences. And this is just one aspect, and does not even get into the additional consequences such as the spread of STDs, the problems of marriage and relationships with single mothers, the rise in child abuse and homosexuality, and many other evil fruits born from this rotten tree.

It is not a surprise why there are so many dating websites today with an expanse of women over the age of 25, and why so many of them say something to the extent of ‘I’m done with having fun’ and ‘I’m seeking a good man.’ The reason is not that they actually want a ‘good man,’ because the majority of these women are about as good as week-old milk on the grocery shelf. They are the used up, damaged, worn-out leftovers of other men’s past relationship, with the emphasis being that these women elected to enter into such relationships and engage in the activities they did wholly by choice and for the most part because they wanted money, power, or some other kind of undefinable ‘fulfillment’, and the acquired it by prostituting themselves and choosing who they thought was the best choice available.

Stories such as those of Ms. Dodd, or the entire Harvey “he raped me” Weinstein debacle to which multitudes of people are responding with either a false or highly deluded sense of shock, disgust, or both are simply attempts to cover up the sordid reality of what ‘western society’ has become. Having removed God from society and chosen to believe that man can define his own morality per his own terms, we have created nothing original but simply reverted to the errors of our first parents, Adam and Eve. The situation with the women is more visible today because her sin has been given legal preference, but it makes no difference in terms of evil because the root of this all is the rejection of God and in the words of the ‘wickedest man on earth,’ Aleister Crowley, the morality by which the ‘modern west’ defines itself is to ‘do what (one) wilt.’ The result of this is the state of the society today.

There will always be evil men and women in the world, men who pay women to prostitute themselves and women who allow themselves to be prostituted. Certainly there are also rapes and sexual assaults too, and they must be acknowledged. However, the unspoken evil of the situation with this woman, with the Weinstein rape claims, and with so many other women is that much of what is seeing is actually an attempt by women to mask their own immorality and in a social sense cleanse themselves of their own sins so they do not have to admit to their wrongdoings and suffer the natural consequences of their choices, and it is happening on all levels of society, from the rich and famous down to the common woman.

It has always been a challenge for  a man to find a woman who is worthy of being married. It is a theme spoken of often in the Bible. But today, it is a very difficult time for a man of good will, or even relative indifference, to find a woman who has not been pulled into the void of narcissistic self-indulgence that is often accompanied by consistent, grave immorality and with a legal system that supports her choices even to the detriment of the rest of society.