Mexican Police Find Body Of Man Murdered By Drug Cartels In A Bag With A Message Nailed To It

(May 26 2018) In Oaxaca, police have found the body of a man murdered by drug cartels that was stuffed into a bag with a message nailed to it:

In black bags and with a narco message nail appear the body of a man, the early hours of this Saturday.

The macabre discovery was made, on federal highway 200, El occiso was identified as Guadalupe “NN” 22 years old, from Paso Hondo Juquila, said cardboard had the written legend: “this will happen to all those who work with chilo I work as a drug dealer, kidnapper and hawk. I watch over those of us who are going to kidnap Chilo, who is going to kidnap him during the week.

This notice is for all those who work or take with chilo this happened to me for working with the kidnapper. attmt = the united people ” (source)