Baby Shot Dead In Clashes In Nicaragua As The Country Is On The Verge Of Civil War

By Theodore Shoebat

A baby was shot dead in Nicaragua, a country that looks to be on the verge of civil war. As we read in one report from CNBC:

A fresh outburst of violence in Nicaragua over the weekend has claimed the life of a one-year-old boy as well as six more adults, according to reports.

The country is locked in a battle between pro-government forces and protesters, led largely by student groups. The death toll is now estimated at more than 200 people since April and attempts by the Catholic Church to negotiate a ceasefire have, so far, failed.

It has been reported that a one-year-old was among the dead Friday night. The child’s mother reportedly told a local TV station that the police shot her son. In turn, authorities blamed the death on a stray bullet fired from someone trying to stop them clearing a road.

One says the police killed the child, but the police say an anti-government militant shot the baby. Which one is true? From what I have read, violence has been committed by the protestors and they are not entirely innocent:

Does this look like a “peaceful” protest to you?