Chinese Mother Gives Birth To Baby Girl, Throws Her Over A Six-Foot Wall Into A Trash Pile With The Umbilical Cord Still Attached And Leaves Her To Die

The girl suffered some injuries but survived and is going to be OK. However, video of the horrible incident:

A newborn baby girl, still with her umbilical cord attached, was found in a trash-filled courtyard last week in Fuzhou City, China, seemingly thrown over a six-foot tall wall. While the heavily injured girl survived, human rights activists have condemned China’s policies toward women.

The girl was found in the courtyard on Friday, International Children’s Day, by a man, who according to reports, turned out to be her father. A disturbing video shared by Mail Online on Monday shows the infant lying next to her placenta on the ground.

Police were called to the scene and took the girl to a hospital, where she is being treated for a fractured skull, bleeding in the brain, as well as injuries to her heart and lungs.

Staff at Taizhou No. 4 People’s Hospital in Jiangsu province issued an appeal on Tuesday night for the girl’s parents to step forward, urging:

“She has some cuts but doesn’t cry much or make a fuss … please, we appeal to your better nature — she’s waiting for you to take her home.”

South China Morning Post revealed that Taizhou police have since discovered that the man who originally found the baby girl turned out to be her own father, though it is not yet known if he has been detained.

Activists who have long criticized China’s policies restricting the number of children families can have said that this is just one of many horrific cases in the world’s most populous nation.

“My heart goes out to this innocent baby girl, so violently abandoned. I hope for her full recovery and that she will live a long and fulfilling life. When girls are selectively aborted or abandoned, the message is that females do not deserve to live, to draw breath upon this earth. Gendercide is the most violent form of discrimination against women and girls,” said Reggie Littlejohn, founder and president of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers.

Littlejohn argued in a statement shared with The Christian Post on Thursday that for every report of children being harmed that makes it out of China, there are “countless unreported incidents equally heartbreaking.”

“These incidents powerfully demonstrate that gendercide still exists in China, despite the so-called ‘relaxation’ of birth limitations. Perhaps the mothers of these abandoned baby girls were unmarried and fell into desperation, thinking they had no alternative,” she added.

“Perhaps they wanted to keep their daughters but were forced to abandon them by the government or their relatives. Unfortunately, we will never know.”

China ended its longstanding one-child policy in 2015 and currently allows up to two children per family.

Women’s Rights Without Frontiers, which petitions against gendercide through its Save a Girl Campaign, also insisted that the law making it illegal for unmarried women to have a baby in China must change. (source)

China has a serious problem with a shortage of women. Due to China’s infamous one-child policy and in combination with the historical favor placed on boys over girls due to the payment of a dowry and the desire to carry on a family name, Chinese families in mass began aborting, murdering, or giving up baby girls for adoption, mostly to American or Western European families. This happened for over 30 years, and the result was the loss of a large part of a generation of Chinese, for today there are between 120 to 140 men of marriageable age for every 100 women of the same marriageable age. There are far more men than women, and given the exacerbating circumstances caused by the spread of feminism to China that has encouraged female hypergamy, the women are able to be very selective about who they choose to date and marry while the men are scrambling to find a partner, leaving behind a generation of involuntarily single, sexually frustrated Chinese men. The women they could have married are either dead, were adopted by mostly European or Euro-American Western families and are most likely going to marry a man of European or Hispanic descent, and of the women left in China, many of them already view white men as a more preferable option to Asian men and so will choose a “Doug” over their own countrymen.

China reversed the one-child policy and there are some familes who are having two and in a few cases, three children. However, most of this is concentrated among the wealthy or noveau riche equivalent Chinese. Most still only have one child, and the murder of baby girls still takes place. The trend has the potential to reverse more so than other nations, but it is still a deeply-embedded cultural issue that may take a century or more before there is a social equilibrium reached.

What must be a concern to all people is that given the large population of young men of marriageable age, which also means of military age, who are single but cannot find wives, make ideal candidates for soldiers. History shows that in every circumstance where there is an abundance of men and not enough women, those men go out and raid other areas, indeed for conquest but also in order to find new mates. It is one of the most productive ways to harness the sexual frustration of large numbers of people and direct it towards a theoretically “positive” cause rather than having it turn in on the society and destroy it, such as with a revolution that topples the government and puts to death those who instituted and enforced the policy that caused their involuntary celibate situation in the first place.

While there is talk of America being “invaded” by China, the real conflict will be closer to home with China’s historical nemesis, Japan. The Japanese are already re-militarizing and they have a history of invading China, and given the increase in their nuclear capabilities as well as re-building their “defense” sector, are preparing for another invasion just as Germany is preparing for another war against her historical nemesis, Russia and most of her neighbors.

It will be an interesting situation now, because while the Japanese are more capable in terms of military strategy, the Chinese have massive physical numbers of which there are more men than women who are angry, frustrated, and would more than likely be inclined to fight.

The future is certainly going to be interesting.