The Changes In MMA Fighting Will Result In The Return Of The Coliseum Of Ancient Rome

Yesterday, I posted an article about the legalization of bare-knuckle fighting in Wyoming. This is a major change, because such fights have been banned since the 19th century and the last of such fights, which was held illegally, was in 1889.

In May 2018, I did another article about another phenomenon in American fighting circles, which is the increased presence of the LGBT. This concerned the case of two lesbians, one from the USA and one from Brazil, who were set to fight for a championship title. While this fight was announced, it also happened that a black, homosexual, and self-professed Christian man from Pittsburgh, Jarrell Brackett, was making his MMA debut, and he discussed how not only is he “proud” of his homosexuality, but how he wants to be an inspiration to homosexuals everywhere and to see a greater LGBT presence in fighting circles.

In January 2018, there was a story I saw but did not cover about the rise of “hardcore wresting.” Unlike traditional wresting or other forms of martial arts, “hardcore wresting” is essentially cage fighting with the use of certain types of weapons such as bats, chains, and broken glass. The fighters beat each other into bloody messes with sometimes serious and potentially fatal wounds. This form of fighting has remained “underground” because of its legally questionable status, but has been increasing in popularity throughout the USA:

Brutal, hardcore and violent. Death-match wrestling leaves the opponents in a mess of beaten flesh and bruised bones and is renowned as the bloodiest sport in the world.

Shocking photos reveal the horrific gore each wrestler faces as men and women beat each other with glass tubes, barbed-wire bats and fan-made weapons.

These fighters travel across America taking part in the extremely violent wrestling events – such as hurling themselves off rooftops into pits of fire and glass – all to the amusement of their many loyal supporters.

Photographer Marc McAndrew took the graphic images after he spent two years documenting and following the fighters lives.

One of the sport’s biggest stars, ‘The Bulldozer’ Matt Tremont, 30, told Sun Online: ‘When we’re getting busted open, we’re getting busted open the hard way.

‘There’s no special preparation – as crazy as it sounds, it’s just another day at the office for me.’

Matt, who has wrestled in the UK and Asia during his 11 years in the business, says the most extreme trick he ever attempted was a move called the ‘Death Valley Driver’.

For this he jumped from a 20-foot-high steel cage and landed through three sheets of glass all while carrying another wrestler – who weighed at least 300-pounds – on his back.

While injuries are of course common during the ultra-violent events, most hardcore wrestlers fix themselves with sutures or glue before getting ready to fight again.

Matt wrestles between one and three times a week and he warns that a high pain threshold is a must for any hardcore wrestler.

‘Typically, I think a lot of people might say you have to have a screw or two loose to do what we do,’ Matt added.

But it is not only men that punch their way through barbed wire and glass to the sound of cheering fans – women also wrestle at the events, with some even taking on men in the ring.

Photographer Marc said fans are eager to see the bloodiest of fights.

Witnessing a light-tube fight between Matt and fellow wrestler Nick Gage, the photographer said it was one of the most extreme fights he had seen – where both fighters were bloodied completely and fans went crazy with applause.

He added that he was astonished when he witnessed his first ultra-violent match, but soon came to admire the passion shown by opponents for the sport.

‘The first event I ever went to was called the Tournament of Death in Delaware,’ he said.

‘I was expecting that it may be a little more extreme than WWE wrestling, but all of a sudden, there was barbed wire, people bleeding all over the place, and I was like ‘what the f*** am I looking at?”

But he added that when viewing the wrestlers backstage talking about how to improve the experience for the audience he realised that there was a lot that went into each performance and the sport as a whole. (source)


Back in 1995, I remember watching the fight between David “Tank” Abbott and Oleg Taktarov. It was a brutal, 45 minute match because while Abbott knocked Taktarov to the ground and would occasionally be able to hit him in the face, Taktarov held Abbott’s fully body weight up for most of that time by his feet. It was bloody and suspenseful, especially since in the tournament-style fighting leading up to the final round, Abbott had broken one fighter’s knee or leg (I don’t remember which one it was) so badly that the bone snapped and protruded out right in the ring. The fight was restarted and when it did, Abbott charged Taktarov, and Taktarov jumped but scooped Abbott’s head up and then dropped his weight, putting Abbott into a head lock and ending the fight in Taktarov’s victory.

The level of fighting shown here with “hardcore wresting” is just barbaric, as people are having their bodies ripped apart with weapons with blood everywhere (and likewise, the possibility for spreading disease) solely for entertainment. To this phenomenon, as I noted, is the rise of the LGBT in fighting and the allowing of more barbaric forms of fighting in mainstream competitions.

How is this different from the coliseums of ancient Rome, or the homosexual “warrior” class of Sparta?

It isn’t, save for time, place, and faces.

The LGBT is rising in the Western world, having been given power and are now deeply entrenched in government and all aspects of culture, as they are reflections of the will of the common man. Religion is on the decline save for paganism, and at the same time such types of “fighting” are rising up as popular entertainment.

The “feminized” homosexual of the countercultural revolution will persist, but is in the decline too. The rise of the male form of the feminist movement, the masculinity movement, with its pursuit of homosexuality, suppression of all things related to the family, and the elevation of the “noble savage” but without Christianity is taking its place.

The cultural revolution never died- it is just changing into a more virulent form.

Expect more of such violence in the future in “entertainment,” and to that extent, watch also for the day when men call for criminals or other “lowlives” of society should be punished in a setting such as this. What was once the lions and bears in Rome will probably look more like The Running Man or The Hunger Games, and if such happens, because it will necessarily be driven by the rise in homosexuality and paganism, that Christians at some point will once again be thrown to their deaths for entertainment.

In other words, the warnings are here, prepare to return to the catacombs, because as it was in the days of the early Church, so will it return at the end of days before Christ returns…