The Italian Government Refuses To Accept A Ship With Hundreds Of Refugees. The Catholic Dioceses Of Valencia In Spain Accepts The Refugees Instead

By Theodore Shoebat

As the Italian government intensifies in its nationalism, it recently refused to accept a ship holding hundreds of refugees. The Catholic diocese of Valencia in Spain has decided to accept the migrants. As we read in one report from Crux:

A rescue ship in the Mediterranean carrying 630 African migrants is on its way to Spain, where the Catholic Church in Valencia is coordinating rescue efforts. The quick response from Cardinal Antonio Cañizares and the faithful, after Italy and Malta on Tuesday refused to allow the ship to dock, also has “moved the pope.”

In a message sent to the entire archdiocese of Valencia, the cardinal referred to a private meeting he had with Pope Francis, who reportedly said: “You’ve moved me, your behavior [has moved me]. I congratulate you and thank the diocese of Valencia for the speediness and generosity with which you’ve reacted, [for] the example you’re giving of charity with these poor people.”

The pope welcomed Cañizares in the Vatican on Thursday, for a meeting that had been scheduled before the current crisis.

“This is the path, don’t ever abandon it: that of charity; remain steady in charity, in the good example, in the light and the good taste of charity and works of charity. The pope is with you, with the diocese of Valencia,” the cardinal said, conveying a message from Francis.

After the migrants dock in Valencia, they will receive assistance and, eventually, be distributed across Spain. According to Cañizares, the local Church is ready to “welcome, help and tend to those who arrive,” with the archdiocesan community ready to act “guided only by its faith and Christian conscience.”

In these 630 people who’re arriving, “needing everything,” Cañizares said, the Church sees “the Lord himself, our true brothers with whom the Lord identifies; simply men, women and children who are imploring [for help] and who have needs and who must be welcomed.”

Quoting Francis, Cañizares said that the local Church is ready to “welcome, protect, promote and integrate the migrants and refugees,” and they’ve made this known to Spanish authorities.