Pornography Use Among Americans Is Exploding, An Absolute Majority Of American Men Now See No Moral Problem With It

According to recent poll, 43% of Americans now say that pornography is morally acceptable, reaching a new level of support. Most interesting was that American men under 50 have a support of 67% while women are at 41%, both reaching new highs, with support increasing by each successive generation:

Forty-three percent of Americans now believe pornography is “morally acceptable,” a seven-percentage-point increase from last year and the highest level since Gallup first began measuring moral perceptions of pornography in 2011.

These results come from Gallup’s annual Values and Beliefs survey, conducted May 1-10. Since it was first fielded in 2001, this survey has found considerable evidence that Americans are becoming increasingly liberal in terms of what actions or behaviors they find morally acceptable.

From 2011 onward, notable shifts in opinion are apparent for actions such as doctor-assisted suicide, gay/lesbian relations, sex between unmarried people and having a baby out of wedlock.

Until this year, though, Americans’ perceptions regarding the morality of pornography have changed at a more modest rate than these other issues. From 2011 to 2017, the percentage of Americans who find pornography morally acceptable rose by six points, whereas Americans’ opinions on those other issues changed by an average of nine points.

But in light of this year’s seven-point shift, perceptions that pornography is morally acceptable have increased more than any of the 16 other behaviors or practices Gallup has measured over the time span of 2011-2018.

For the first time on record, a majority of Democrats (53%) say pornography is morally acceptable. Last year, this figure stood at 42%. Democrats’ acceptance of pornography has grown by 21 points since 2011.

The 27% of Republicans who regard pornography as morally acceptable is generally stable this year compared with last year’s 25%. However, Republicans have become somewhat more accepting of pornography since 2011, with the percentage “morally acceptable” rising by 11 points.

Forty-five percent of independents say this year that pornography is morally acceptable, a five-point increase from last year. Overall, independents’ views on the morality of pornography have been relatively stable since 2011.

The partisan gap on the morality of pornography widened slightly this year (to 26 points), largely because of the sizable change in Democratic attitudes. Why Democrats’ attitudes shifted is less clear. While Democrats have become increasingly socially liberal, the percentage of Democrats who describe themselves as socially liberal this year is essentially unchanged from the year before.

Another explanation is that Stormy Daniels, adult film star actress and fierce critic of President Donald Trump, has given pornography a sense of moral credibility that it previously lacked.

Compared with a number of demographic traits or characteristics that help shape a person’s moral perceptions of pornography — including gender, age, importance of religion in one’s life and marital status — two subgroups saw a big year-over-year spike in the their acceptance of pornography. These are nonmarried individuals and men aged 18 to 49.

This year, the percentage of nonmarried individuals who find pornography morally acceptable rose 15 points to 50%. Acceptance of pornography among married individuals, at 35% this year, is essentially no different from last year’s 37%.

Meanwhile, 67% of men aged 18 to 49 this year say pornography is morally acceptable, a 14-point increase from last year. By contrast, perceptions remained relatively stable across other age-gender categories, including men who are 50 or older (a one-point increase), women aged 18 to 49 (+4 points) and women aged 50 and older (+7 points).

Religion also plays an important role in how a person perceives the morality of pornography, with 22% of those for whom religion is “very important” saying pornography is morally acceptable this year, compared with about three-quarters of those who say religion is “not very important.”

Americans’ views regarding the moral acceptability of pornography, which remained relatively stable for much of this decade, rose significantly this year. Why moral perceptions of pornography changed so dramatically this year is difficult to assess, but the larger trend is easier to understand.

Across a number of issues related to sexuality and sex, Americans have — at either a gradual or a quick rate — been adopting a more permissive viewpoint, including such behaviors as sex between unmarried people and gay/lesbian relations. Even behaviors that most Americans still consider beyond the pale, such as polygamy, have seen a notable increase in acceptability. In this context, it is hardly surprising that a similar change would be observed with respect to perceptions of pornography.

The cause of the single-year shift on this item, though, is less clear. It may represent something of an outlier, in which case acceptance of pornography would be expected to decrease next year, even if it remains above the 2017 level. Or the shift, though principally driven by a structural trend, may been have been exacerbated by political factors, such as the public battle between Stormy Daniels and the president. (source)

Pornography is a critical measure of a society because, while pornography is morally evil and as many nations are beginning to realize is a threat to public health, pornography offers an insight into the most intimate parts of a man and on a macro level, a society.

One cannot ever fully eradicate porn because porn is an abuse of sexuality, and people like sex. That said, it can be limited and the type of pornography considered “appropriate” is an important metric of the state of the people.

In February 2018, reported that based on 2017 statistics released from PornHub, one of the world’s largest porn websites, that there has been a sharp increase in cartoon and incest-themed pornography consumed, noting how this is a sign warning of social changes that will justify a return to paganism and barbarism, as what men see in films, since the human mind biologically on a subliminal level cannot distinguish between what it sees in film, will influence men to replicate what they view, which is the abuse of family members and children as well as extreme forms of sexual activity that are common to cartoon-based porn.

To confirm this, we visited Pornhub and looked at the “most watched” videos for the USA and Worldwide. The results speak for themselves as evidence by the film titles.

For the USA, 8 out of the top 10 most viewed films are incest related:

For the world, 9 out of the top 10 films are incest related:

This is all a very bad sign, and speaks to the general moral decline happening around the world.

It is not limited to the USA.

Poland recently designated Porngraphy as a public health crisis, and is making attempts to restrain it:

The joint position on the fight against pornography was adopted by two parliamentary teams. PiS deputies will now transmit their conclusions to ministries. They emphasize that watching pornography is harmful to mental health, and the Constitution of the Republic of Poland orders health protection.

The problem of universal access to pornography was taken up by members of the Law and Justice from the Team for the Problems of Addiction and the Team for the Policy and Culture of the Family. “The legislator is obliged to limit access to pornography in the widest possible way” – quotes the words from the meeting of the teams “Nasz Dziennik”.

-Pornography is a threat to public health, because it is possible to talk about a pandemic of addiction to pornography – explains Piotr Uściński from PiS in a conversation with Fakt24 .

He also argues that porn is dangerous not only for children, but also for adults and may affect the number of divorces in Poland.

In their position, politicians emphasized that pornography – like drugs – works “on the brains of its consumers” and leads to “destructive personality changes.” Such a position was supported by lawyer Dr. Jerzy Ferenz. In his opinion, the authorities have the option of prohibiting, on the basis of the Constitution . (source, archive)

Russia has been making efforts since 2016 to ban and regulate pornography, including the recent ban on two major webcam sites.

A society can only be healthy outside if it is healthy inside. The decay without is a reflection of decay within, and most of the time such decay is self-inflicted.

It is true that governments can be overbearing on people, and that people should regulate themselves. However, there are some groups of people who do not want regulation because it is an impediment to the license they wish to have over other men and, should they receive freedoms, they would immediately use said freedoms to abuse others. There are some people in this world who cannot, and should not, have power in a society or be given means to power, for if they receive power, they will abuse it. They would see mercy as weakness, kindness and submission, and obedience as cowardice, and while appearing to be a friend to their neighbors seek for a chance to betray him so to earn gain for themselves at their neighbor’s loss.

Such an example of this are the producers and distributors of pornography, because they know the corrosive nature of the thing which they trade it and yet do it anyway to morally degrade and destroy a society, in particular Christianity.

This is where governments exist, for when applied properly, a government acting in righteous direction with the teachings of the Catholic Faith is able to take the lawful authority to suppress and destroy such groups of people without resorting to the chaos and disorder of mob violence.

Unfortunately, in the Western world, having been seduced by the promises of earthly gain, money, and power, many of the governments are more than willing to allow for such grave evils to exist because they see themselves to gain from them. Because a government is a reflection of the people in a society, it is also the people who desire this at large, and in so doing put the chains of mental, spiritual, and in time, physical slavery on their backs.

This is why it is such a grave scandal today in the Catholic Church that in spite of the number of Catholics that exist, so little has been done, because it shows that most do not follow their faith at all. The Catholic Faith is a road map to salvation and true freedom, which comes from submission to God and obedience to Him. It is the teachings revealed from Heaven for which, as Isaiah proclaimed, the coast-lands waited for, and which provide a sure path to salvation. if they are followed.

The Catholic Faith, when taken in its full form without any adulteration, is the ultimate red pill. It is a painful pill, but it will wake anybody up and give him the power to see reality for what it is and the tools to help himself and others in his particular situation.

The Faith is not an idle relic, or something that sits by itself. It must be used like a shield and sword, not on one occasion, but over and over again pressing further along in the struggle of life.

The point on the Catholic Faith must not be forgotten, because while there are many Christians of good will who intend and may times indeed do well, the Catholic Faith is the fullness of Faith. Outside of this faith given to the apostles and preserved in spite of many difficulties over two millenia is error that, while a man may be able to go far, still will not give him the fullness he needs in order to realize the truth of what his happening around him or empower him with the tools to deal with it in a way that perfectly balances mercy and justice, the two attributes of God, for God is Love.

Pornography is a menace in the current time, just as every age has its struggles and challenges. The reality is that in order to combat this moral challenge, as with all moral challenges, the answer is always the same. It is to follow the Faith, to do so unrelentingly, and to do so the the fullest end. Such a view may sound “extreme” to many, but it is simply the duty of what all are called to by the name of Christian. The true extremism is the wanton apathy and indifference to evil that, especially, is a defining quality of life today.