Creepy Old Man Known For Making Inappropriate Comments And Touching Children Working With LGBT To Promote Homosexuality

Former Vice President Joe Biden recently announced that he is partnering with the YMCA to help promote the LGBT:

The Joe Biden Foundation has partnered with YMCA of the USA in an initiative to help LGBT youth and families.

In an oped published in CNN and other media outlets, the former vice president and Kevin Washington — CEO of Y-USA — announced the partnership and its impetus. The article celebrated the recent legal successes of the LGBT community, but also stressed how localities must do their part to support people vulnerable to discrimination.

“Today, too many members of the LGBTQ community continue to face discrimination, harassment, rejection and physical violence every day at school, at work, in their neighborhoods and even in their homes,” wrote Biden and Washington.

“This crisis is especially severe among youth. LGBTQ youth are five times more likely to attempt suicide than their heterosexual peers, and they represent up to 40 percent of the homeless youth population even though they make up only about 7 percent of the overall youth population in the U.S.,” noted the men, who also pointed to issues like food insecurity, hate crimes, and poverty that affect queer people and need addressing.

In order to “change our culture to one of greater inclusion, empathy and understanding,” a selection of Ys will begin developing a variety of strategies and programs — such as member outreach, community partnerships, and personnel training — to help assist LGBT young people and families. The most effective practices will then be adopted by Ys across the country.

“Every American deserves to be treated with dignity and respect, but too many in the LGBTQ community are denied this basic human right today. This is unacceptable in a country founded on the belief that we all are created equal,” wrote Biden and Washington. “Equality and opportunity for all is the way to a brighter future, and at the Biden Foundation and the Y, this is the future we are working to create.”

Biden is a notable ally of the LGBT community. The politician has married several same-sex couples. He famously beat President Obama to the microphone on announcing his support for marriage equality, answering during an interview on Meet the Press in 2012, “I am absolutely comfortable with the fact that men marrying men, women marrying women, and heterosexual men and women marrying another are entitled to the same exact rights, all the civil rights, all the civil liberties.” (source)

Joe Biden, as some may remember, is known for patterns of creepy behavior towards women and children:

Is Joe Biden a confirmed pedophile? No.

However, one must say that his behavior is very odd. One does not simply touch another person’s children, especially in the ways that Biden has been known for.

It is curious that he would be supporting an initiative on behalf of the LGBT that is related to promoting homosexuality among children, especially since it is known that homosexual overwhelmingly abuse and additionally are prone to abusing children at a significantly higher rate than the rest of the population.

There is a reason that groups such as the “North American Boy Love Association” were started by homosexuals. They make their intentions clear for those who listen to what they say, which is the return to Spartanesque standards of social behavior, a complete return to the errors of the ancient world which the Church and her missionaries worked to control or extinguish, as the practices themselves were evil.

A person who truly wants to “help” the LGBT is to support the Church’s teaching on homosexuality, which is that homosexuality is a sin that is worthy of death, and that to continue to choose homosexuality is to choose their own destruction. Saying that somebody is “supporting” the LGBT by promoting homosexuality is like saying that one is “supporting” drug users by giving them free needles and helping them inject. One does not help somebody by contributing to the problem which that person has.

There are very few that say this at all, because the LGBT is supported by a large amount of society and therefore disproportionately exerts their influence. People worry about Islam, and Islam is a threat, but at the same time refuses to acknowledge how homosexuals are far more influential. Likewise, homosexuals have the support of the majority of the public, while Muslims do not. Americans are far more concerned about a bearded man who to them looks funny, sounds funny, and smells funny than the homosexual demographic, which is confirmed to be disproportionately involved in serious crimes against children, not to mention themselves.

So while Joe Biden is worthy of criticism, remember that the same philosophy which supports homosexuality- one of license, giving the self over to one’s desires, and the unrestrained pursuit of pleasure- bring about the conditions in which pedophilia naturally develops along with many other errors that all lead to death. Certainly a death of the spirit, but also many times a death of the body through the many diseases that homosexuals can and do contract.

It’s a small step from homosexuality to pedophilia, so in a society that supports homosexuality, why should anybody be surprised when pedophilia increases as well? One may even argue that given the connection, one is acting in a way that is “wrong” when one opposes pedophilia, because it infringes on the “rights” of the persons involved.

To support the LGBT is to support pedophilia, and to oppose the LGBT is likewise to oppose it because the two are united by a common philosophy, a philosophy which the Church has always opposed.

The Bible says that a man cannot serve God and mammon (money), but a man must pick one of the two. If a man is to serve God, he cannot serve his own gain. In a similar way, one cannot support the cause of children, the family, and society as well as the LGBT, for the two are opposed. One must pick one or the other, but to serve both will result in chaos and inevitably will collapse.

Many Americans want to serve both, and are progressively realizing they cannot do this.

Instead, they have chosen Sodom.