Disney Cancels Long-Running Christian Music Event While It Continues To Bend Over For The LGBT

In April 2018, Disney announced that it would make rainbow-colored “mickey mouse ears” to celebrate sodomite behavior. We reported on the incident.

Curiously, Disney now has announced that it will cancel a Christian music festival that has been in operation for the past 35 years:

After 35 years, Walt Disney World has announced that it will no longer be hosting the Night of Joy Christian music events which started at the resort in 1983.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, a Disney spokesperson confirmed that, when it comes to Night of Joy, “Last year was our last event.” They added that the move was the result of them “continually changing our offerings.”

The second night of the two-night event was actually canceled last year due to Hurricane Irma.

While the majority of past Night of Joy events were held at Magic Kingdom, the festival was moved to ESPN Wide World of Sports in 2016.

Incidentally, MercyMe — who performed at the final Night of Joy — was recently announced to be part of this year’s Eat to the Beat concert series at Epcot.

Past Night of Joy performers include Amy Grant, Steven Curtis Chapman, Jars of Clay, Newsboys, Casting Crowns, Chris Tomlin, Kirk Franklin, Michael W. Smith, CeCe Winans, and many more.

A 2018 event line-up had not been announced. (source)

This is not a coincidence.

In spite of the whining of the LGBT and the sycophants among Christians who say that people have to “be nice” to “our LGBT brothers”, the fact remains that the LGBT and Christianity are inherently incompatible because they are directly opposed to each other. A man cannot be sick and healthy at the same time in the same way that he cannot support the LGBT and claim to be a Christian.

The LGBT says that homosexuality is something a man is “born with.” The Bible says that the LGBT is a disorder caused by some form of serious sin that if not addressed will destroy a man permanently due to its intrinsic evil.

There is no communion between light and darkness because, as Jesus says, a little bit of yeast leavens the entire patch.

What is a bottle of water with a drop of poison in it? It may be almost entirely water save that drop, but that drop of poison is enough to turn the entire bottle into a bottle of death to he who drinks of it.

The LGBT is that same poison, but for the soul and the mind. When the two are placed together, aside from the corrosive effects the former will have on Christian teaching by inclining a man to erroneous views about homosexuality, the LGBT will eventually try to push out and destroy Christian teaching because it cannot occupy the same space with it due to the intrinsically opposed natures of the two. Likewise, Christian teaching when applied drives out the LGBT from where it has established a presence because its actions are evil and Christ came to free men from sin and make the final war against all evil so to establish the dominion of God among those who want Him and love Him because He is Love itself.

I generally do not like to point out specific companies, but what makes Disney so significant is because of its deep ties to the perception of America and American society among Americans and abroad. Disney is a corporation but it is also a cultural force and as such its decisions impact the perception and actions of Americans at home and abroad.

Disney has submitted to the homosexual lobby, and this action is a reflection of the general culture’s position on homosexuality. Likewise, the removal of this Christian music festival, coming at a time of the rise of the LGBT, is not a simple “business decision” (although it is likely that financial considerations were certainly a part of the reason why it was removed), but a reflection of a cultural change because Christianity is being rejected both by the corporate realm as well as by the people.

The cultural war is over. Christians lost the war, and they lost BIG time. This war became open and obvious for a long time, but many people who could have and should have stood against it did not.

How could people stand against the financial and political “elites” of the time? Shoebat.com maintains that the answer is simple, which is to return gradually to simpler ways of being, to be happy with less, to seek meaning in what Christian teaching through the Catholic Faith holds to the absolute fullest extent, and to reorganize one’s life for the pursuit of truth before the pursuit of worldly gain.

True power comes from God, and true freedom begins within. A man can have all of the assets he may possess, but if his mind is not free, then he is a slave. If a man does not have truth, then he is equally lost, since he may have the best of intentions but will by nature of his error be placed on a path that leads to failure.

American Christians refused to do this in mass. They chose the comforts and conveniences of the world before what their faith they claim to believe holds. The most obvious example of this is with Pope Pius VI’s encyclical Humanae Vitae, which restates the Church’s teaching against contraception. While the primary audience of this was Catholics, the fact is that over 95% of Catholics utterly rejected and ignored the pope on this issue. The Protestants were even worse.

Humanae Vitae was released in January 1968. It has been a half-century since it was released, and in that same time there has been a massive population collapse along with an impending economic, migration, social, and political crises that threaten the very survival of American and European civilizations themselves.

This happened because Christians did not care to live the faith they believe at all. The fruits of today are from the seeds sown decades ago, sometimes centuries ago, coming to fruition.

Disney is reflecting the will of the masses in their choices. Because American Christians refused to follow what Christian teaching said, they are now no longer Christian any more.

You are watching the real-time death of a culture.

But don’t think this is the end. This situation is just starting. Remember that if Christianity becomes hated, which it is becoming, that since history repeats itself, what is to say that Christians will not be persecuted as they once were?

Don’t say it can’t happen again.