Homosexuals Furious After LGBT Hookup App Allows Users To Block People Who Have HIV From Their Searches

Some LGBT “activists” are upset after the gay hookup app “Taimi,” which means “tame me”, allows its users to block people from their searches who report being infected with HIV if they want to:

Taimi was developed by a group of anonymous tech guys from Silicon Valley who set out to create “the safest gay dating & social media” after allegedly facing “unspeakable discrimination at the workplace because of their sexual orientation.”

“Their careers slackened off because of the sexual orientation,” the company says in a statement. “Thus, they decided to create Taimi as a tool to strengthen the LGBT+ community.”

Taimi is a play on the words “tame me”. The company says it wanted to create a tamer dating app catered to gay men looking for more than just a meaningless one-night flings.

In addition to offering “bank level security” and popup reminders about taking PrEp pills, the app also boasts other “health-related filters.”

What kind of filters, you ask?

HIV status filters, of course!

That’s right, folks. In its efforts to “strengthen the LGBT+ community”, the developers have still managed to find a way to keep people divided by stigmatizing HIV.


Of course, the idea of including an HIV filter on gay dating apps is nothing new. Grindr floated the idea back in 2016 and received a ton of backlash for it. And last year, the app DaddyBear faced a wave of criticism for flat out discriminating against poz guys.

Many have argued that such filters not only continue to stigmatize HIV by creating a digital quarantine of sorts, but the filters provide a false sense of security.

In a HuffPost op-ed published last year, blogger Alex Garner went so far as to call filtering men by HIV status “an act of ignorance and fear” and is a “bad strategy for staying negative.”

“It’s bad science and simply doesn’t work to eschew poz guys while taking risk with guys who might think they are negative,” he wrote. “Someone may believe they are HIV-negative but actually be undiagnosed as HIV-positive and have a very high viral load.”

He continued, “We can avoid the facts or we can choose to educate ourselves about the latest science. We can filter poz guys or we can engage in meaningful conversations with one another about HIV.”

“We can create more and more barriers to keep us apart or we can choose to bring people together to improve our health and strengthen our community.”

Word. (source)

Think about what the LGBT are saying here. They are UPSET because the app allows people to block from their searches potential “matches” who have a deadly, incurable, and horrible disease.

This is an insight into the mind of the LGBT.

Frequently, the desires of the LGBT for non-homosexuals are discussed. Namely, how they want to control people and make them all submit to the LGBT agenda.

However, this also goes both ways. The LGBT fights within their own ranks to advance their own goals between members, with some wanting to become “more extreme” than others.

I’m not saying that homosexuality is good at all here. I’m saying there are some sodomites who want to engage in their sodomy with people they somewhat “trust”- as much as one can say it about the LGBT On the other hand, there are homosexuals who want to force homosexuals to be put into risky situations that the homosexuals themselves do not like and they will go so far as to call other homosexuals “discriminatory” for not doing so.

This is all purely evil. Homosexuality is evil, but one can see the true evil in it because in spite of all the talk of how “happy” they are, the homosexuals even cannot stand each other and want to control, manipulate, and subjugate each other as they want to do to those who are not a part of their lifestyle and do not want to.

Homosexuality always has been about power and control, domination and domineering another man’s life. This means that homosexuals will attempt to dominate and control each other as much as, and dare say it, perhaps more than those not a part of their “circle.”

There is a spiritual lesson to be learned from the LGBT community by watching arguments such as these, as one witnesses a reflection of the infernal evil that is homosexuality, for the denziens of the netherworld fight with each other in the same manner for power and control, and even enslave each other and world for the enslavement of and destruction of others all the while they are plotting against their own allies.

It’s wrong to call the homosexuals “gay” because these men are not “happy” at all. It is an abuse of the word “gay”. Sodomite is probably the most accurate term, since their actions bring them to the spiritual residence of Sodom just as to be a true Christian is to make oneself a spiritual member of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. One does not have to be bodily present to be in the “kingdom” of either of these realms, but both express spiritual realities that while man is no physically present there now, will certainly be in one of the two after death.

Sodom leads to death by fire from God for their evils and the punishment therein, that lasts forever and does not end as a sign of the evil of that place and those who would continue to dwell in its walls without a desire to leave. The Kingdom of Jesus Christ, however, is the place for which man is made and is the only place where men will find true peace and happiness.

Man is created to serve, and he has to choose- he can serve himself and therefore be forced to become a slave by his own hand in a perpetual and miserable struggle to his own demise by fire, or he can serve God as a servant in love and realize the purpose for which he was created.

Choose wisely.