Right Now There Is A Horrible War Against Demonic Narco Cartels In Mexico And Yet Americans Absolutely Do Not Care About It

You may have noticed that on May 26th, 2018, I have posted a large amount of stories about drug cartels and violence.

As of 7 PM Eastern time, according to Blog Del Narco, one of the best reporting websites for the drug war, there are at least 17 INNOCENT people murdered, an unknown number more drug gang member and police also killed, three people rescued from a hostage situation, and one of the most powerful drug cartels in Mexico announcing that it is formally practicing ritualized cannibalism for its initiation procedures for new members:

Drug Cartel Terrorists Take Seven People, Murder Them, Put Their Bodies In Plastic Bags And Dump Them In The Road

Narcoterrorists Murder Teenager And Dump His Body In A Vacant Lot

Drug Gangs Take Taxi Driver, Murder Him, Put The Body In A Bag And Leave The Bag In His Taxi

Street Pharmacy Enforcement Agents Make House Call, Murder Entire Family

Three Dead, Three Injured, And A Hidden Grave With Another Body Uncovered After Battle With Narcotraficantes

Mexican Police Rescue Three Innocent People Kidnapped After Battle With Drug Traffickers

Major Mexican Drug Cartel Is Now Teaching Mandatory Cannibalism To All Their New Gang Recruits

Mexican Police Find Body Of Man Murdered By Drug Cartels In A Bag With A Message Nailed To It

One Man Murdered And Three Injured In Attack On Local Political Candidate By Drug Cartels

This news is absolutely awful, and this is just ONE day in Mexico- May 26th, 2018. The reality is that this is not a “special” day, but an average day’s news about the drug cartels. It is everywhere in Mexico.

Where is this being reported in the news anywhere in the USA, be it a “liberal” or “conservative” outlet?

Where is this being discussed by the “counter jihad” movement or the “anti-immigration” movement, outside of trite comments such as BUILD DA WALL, DEPORT ‘EM ALL, or SHOOT ‘EM ALL?

Where is the seriousness of what is happening in Mexico- which is an outright war– being discussed?

It is not being talked about.

If Muslims did this, would not somebody have something to say about it?

Of course they would, and they should, because it is evil and deviant behavior.

But does it make a difference when “Miguel” does it as opposed to “Mahmoud?”

There should not be a difference.

Christians are being persecuted in Mexico with a near same intensity as that which is taking place in the Middle East. The persecution is of a different nature, and Mexico has a long Catholic history, and the Church is working against the drug cartels in Mexico, but the essence of persecution does not change. In the Middle East, Africa, and India, Muslims are indeed persecuting Christians. Yet at the same time, right on the southern border of the USA, drug cartels, who draw heavily on paganism and openly engage in practices attempting to revive the same evil actions of the Aztecs and other pagan peoples in the Americas, are waging a total war on the people and Church in Mexico.

Americans talk a lot about the dangers of Islam, and while it is true that Islam is a threat, there is a situation on the US Border that is a bad as Iraq and yet, because the people who are involved are not Muslims, nobody cares.

The reason nobody is going to care is all because of money.

The drug cartels were created and still maintained as a part of CIA black operations. This has been known since the 1970s.

The American agribusiness industry admits they rely on illegal workers because they are happy with what would be very low pay for an American, and without such low pay their farms would economically collapse. Illegal immigration from Mexico has a long history that the US and Mexican governments both use for personal benefit that even the CIA admits in declassified documents from the 1980s:

American Evangelical Protestants support many of the drug cartels in the name of “evangelism”

Politicians love the illegal issue because they use it as a justification for their pet policies since neither party, Republican or Democrat, cares at all about the welfare of the people but how they can use them for their personal gain.

The situation with Mexico and the ensuing problems of illegal immigration are driven by fear of the cartels as much as by poverty considering that minimum wage in the USA is equal to years and sometimes decades of wages in certain Central American countries. Indeed, if most Americans lived in a place where they were in fear of their lives and has miserable wages, and yet a thousand or two-thousand mile journey could result in both safety and prosperity beyond anything they ever had experienced, many would also risk the journey.

It is true that border crossings in the USA need to be safe and legal and that the violence of the drug trade is real. This is a simple matter of justice and observation. It is just as true as well that Islam is violent and evil. This is also not to say that everybody who comes from Mexico to the USA is simply well-intentions, as there are many who have evil intentions.

The reality is that the situation with the drug cartels and the border exists as it does because it is financially and politically expedient for the financial and industrial classes who administer the policies which run the USA. In an American context, the anti-immigration and as we have seen in modern times, anti-Islam sentiments that naturally come from facilitating such violence in Mexico and then bringing or facilitating the transfer of said violence over to the USA, or in the case of the Muslims with either facilitating or permitting a natural rise of the violence inherent to Islam, the disorder generated from either is then translated into support for nationalism and militarism in order to justify eugenics.

There is as little care shown for the Mexican people as there are for the American people as there are even for the Muslim people, with all being manipulated and used to support evil ideologies. It is the same situation that is happening in Europe with Germany and the “refugee crisis”, which has been intentionally manufactured to destabilize Europe for the same ends, which is nationalism, to militarism, to eugenics. There is no care either for the German people or the Muslim or African peoples, because those who have created the crisis only care about power.

Christians must care about those who are suffering in Muslim nations. Islam is evil, but so also is paganism. One cannot ignore the real plight of Christians directly in the USA’s backyard, and whose plight has been exacerbated in the name of earning profit and maintaining a certain standard of living at the expense of others.

Teds film “Hell Across the Border’ about drug cartels in Mexico.

If you have not see it yet, you need to watch it.