Woman In Texas Facing Potential Charges For Falsely Accusing Police Officer Of Sexual Assault

Police have been vindicated and a woman now facing potential charges of making false statement after camera footage disproves her claims that she was raped during a traffic stop:

Video footage from a Texas state trooper’s body camera refuted sexual-assault claims a woman made against the trooper after she was pulled over for allegedly driving while intoxicated, CBS Dallas station KTVT reports. Sherita Dixon-Cole, 37, accused the trooper of raping her during the traffic stop south of Dallas over the weekend.

The Texas Department of Public Safety released nearly two hours of footage from the accused trooper’s body camera Tuesday night.

Dixon-Cole’s lawyer said that the officer “should be cleared of any wrongdoing” and apologized for the false accusations.

“It is deeply troubling when innocent parties are falsely accused and I am truly sorry for any trouble these claims may have caused,” attorney S. Lee Merritt Sr. said in a statement.

Merritt had accused the officer of offering to let Dixon-Cole go on Sunday in exchange for sexual favors.

Prosecutors told KTVT they were looking into whether additional charges could be filed against Dixon-Cole.

“This is tragic because society is rightfully demanding that police officers conduct themselves beyond reproach,” Ellis County District Attorney Patrick Wilson told the station. “The world now knows the trooper in this case conducted himself beyond reproach, and yet he still was subject to this horrible abuse across the country. There are very real and very tragic consequences to this kind of behavior.” (source)

This is one story in a remote part of Texas, but it’s a reminder of the reality of false accusations, especially of “rape”, and how charged stories involving sensitive topics such as sexual assault can be easily manipulated to serve other and more sinister ends.

Sweden is an infamous example of this, for while it is called the “rape capitol of Europe,” it also has the most liberal laws concerning the ability to accuse people of the crime of rape. The laws are so liberal that a woman can claim rape for a myriad of reasons, and it is on the man’s behalf to prove his innocence.

Consider also the question of claims regarding Muslim rape in Europe. While there is no doubt that rapes by Muslims do happen and that there is a serious problem regarding it, one must also consider the role of the women in their claims. For example, while it is true that there are groups of Muslims who prey on young girls in the UK and Holland, at the same time many of these same girls come from broken families or are already involved in drugs or prostitution on their own. Likewise, there are the many cases of “rape” between a Muslim man and a European women when the reality is that the woman chose to engage in concensual sex and then later decided to claim rape.

This does not make what the Muslims are doing right or that rape does not happen. It does mean there is more than one side to consider in these statements.

This same situation does not apply to just rape, it applies to everything in life, and for the purpose of recent history, the “refugee” crisis both abroad and in the USA.

For example, consider right now the situation in Lewiston, ME. Around the late 1990s and early 2000s, a large amount of people from Somalia were brought over- dumped- into into the college town of Lewiston, ME.

Lewiston is the second largest town in Maine, but has a population of merely 36,000. It’s predominately French-Canadian, and until the Somalis was known for having a very low crime rate. It was, for all purposes, a quintessential New England town.

A recent video (May 2018) showing a fight in Lewiston involving the Somalis

The Somalis have changed the town significantly. It still retains a great deal of its character, but many have brought in crime that most people had not or seldom see in the town, especially in a large quantity. From the reports I have received, this included drug trafficking, sex trafficking, prostitution, violence, and even the prevalence of gangs who walk the streets and will attack people at night for money. This does not even include the tremendous amount of Food Stamp, WIC, and welfare fraud that runs through the same community like water through a pipe.

The situation of the Somali community, while small, echoes in a strikingly similar way the same and legitimate complaints that many people of good will in Europe have about the “migrants”- that the are people who, upon having been resettled into major European cities, have simply served to be agents of crime, disorder, and fraud while at the same time demanding more resources from the government and against which men cannot criticize or do so at risk of falling into social or legal trouble.

Being that the city is in Maine and associated with the French working classes, it is also overwhelmingly a “Democrat” town. This is also similar to Europe in that much of western Europe is considered “liberal”.

But just like the migrants in Europe, the actions and for many, arrogance of the Somalis has made the locals very angry. In a city which voted for Obama in 2012 and 2008 by a 12 and 15 point margin respectively over Republicans, Kerry over Bush in 2004 by an 11 point margin and likewise Gore in 2000 by a 13 point margin, during the 2016 election the people voted for Hillary Clinton by less than a three point margin. The change was so significant that it prompted the Hartford Courant from Connecticut to write an entire article about the political change, and the reason people gave for supporting Trump was because of the Somali issue:

When the refugees began arriving, Tabitha Beauchesne was a student at Lewiston High School. Her new classmates were poor, but Beauchesne was poor, too. It felt to her then, and it still feels to her now, that the refugees got more help than her family.

“They just seemed to take over,” she said.

Beauchesne doesn’t consider herself racist, though acknowledges that race and religion likely play a role in her sense that the refugees overwhelmed her community. She’s now a stay-at-home mother of two, and she left Lewiston to move to another school district in the county because she believes immigrant students monopolize teachers’ attention.

Once a Barack Obama supporter, Beauchesne turned to Trump — and she cheers his efforts to curb the flow of refugees into the U.S. She wants Trump to design a tax system that funnels less of her money to aiding those from other countries.

“I just don’t like giving money away that’s not benefiting me and, not to sound selfish, but then seeing it benefit other people,” she said. “As a business owner, my husband wouldn’t donate $500 to the Salvation Army if we couldn’t afford it. Our country needs to do the same thing.” (source)

It is true that there have been many problems brought to the town from the “refugees,” just like in Europe. Nobody can deny this.

But why were these persons brought over in the first place?

As we have stated and shown, to promote nationalism.

Note the above video. It was posted on Jihad Watch. The Youtube channel it is affiliated with is something called “Maine First Media.” This is a part of the “Maine First Project” and is legally incorporated as the New England Opportunity Project, which is headed by Main representative Lawrence Lockman. The message is one that is anti-immigrant, pro-nationalist, and notably discusses the rising threat of Islam.




Taken alone, these things are not per se bad in themselves because they are but one side of a reverse argument, which respectively are pro-immigration, anti-nationalist (or pro-internationalist as some might say), and pro-Islam. The most questionable one in an American context would be the anti-immigration stance just as the pro-nationalist would be the same for the European stance because they are respectively associated with movements that historically have lead to government-backed programs of eugenics. However, when the three elements are placed into union with each other, the combination as deadly, for as we have shown, that the anti-Islam movement is a mere conduit for the revival of nationalism leading to war and eugenics, and Islam and immigration are being used as points of pressure to exert social change. 

Not all cases of rape are actually rape. Some are, but sometimes “rape” is just a way to socially absolve a person of his misdeeds or to extract resources from another.

Likewise, not all issues with migrants and immigration are what they seem to be. Sometimes they do cause trouble, but many times, the dysfunction, differences, or changes brought in by such peoples are simply ways of applying social pressure from men in the same nation who want more power and have no care for human life.