Texas Town Elects Cross-Dressing Homosexual Soldier For Their Mayor- America is Done

The small Texas town of Del Rio has just elected a cross-dressing homosexual soldier for mayor:

The old saying “everything is big in Texas,” now applies to inclusion ― at least in one border town.

On Saturday, 62 percent of voters in Del Rio ― located about 110 miles west of San Antonio ― elected gay Air Force veteran Bruno “Ralphy” Lozano as its mayor.

The 35-year-old Lozano is both the town’s youngest mayor and first openly gay official. He previously served as a security law enforcement officer in the Air Force and then was an activist who worked to help clean up local waterways, according to OutInSA.com.

Although Texas is known for its conservative politics and Republicans dominate statewide offices, Lozano’s sexual orientation was not an issue during the mayoral campaign in the city of about 41,000 people.

In addition, there was barely a peep when he wore high heels to march in the city’s Veteran’s Day parade last year ― just a single Facebook post from a non-supporter who attacked him, according to IntoMore.com.

Lozano said he served in the Air Force during the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy toward gays, and decided not to re-enlist because he was “not ashamed of who I am.”

Instead, he took inspiration from previous generations of gays who made it possible for people like him to run for office without hiding who he is.

“Stonewall happened because drag queens and a minority group stood up to animosity, and I had to go back in the closet [while in the Air Force] because of that same hatred,” he told IntoMore.com. “I know what that was like, and it translates to today’s campaign. I’m not going to bow down. I am who I am. Accept me or not.”

He ran on a platform emphasizing generational change, according to Conexion Del Rio.

“It is time for new ideas and new visions of the future. It is time the next generation takes action and get involved in local politics,” he said. “We can continue our heritage through proper investments in infrastructure, culture, and services and that can start with accountability.”

Lozano’s election is definitely a sign of progress, but Del Rio, home to Laughlin Air Force base, is by no means a gay mecca.

The town lacks a place where LGBTQ locals can meet or get access to services dedicated to their particular needs, and the closest gay bar is nearly three hours away, according to IntoMore.com. (source)

Del Rio is a town of just over 40 thousand people. It’s not very large.

We have warned about the rise of the LGBT, emphasizing in particular that the homosexual movement has penetrated to all levels of society, so much that homosexuality is supported by a majority of the common people and a supermajority of people 35 and under.

This is the real danger, not that a small and perverse elite support the act, but that what three decades ago was rightly called abnormal and evil is now supported by a majority of the people in the same way that America went from being in opposition to communism to full support of communism in about the same period (from the 1940s to the 1970s).

Homosexuality is, per Sacred Scripture and tradition, a sin worthy of death that “cries out to heaven for vengeance” and if persisted in will incur the wrath of God on a society. Hence why the example of Sodom and what happened with her fate is so important, as it was a message for all time to all people of the evil of this act and the consequences it will entail by divine judgment.

Small town Americais important to pay attention to because while big cities provide large population and social blocs whose decisions affect the future of the nation greatly, it is in the small towns that one can gage a sense of how the “rest” of the country is responding to decisions made in what are, essentially, urban bubble atmosphere. Usually there is a contrast between the two, where the countryside or small towns show tendencies to “conservative” values while cities are more “liberal.”

However, what the situation with the LGBT shows is that the inculcation of Americans into accepting the homosexual agenda is essentially complete. Be it in the country or the city, Americans love Sodom and support the deeds and persons who make up Sodom.

This is why America is finished.

America was not “conquered by the Muslims” as many people said they “feared.”

America was not conquered by LIBERALS and Obama, since the homosexual issue transcends political party lines as evidenced by the tremendous support of the LGBT among “conservatives.”

America was not conquered by “Black Lives Matter” or “George Soros,” both of which most Americans already forgot about because they are not relevant to the latest fashionable “crisis” for which Americans indulge their lust for fear and panic over nothing.

America was conquered by the homosexuals, and more accurately, America was not conquered, by submitted to the rule of the LGBT because she would rather prefer social conformity, the pursuit of money and power, and the trappings of the world instead of pursuing what is right.

It was not a single act, but a series of compromises made each day over small issues that added up to something very large. Many of these compromises were made by supposed “Christians” who, progressively, either refused or allowed to hold their positions based on absolute moral truth.

America was not conquered. but submitted willingly to Sodom. When just as Lot and Abraham were given the choice of where to reside, Abraham chose the desert while Lot chose the worldliness of Sodom.

Sodom was eventually destroyed.

America is no exception. She may be powerful, but God raises up and pulls down nations as He chooses to. While it may take a time for it to happen, God does nothing outside of when He is ready, and when He is ready there is absolutely nothing that will stop Him.

So for those Christians who do believe and fear God, repent while there is still time, get right with God, and never, ever, ever, compromise with anything evil, because absolute truth is absolute and never compromises lest it is not absolute truth.