If American Women Do Not Stop Partying And Find A Husband, They Will Find Themselves Alone And More Miserable Than Ever

(continued from yesterday’s article: Chinese Eugenics Plan Blows Up In Their Face As Tens Of Millions Of Young And Sexually Frustrated Men Have No Wives To Marry)

So what we get drunk
So what we smoke weed
We’re just having fun
We don’t care who sees
So what we go out
That’s how it’s supposed to be
Living young and wild and free.

-Calvin Broadus (“Snoop Dogg”), Livin’ Young And Wild And Free

As the flowers blossom in Spring and the world once dead in winter comes to life again, so it is for a woman in her youth. Men, too, are reach their “peak” in youth, but only in so far as their physical aspects are concerned.

A man has the potential to reach a second “peak” later in life, sometimes many years after his youth has faded. If a man is diligent, industrious, and with the right circumstances and decisions, he can build a life for himself where he is financially independent, able to enjoy finer delicacies on occasion, and most importantly, able to care for another person from the bounty of his acquired wealth. Since a man’s sperm is good for many years and he can sire children well into old age, provided he gets married to a woman of child-bearing age, he may still have a family.

A successful, well-ordered man is like a fine red wine. He is able to be enjoyed in his youth, and as he ages, his flavor changes and develops into more complex notes that provide an equally satisfying but different enjoyment.

A woman does not have the potential to reach a second “peak” as she ages. She has one “peak,” and that is in her youth where, like an annual flower in bloom, all of her body’s energy is put into exhibiting her beauty and fertility to gain the attraction of a man. The flower will bloom for only a set period, and once its bloom has faded, the flower’s petals will wither and become no more. This is what happens when a woman passes the age of childbearing, for as her eggs are in limited supply and her body cannot produce more, a woman without children at 45 will not be able to naturally choose to have children again. What she does have to offer after her child-bearing years have passed are her personality and her habits that have developed over the years.

A woman ages like milk. Milk has a set period of usability, and once that period passes it is no longer good. There is, however, an exception to this, which is that if milk is consumed, what is left can be re-processed into other very good and useful products such as cheese.

When making cheese, one takes fresh milk, separates the curds from the whey (usually by means of an acid or bacterial culture in some form such as rennet), and then depending on the recipe, the two are then used for different (but sometimes overlapping) purposes. The whey can be consumed separately – hence the dried “whey protein” that one can find at grocery stores and nutritional or health food businesses. The curds, however, can be processed further into a cheese, and as many (not all) cheeses age, they mature in flavor and complexity.

Wine and cheese go excellent together just as a man and a woman who have matured gracefully together in the natural way which God has designed for them to be together.

However, using spoiled milk for making cheese just does not work, as if it can even be used for cheese at all, it will yield cheese that is unpalatable. The milk must be used when it is fresh in order that it can later be refined into cheese.

Barring a clear and noted exception, such as a religious vocation, the clearest and most assured path for a woman to contentment and a realization and fulfillment of purpose in life is that she properly use her youth and beauty in order to secure a man through which she can make use of her fertility to raise up the next generation of human beings, as it is through her that the people which make up any human society comes into existence.

The Western world and increasingly, the entire world is in a crisis because there has been a social shift in which there has been a decline in marriage and family worldwide at the same time there are laws which progressively have given more social benefits to women at the literal expense of men but without addressing the reality of social and biological roles. The result has been the empowerment of the worst of female and male impulses tarnished by original sin that have now been given social and legal license while the barriers that once stood against them are removed or destroyed.

For women, this means the exploitation of their fertility for personal gain. But, as youth does not last forever, neither does fertility.

What happened to the young women and men who are, as one might say, “late” to the dating game?

Let’s discuss women first.

Women are the biggest losers in this ultimately because of their limited “shelf life” as able to produce children. The attention which men give them comes from their beauty and youth. There will always be younger women, and once the women who are young now begin to fade in the blooms of their youth, then the attention once given to them will be given to younger, more fertile, objectively more beautiful women. If these women who are aging have not married or have had children yet, what do they do?

Their options are limited because, basically, they are “used goods.” Many of these women spent years living alone, fornicating openly, going from sleeping with man to man they sought after because they believed he was “most desirable” as a person on a carousel changes seats with each ride, and have become on a certain level as embittered as literally used. Years of writing the “cock carousel”, as some call it, have left these women emotionally drained, difficult to connect with a man in a personal way, embittered, and sometimes with physical scars such as abortions caused by unintended pregnancies do to their behaviors.

Some of these women will try to get with a “safe man”- one who they are not really attracted to, but who will “provide” for them from his finances.

Does she care more about the man, or the ring?

But will these women be happy? After all, they spent many years going after their “ideal” and ultimately, unattainable man, and now they have “settled” for a man the best man they could entrap get based on their declining value.

Is it not a surprise that women initiate approximately 70% of divorces?

The issue is NOT with the men, but it is with the same issue of female hypergamy, except recontextualized in an older context. While young, it is about women seeking the “best male.” If they are older and have settled with an “acceptable” man, these desires still do not disappear, but translated into on-the-job affairs, infidelity, and ultimately, a divorce that gives way to women attempting to relive their youths but with older bodies.

They become what some people call MILFs or “cougars,” but all are the same, which are older women that may or may not have had children, most of them divorced, and all of them unanimously trying to seek male attention. Some of these women are very attractive, and many will eagerly sleep with younger men if they are so propositioned. However, two facts remain unchanged- a 20-year-old will always be more beautiful than a 40-year-old woman in terms of physical looks, and a 20-year-old woman still can have children easily while a 40-year-old most likely cannot have any children at all.

Such older women who engage in this form of contemporary prostitution will lose again just as in their youth, for having lost the ability to have children or build a real stable family life due to their selfish choices, they will repeat the same errors only to realize they cannot recover what they rejected.

Remember the terrible book and film Eat, Pray, Whore Love? The reason there is a female market for these destinations is to engage in a female version of prostitution, particularly among middle-aged and older women who destroyed themselves by years of seeking male attention and now are trying to recover their lost past.

Cowboys in Paradise- an interesting documentary about this phenomenon of older women seeking promiscuous sex “finding themselves” in Bali

These women, having divorced their husbands, may even have custody of their one or two children, but often times the children will witness the antics of the mother and become angry, resentful, or act out in other ways.

Is it really a wonder why there are so many problems with American family life today?

Now the above pertains to women who were able to get married and have a child. What happens with the women who do not get married?

The reality is, they have no options.

Their chances to get married dwindle with their remaining fertility years, and by the time they are unable to have children any more, somewhere between 40 and 45, they are done. Almost no man will want to marry them, and while some men may be interested in a relationship with them for sexual reasons, they will be unlikely to secure a long-term relationship because of the same reasons that “MILFs” and “cougars”, which is of the age and fertility differences.

“Angel of the Morning” by Juice Newton, or the anthem of these women. A life of promiscuity and loneliness is never good, and it leads nowhere but to misery.

What will they do with their corporate career jobs, aging bodies, and lonely selves? It is sad, but for many of these women, their only companions will be a box of vibrating adult “toys” and a small apartment filled with smelly cats.

This is no way to live. What will these women find for their purpose in life, or will they be able to find a purpose, especially with the decline of religion as a whole?

Watch carefully the trends for suicide and assisted suicide among women in this demographic, because there is a distinct possibility that it could become a trend.

The situation of aging does not impact men in the same way that it does women, and by this I speak of men who have no children and want to get married. In fact, it is possible that men in the coming years will have it better than women.

Men have a harder time finding a “partner” to be with, but sex is not a problem for even the ugliest of men. If they can’t get a girlfriend for sex, they can buy as much of it as they want- there is a reason why the Bunny Ranch in Nevada, Prostitutki Moskva, and Club Sapphire Pattaya (look them up at your own risk) among many places exist.

However, prostitution aside, the issue at hand for men who want to get married is that for the smart man who possesses a degree of reasonable flexibility, finding a wife will not be a challenge at all given the unnatural abuses of the sexual marketplace that have arisen. It is possible that the men of today in the next decade will suffer the reverse problem, which is having a large marketplace to choose from.

This is tied not just to the refusal of many women today to get married and to continue to party. This is also because of economics, for as many have noted, incomes have stagnated or declined while the cost of living and personal debt has risen, and job opportunities have declined precipitously for everyone regardless of race, gender, or even class.

It’s harder than ever to get a job, let alone a decent one, and harder to keep one’s job.

It’s harder than ever to earn enough income to support oneself.

Most people have large or unsustainable amounts of debt.

The very concept of the American Dream is dying, as it was built on a myth of continual prosperity and an assumption that the nation would continue to grow and certain cultural and social changes would persist without end.

Millenials have realized this and are realizing it more progressively, especially after the 2007 economic crisis.

Meanwhile, human nature does not change. Women still will seek men, and men will still seek women.

In the case of the USA and the “Western” world, as social decay accelerates due to the decline of the family, the conditions also emerge for men to choose a better way- that is, either to exploit the decay or to rebuild society.

Those who would choose to exploit it can capitalize off of the current trends towards tribalism fueled by hypergamy and the legal system, for as a man ages, he would be able to use his wealth to effectively “buy” the attention of younger women and then “exchange” them at a later point for younger and “fresher” ones. This does not stop the fundamental problems highlighted earlier, and in fact does exacerbate them. However, for a man who has no care about anything except himself, it is an option that will give worldly satisfaction to him.

For those who wish to rebuild society, and this corresponds with the increased interest in things relating to “tradition,” is that men who are older would be able to, provided they are of generally decent health, attitude, and have a job and a place to live, would be able to leverage these traditional offerings that a man would bring to a relationship against a woman who will naturally seek such goods and would be in need of them.

Money is good, but it cannot buy family, meaning, or purpose.

This is a lesson that many in the Western world today are going to learn the hard way, women more so than men.

Remember too, that while there is a current generation of women who promoted the “you go grrl” attitude with all its hypergamy and social disorder, the younger women- most notably the younger of the Z’s- are watching these women age and noting their reactions as the relate to their decisions. They cannot help but notice them because they live in society. Certainly not all, but there will be a notable group- and there already is one forming- that sees the consequences of a life lived without a sense of time or importance to the limits of one’s physical capacities.

They see and will see more childless, miserable women. They will smell the odor of their cats and see the cat fur on their clothes. They will see their wrinkled eyes, sad expressions, and overly tight clothing in overweight bodies desperately trying to sell their leftovers to any takers. They will hear the gossip that women do and the stories of drug abuse, loneliness, and even suicide from their miserable state.

Some will choose this lifestyle. But there will be many who upon having witnessed the consequences brought about by the policies of the last 60 years will recoil. If not for the policies, they may even recoil on account of the debt incurred by college, for they will also hear the same stories brought about by student loans and borrowing too much money from these and other women that will bear the same ugly fruits.

At the same time this is happening, the same women whose degenerate behavior and the consequence they are being forced to bear will also be present, asking also to be married. Now while most of these women would be considered as nuptial dalits by most men, certainly they will not be so for all, and even among them, there may be a few women who are indeed worthy and still able to have children- for while needles in a haystack are not what anybody should search for, sometimes the needle makes itself visible or is easy to spot.

The point is, that in the not distant future, where currently there is a surplus of men in the market and a dearth of available women, this scenario will reverse as part of the market’s natural course of correcting the imbalance that was imposed upon it, and as a part of this correction there will be a dearth of men and a surplus of women from which the men are able to choose. It will be the men who have the ability to choose, NOT the women.

This is the case for America and parts of the Western world. This does not apply to all nations, such as China, for noted in the previous article, the absolute disappearance of tens of millions of women from their nation is not a problem easily solved. In the case of the Western world, while there is a true population decline caused by people choosing not to have children, the decline affects both men and women, reducing the available pool of people as a whole. In China, only one demographic- women- was targeted in addition to a decline in general fertility as in the Western world. The Chinese situation therefore is one-sided and there is no healthy way to balance it because one cannot turn men into women. The only way for it to fix itself is to have more women in society at large.

China relaxed the one-child policy in 2013, but it still persists in the minds of many people. A few rich people have three children, but they are the rarity and do this “illegally.” It will take at least 20 years to begin to see any corrections to the marketplace of men and women, and it still does not make up for the women that were lost. For a prostitute, business will inevitably do very well and regardless of age because there is a market of tens of millions of men with no outlet into which to channel their biological impulses.

This does not even address the issue of family, which many men will want to have. One does not have children with a prostitute, owing to the “career” of the woman, and so many of these men will be upset at the fact that they cannot have a family.

They will be angry, and just like in “tribal” areas, they will band together and seek power as a group. They will channel their anger towards those who they believe caused this situation, which as all people know, is the government itself.

The government must know this, and in response, they would attempt to translate the personal frustrations of these men into military support. If they cannot release their anxieties through a woman, they may be able to through a gun or a knife directed against a foreign enemy.

Japan has been preparing for a war against China for a long time, and are even doing so today. While China has a long history of fighting and in many cases, losing against Japan, that she has a large surplus of military or soon to be military age men at a time when the shadow of war is on the horizons of history, she will not fail to put this to use.

People talk about the “war between the sexes,” and there are differences, but there never needs to be a “war” of any kind. Such animosity exists because of original sin but with God’s grace can be overcome and yield a fruitful relationship that mimics the love of God.

Marriage and family are the basis of society because without them society does not exist, since it provides the most basic unit of stabilization, order, mercy, justice, and love that exists between people.

The decline of the family and marriage directly correlates with the rise in many of the problems around the world, including the return to tribalism and the general dysfunction the defines modern life.

Social order or chaos begins in the family. Indeed, the miserable politics of today are just a reflection of the decayed, decrepit, atheistic, godless state that is what is left of the family.