Peace-And-Sodomy Loving Swedes Produce Comic Book With “Hero” Beating Up Polish Anti-LGBT Protestors With A Sodomite Flag

The LGBT frequently says that it wants “peace” and ‘just to be left alone.’ However, their actions indicate this is not the case. Recently, the world has seen how a pro-LGBT judge sentenced a 2-year-old boy to death in the UK at the hands of doctors, something which the LGBT has expressed their support in the past for. Their actions have forced Christian colleges to choose between their faith and staying in business over threats from the same group. They have threatened to burn down businesses or murder Christian pastors who refuse to submit to them. They have been forming militant groups to “prepare” for combat. They have also been pushing to legalize pedophilia and are threatening to take children away from their families for criticizing them. There is even a threat that the Bible may be banned due to is anti-homosexuality teachings.

In another development to this entire saga, homosexuals from Sweden have produced a comic book showing the “hero” beating up Polish anti-homosexual protestors at a homosexual parade:

A comic book that sees a superhero defending a Pride parade from violent homophobes has stirred anger in Poland.

The Swedish edition of Fantomen, which features long-running superhero the Phantom, came under fire over the controversial cover of its latest issue.
The comic strip, written by Polish writer Philip Madden, sees the hero attend a Pride event in Poland’s capital, Warsaw.

However the situation grows out of flags when a group of violent homophobes – depicted wearing grey militaristic uniforms and waving Polish flags – threaten the parade.

The hero fends them off with a Pride flag, adding: “I have to act quickly before blood flows on the streets!”

Fantomen editor Mikael Sol has defended the issue, telling the Swedish-language Expressen: “I thought it was a nice symbol, with the colourful flag, which stands for tolerance, against the colourless gray dressed villain who stands for intolerance.

“I understand clearly that the cover is controversial, but sometimes you have to feel comfortable and stand safe in your choice.”

Sol added: “There is always someone who reacts [negatively, but] overall there has been a positive response.

“I think people should read it before they have an opinion about it.”

He added: “The Phantom is always going to do the right thing and to stand on the side of the oppressed.

“It may be against companies that ruin the environment or eradicate animal species for economic gain, and it may be to fight slave trade, or stand up for religious freedom.”

The comic appears to have been partially inspired by real accounts of violence at previous Pride events in Warsaw believed to have been perpetrated by far-right nationalists.

The comic has not gone down well in Polish media, however.

Polish broadcaster Telewizja Republika hit out at the comic, claiming it perpetuates stereotypes of Poland as intolerant. (source)

This is simply a comic book, but the issue here is more than just a comic book. It is an issue of principle.

The LGBT does NOT want to be left alone at all. To the contrary, they want to have a war against the rest of the world who does not accept their views, and this is made known by their actions towards those who criticize them through their consistent attempts to re-shape the laws and customs of a society to support their inclinations. This is something which crosses political lines and is now increasingly being used to define the “conservative” movement, such as in the recent example with Michael Lucas, an infamous homosexual pornography manufacturer who criticized Joy Reid from MSNBC over past comments made about homosexuality:

Gay porn actor Michael Lucas has blasted Joy Reid as a ‘liar’ and a ‘homophobe’ after anti-gay comments in her old blog posts resurfaced.

Lucas, who is the founder of Lucas Entertainment, one of the biggest gay adult film companies in the world, also slammed MSNBC for allowing her to ‘weasel her way out of this situation using ridiculous lies.’

Reid apologized on Saturday for any past comments that belittled or mocked the LGBTQ community and said she hasn’t been able to verify her claim that her account was hacked.

‘It would be insane to fall for Joy Reid’s claim that she was hacked,’ he told Breitbart News. ‘Not only did MSNBC not fire her, they didn’t even condemn her views.’

He added: ‘Reid is a homophobe and a liar, but she is also a powerful liberal black woman who has one of the biggest Twitter followings amongst TV hosts.’ (source)

We have discussed Michael Lucas here before. Lucas is an infamous porn producer who makes movies of men drinking urine and playing with feces while sodomizing each other and who is also supported by Pamela Geller (source).

So what if this man criticizes “the liberals”? Does this mean that he is to be supported all the while he continues to make such movies, let alone his entire past?

The fact is that such people do NOT want to be left alone. Instead, they want to aggressively impose their views upon YOU and I, and are willing to do so with militancy as evidenced by their examples.

There is no compromise between truth and falsehood. Talk of “extremism” is, many times, another way of attempting to get a man to compromise his views so that a-la the Hegelian dialectic, he can be further compelled in time to compromise until the views which he holds bear no semblance to his original views.

The stand against homosexuality is to take a stand in favor of all that Christian teaching as articulated through the Catholic Faith has always held. The struggle to promote homosexuality is ultimately a front for a war against God and his created order using either easily exploitable fools or men who actively choose evil.

In the end, the LGBT will lose because their beliefs are evil and condemned. However, there is the fight in the meantime, which men must partake in and is just warming up as the world turns more away from Christianity and towards a new and virulent form of paganism that will embrace all the horrors of the old world but now with modern technologies and tools.