Why Did Ezra Levant Register SaveTommy.com A Year Before Tommy Robinson’s Arrest?

Ezra Levant announced a massive “Save Tommy” campaign in support of Steven Yaxley-Lennon, known as “Tommy Robinson” because he is being “persecuted” by the UK government for speaking against Islam.

It has also come to my attention that the website “Save Tommy” was registered on May 10, 2017- ONE YEAR before Tommy Robinson’s arrest.

How coincidental.

Let’s review a few points.

We know that the counter-jihad movement is a front for promoting nationalism and national socialism. (here)

We know that the counter-jihad movement works with known terrorists and thugs to do this (here)

We know that the counter-jihad movement works with people who support eugenics (here)

We know that the counter-jihad movement supports the LGBT (here)

We know that major funding for the counter-jihad movement and many other “conservatives” who act as public voices and support these same causes but in different venues- such as Milo Yiannopoulos, Dennis “fourteen is different than eight” Prager, and Ben Shapiro– are tied to very large funders in finance, industry, and Silicon Valley.

We know that two of these major supporters are Aubrey and Joyce Chernick and Robert Shillman (and to that, Shillman directly supports Ezra Levant’s Rebel Media).

We know that Tommy Robinson were even listed as a “Shillman Fellows” on Rebel Media’s website. (source)

Robert Shillman’s personal wealth is not known, but the value of his assets are around 120 million dollars, making him one of the richest people in the Boston area. (source) Supposedly he waved his salary in order to donate it to political causes he believes in. (source)

What place does Ezra Levant, who is a paid hireling for Robert Shillman, to ask for the average person -who makes far less in his entire life than what Shillman has just for his personal assets- to donate his hard-earned money to help another man who is also paid by Shillman?

Why doesn’t Robert Shillman put up the money to help an employee for one of his causes?

Robert Shillman

Or perhaps, is there even a “controversy” at all?

The UK Guardian has reported that Tommy Robinson’s arrest is being used to galvanize support for nationalism in the UK and seems to be working:

Far-right protesters are rallying around the imprisonment of Tommy Robinson to develop a new “racist street movement” with international support, MPs and campaigners have warned.

The shadow home secretary, Diane Abbott, is among signatories on an open letter calling on people to join counter-protests against a planned “Free Tommy” demonstration by the criminal’s supporters in London next month.

It said a 15,000-strong rally that descended into violence on 9 June “has raised major questions for all those who value our diversity”.

“The racist right are using Robinson to reorganise,” continued the letter, published in The Guardian. “Nazi salutes and Islamophobia were at the centre of the mobilisation. This is the first serious attempt since the collapse of the English Defence League (EDL) to develop a racist street movement and give it a political form.

“It is supported internationally by notorious figures including from the US and the Dutch Islamophobic right.

“It is absolutely vital that all who oppose this come together in a united mass movement powerful enough to drive back these new developments on the far right.”

The letter was also signed by Lords, MEPs, union leaders, senior figures in Muslim and Jewish communities and campaigners from Show Racism the Red Card and other groups.

It called on supporters to join protests against Donald Trump’s visit to Britain on 13 July, accusing the US president of “galvanising the racist right”, and again the following day to oppose the “Free Tommy” protest.

More than 4,000 people have listed themselves as attending the demonstration on a Facebook event hosted by Robinson’s assistants.

“Stand up for free speech, stand up against this dictatorship they call a government and stand up against the persecution of Tommy Robinson,” the description reads. “Let’s make this one 100,000 people! [sic]”

A demonstration held in London earlier this month showed the criminal’s supporters perform Nazi salutes, attack police and overrun and vandalise a tourist bus, causing several arrests.

A letter purportedly written by Robinson in prison praised the day as “amazing scenes” and hailed “protests spreading across the globe”, saying he receives a letters and emails from supporters every day.

The handwritten letter called for a “moment to change the direction of our nation” and furthered the myth of an “Islamic takeover” in Britain, adding: “We can no longer be looking from the outside in. We must involve our voice and our movement into politics. I have so many plans on what I want to do when I get out.”

Citing support from Dutch opposition leader Geert Wilders and the US president’s son, Donald Trump Jr, the letter continued: “I’d have done six months just for that recognition.”

It claimed that Robinson was lodging an appeal against both his conviction for contempt of court and 13-month sentence, but his lawyer would not confirm proceedings had been launched when contacted by The Independent.

Robinson was jailed after admitting committing contempt of court by live-streaming details of a trial that was subject to blanket reporting restrictions at Leeds Crown Court last month.

The 35-year-old, who was jailed under his real name of Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, had already been handed a suspended sentence for the same crime and was told he could have caused the trial to collapse.

Robinson previously raised fears the Finsbury Park attack trial would be stopped when he live-streamed interviews with journalists after the jury heard his posts had radicalised far-right terrorist Darren Osborne.

A judge initially banned media reports of Robinson’s imprisonment over fears it could affect the ongoing case, but lifted the order after hearing submissions from The Independent and local media.

Supporters of the far-right figurehead have protested over his imprisonment and the reporting restrictions, using them to claim the “establishment” was attempting to silence his views.

An online petition entitled “Free Tommy Robinson” has garnered more than 600,000 signatures and US politicians have raised his case in Congress.

Some supporters have characterised Robinson as a journalist exposing crime, but his social media broadcasts rely on information from the local and national “mainstream” media and tend to cover cases that have already been prosecuted.

Robinson formerly broadcast his activities on Twitter, but was permanently banned from the platform earlier this year.

He co-founded the EDL in 2009 and has been arrested numerous times during demonstrations and at fights between football fans, as well as being jailed for mortgage fraud in 2014. (source)

It is true that the UK has a lot of problems. It is true that Islam plays a major role in these controversies. It is true that the UK is disentegrating and rights that once were are becoming no more.

But to see the essence of what is happening is not to focus merely on the outward appearances, but to look at the people, what they represent, and who backs them.

The real question is, and which none dare touch, is how come this website was registered so early, and how all have ties to Robert Shillman and his associates?

Could the entire debacle with Tommy Robinson be, as with many conflicts today, another manufactured one in order to generate sympathy and support for the same nationalism which he has supported and which underlays a great many of the functions of the “counter-jihad” movement by again exploiting the natural deviancy of Islam for said end?

At this point, one cannot draw a definitive conclusion, but must be open to all possibilities…