Greece Submits To Islam, Asks President Erdogan Of Turkey To Conquer Them And Enslave Their Population

People talk about when Greece will “reconquer” Constantinople from the Turks. However, its doesn’t appear this will happen in the near future, as Greece has just submitted to the LGBT agenda by allowing for homosexual adoptions:

Gay couples will now be able to foster children in Greece.

The groundbreaking legislation was passed by 161 votes to 103 on May 9.

It will enable same-sex partners who are in civil partnerships to become foster parents – though adoption is still off-limits for gay people.

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras welcomed the result of the vote.

Syriza, his left-wing ruling party, supported the passing of the bill despite opposition from many in the junior coalition party, the right-wing Independent Greeks.

Tsipras said: “Fostering provides for the return of the child to its natural parents, who must retain contact with the child during its fostering time.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that fostering is an act of altruism, solidarity, and service of those who choose it,” he added, according to the Athens-Macedonian News Agency.

Greece long lagged behind the rest of Europe in terms of LGBT rights, but has caught up somewhat in the past three years.

In 2015, Tsipras issued an unprecedented apology to the LGBT community – as he passed the law which gave same-sex couples legal recognition.

Speaking in Parliament after the vote, he said: “With the legalisation of civil partnership for same-sex couples, a cycle of backwardness and shame for the Greek state is closing.

“[It is one] of denial and marginalization of a large part of our fellow citizens, who were not allowed to live together with their partner and enjoying basic rights and which led the Greece to convictions by the European Court of Human Rights.”

Marriage equality has still not come to Greece, but other steps have been taken in the name of progress.

In 2016, the Parliament passed a law which expanded the rights of LGBT people, including ensuring equality in the workplace regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.

And in 2017, lawmakers made it radically easier for transgender people to legally transition.

The new law removed the need for trans people in the country to undergo sterilisation in order to have their gender legally recognised.

The law affects anyone aged 17 and older, and children between the age of 15 and 17 also have access to the legal gender recognition process.

However, they still have to obtain a certificate from a medical council.

In addition, trans people still need to be single to access the process, possibly forcing some couples to divorce against their will.

And a judge has to decide if the person’s gender expression/presentation matches their gender marker before legal recognition is granted. (source)

So why did I put the headline as “Greece submits to Islam” and said that Erdogan was asked to conquer Greece and sodomize the population?

Because that is what Greece just did by accepting the LGBT agenda.

It cannot be said enough, that per sacred scripture and tradition homosexuality is a sin that is worthy of death and incurs the wrath of God on the society who embraces it.

The righteousness of God comes from what a man believes and how he lives it. A man is saved by grace through faith, he is being saved by living a righteous life that he strives to make align with the will of God, and the prayer of all is that we will be saved because salvation is not an entitlement but a gift from God.

Islam is an evil religion, but just as to be a Christian is to be a part of the new Israel based on faith and not genetics or blood (see John 1), and how the Israelites were punished by the pagans of old for their disobedience, so it should not be a surprise that God allows the Muslims, the enemies of Christianity, to attack Christians for their disobedience.

It is important to emphasize that God does not cause evil, but He allows evil in order that a greater good may come. He punishes those who disobey Him in order that they would return in repentance to Him.

Greece is embracing homosexuality, a sin which as the Bible states “cries out to Heaven for vengeance” and was the cause of the destruction of Sodom.

Greece is also in a very weak position at a time when Turkey, her historical nemesis, under President Erdogan is attempting to revive the Ottoman Empire with the assistance of his German allies, and he has been harassing Greek vessels near Turkey.

This is not good for the Greeks. However, the Greeks are doing not a thing to help themselves. They already said they would promote “transgender” ideology, and while thankfully the Orthodox Church has stood against it, these statements are a reflection of the views of a majority of Greek society. They have already been promoting LGBT “rights” since 2016, which is ironically the same year that marks the start of the migrant crisis in Europe (it technically started at the end of the year in 2015, but became major news in 2016). In this way, their mindset is similar to that of the Americans, who as a people love the ideology of Sodom.

By allowing for homosexuals to rape children- which will happen by allowing for “gay” adoptions because homosexuals are known to rape children- Greece has opened herself up to getting punished by being destroyed by her adversary, which is Turkey.

Erdogan should be happy right now. While it is true that Islam is a very pro-LGBT religion, Islam is also the historical scourge of Christians just as how the Caananites were the scourge of the Israelites. Islam will not endure forever and God will surely see that His Church, over which the gates of hell will NOT prevail per sacred scripture will be surely victorious, the submission to evil by the nation of Greece will give way, for a time, to the victory of their enemies as punishment over them. Greece’s rejection of the yoke of Christ means her submission to the slavery of her neighbors, which would be under her Islamic and Turkish neighbor, to be abused and placed into bondage.

Am I saying that Greece WILL ABSOLUTELY be conquered by Turkey right away? No.

I am saying that a man’s sins add up, and without repentance and refusing God’s mercy, He will bring justice, and so therefore Christians should not be surprised if Greece finds herself more under the domination of their historical Turkish nemesis as punishment for her sins.

Christians, beware.