Men Are Doing Plenty To Try And Get Married, It Is That Women Would Rather Choose A Child Molester Over A Decent Human Being

“Nice guys” don’t just finish last, but women today often times hate them in spite of their attempts at romance. Instead, if a man wants to win the hearts and minds of women, he should improve himself, starting with the sexual abuse of children.

At least, that is the conclusion of many women in two experiments conducted on Tinder. Using a fake account, two people on two separate occasions created profiles of themselves as attractive men who admit openly on their profile and in conversation that they had sexually abused children. While none of these people themselves were ever involved in any abuse, the profiles they created and in the conversations they had they made sure to emphasize that they were pedophiles and that the women knew it.

The conversations speak for themselves (click to view and then click again to enlarge the photos):



Likewise, there was another post from the popular blogger Chateau Heartiste who noted the following story in the post Depravity, Thy Name Is Woman:

I had an ex-GF who’s masturbation fantasy was a “tribe” of guys like 300 style all jerking off around her and bukkaking her body with thick ropey blasts of jizz by the dozens. That made me TRULY understand the depravity of female. This girl was a BALLER btw, 120K a year salary, 130+ IQ, high level corporate bitch. All the trappings of shit-lib corporate success and when you peeled all that away and got down to her lizard brain none of it mattered. What she desired most was to be a cum mat for a tribe of murderous alpha male barbarians. What else needs to be said? (source)

Not all women are interested in pedophiles, and neither are all women simply inclined to indulge in perverse fantasies as a general whole. However, the patterns illustrated here are not by accident, as they are indicative of a social reality.

The Bible notes that it is through women in which sin entered the world- first with the sins of Eve’s lust for power, and then with Adam’s choice to follow her offer of the apple. This original sin has affected every man and woman’s behaviors and is mirrored today in relationships.

Men want beauty, and will do dumb or insane things to win the attraction of a woman. Women desire power, and given a choice of potential suitors will choose the one with the greatest perceived value.

Female hypergamy is the theory that women will naturally gravitate to who they view as the most “desirable” man when they are given a choice of men from which to choose. A woman, historically speaking, does not provide “material” benefits in a relationship, but rather is a consumer of said benefits. When a woman “chooses” a man, she has two choices- one who is “desirable” in terms of the social and cultural context in which she lives, and one who provides the greatest number of resources. She will often times try to choose both, but to have both is a genuine rarity and in the overwhelming number of cases, she will have to settle for one or the other.

The woman is also bound by the ravages of time, because like a flower in bloom, a woman’s youth, fertility, and beauty have a limited “shelf life.” They will pass away, and she has to use them BEFORE she loses them. Men, to the contrary, can preserve their looks AND reproductive functions for many decades, and even when they are old, they still can possess both to a degree.

To put it crassly, A man produces millions upon billions of sperm in his lifetime. As everybody knows, when sperm are doing the “race” to the “egg” inside a woman’s body, only one of those sperms will fertilize the egg. The rest just die. Eggs, on the other hand, are limited in supply, and once they are gone they cannot be restored.

Eggs are valuable. Sperm is not. Eggs go bad. Sperm can be replaced endlessly.

This nature of sexuality shows in male-female relations. Just as sperm race to the egg, men race to a woman to win her affection and the ability to reproduce.

Because women are looking to “choose” a man, and the most desirable one at that, if there are no social or cultural restraints, then a situation can arise where multiple women all want to choose the same man given a group of men because he is the most “desired” one. This results in the majority of the other men being NOT chosen and thus, left alone to their own disappointment.

Now, consider that the same man chosen by these women, for some reason, no longer becomes “desirable.” Provided there are no “restraints,” these same women will leave him and move to the next most “desirable” man. They are still leaving the other men and not even considering them at all, thus only adding to the frustration they originally experiences.

This is the evil that is female hypergamy, or unrestrained female sexuality. Given a group of females and no social restraints, the absolute majority of them would attempt to get with the top or top 20% of men in a society, fighting with each other before considering the other and majority 80% to their own misery.

Such societies are still seen in countries that one would call “tribal.” One man has multiple wives, and many other men are just, single. These same men tend to band together as a group and, since they cannot seek power in their own domain as individuals and head of a family, begin to seek power by making demands of society and using force to back up their demands. These are the formation of gangs, raiding parties, and rebel armies that terrorize these same societies. These societies are also frequently and rightly called “backwards” because they lack extensive development, owing to continual and tribal infighting and with little social harmony or ability to engage in constructive economic and social relations between groups.

This is where marriage and in particular, monogamy is so critical to society. Marriage acts as a control on female hypergamy because it provides a cultural barrier to women constantly fighting over the top 20% of men to the anger of the bottom 80% of men. It additionally provides the other 80% of men, who would be otherwise locked out of sexual access, to a larger pool of women and thus gives them a healthy avenue through which to channel their impulses. It provides for the creation of stable families by preventing competition between women all united to the same man, as what happens in polygamous situations, and gives the children an equal and equitable place in their family.

The channeling of this basic urge- the desire to reproduce and for sex- facilitates peace in society because men are less concerned with competing over women’s selection as they are secure that if they do not currently have woman that they can secure one, that if they do have one that she will not leave him, and that if she does cheat on him there are punishments to deal with the cheating. This stabilizing element allows for men to view trade and exchange with each other as a matter of business disconnected from sexuality, which allows for economic development, wealth, and prosperity, which in turn gives rise to rules of social intercourse and from this, the development of culture.

Marriage and the family is the foundation of civilization because it is the God-given obstacle to the anarchy-inducing demon of female hypergamy and the social ills its facilitates. Many of the fundamental struggles of human societies throughout history can be traced to the proper use or abuse of the sexual marketplace.

The feminist movement is particularly evil because it is an attempt to invert the natural polarity between men and women as well as the proper, natural function of the marketplace by trying to make illegal, unnatural replacements to God-given gender roles. Through a century of legislation, litigation, and social pressure, women have been empowered to have more power than and power over men, but that has not curbed their natural impulses as gender is fixed into a person from his being. A man cannot chop off his penis and count himself a woman as much as neither a woman can glue a penis onto her and she become a man, as the former is a man with no penis and the latter is a woman with a non-genitive appendage sewn to her body but both retain the same minds and thought processes.

The woman now is allowed in the name of “equality” to indulge her hypergamous impluses with no consequences, and the man is now forced to support her impulses on pain of legal punishment while still being denied access to her.

Nobody wins in such a scenario. The women return to a tribal state of fighting over the same group of “high value” men, except instead of Ooga and his cave it is over football players, musicians, movie stars, and anybody deemed “valuable” by the greater culture. Men also return to their anger, and that can be concentrated either in the jumbled postings of angry men online all the way to dropping out of the social order completely or even returning to violence.

But how does this square with the “Me Too” movement? Why would women choose an admitted pedophile yet complain about sexual abuse?

The reason why is because of perceived value. These women perceive these men in the example to be “valuable” and, having no social or cultural restraints placed upon them, will “forgive” the men’s crimes because they find them attractive. Yet if they did not find him valuable, then they would reject him.

There is much talk about men who do not want to get married today. This is a reality, and it is not good.

However, one must also consider that for many men today, aside from the absolute fact that 50% of marriages end in divorce and women initiate divorce 70% of the time, many of the women are difficult, unkind, and simply mistreat many men. Having been loosened from any social and cultural restraints, the worst of female hypergamous impulses have been released and are poisoning what should be a natural interaction between men and women. As an article on Return of Kings pointed out, discussing the degenerate state of dating women that seems to worsen with age:

It can be easy to assume a negative outlook when you’re the only man not playing the game. But take solace in the fact that all of those other guys aren’t playing the game, either—it’s playing them, and there are very few winners when it’s all said and done.

The men who marry these degenerate women and prop them up don’t have the truth, and, therefore, they don’t have true happiness. They’re living through a carefully constructed ruse, an act where the female is the star and director, and only she decides when, where, and how the curtain will fall—and fall it will. Never covet the lie, and never feel despondent when observing those men who buy into the lie displaying their mock happiness: their emotional currency is counterfeit, and their time is borrowed. (source)

This problem has been known about for years, as a 1993 article from a Catholic publication points out:

What does a man look for in a woman? In a word, a home. To a little child, a woman (usually its mother) is a place. This is not to say a thing. It is to say a home. And only a person can be a home. This is what a man looks for in the woman who would be his wife. This is not to say that it is her job to raise him—certainly not—but the shelter she provides for him emotionally, where he may be himself, generally makes him better, stronger, more of a man, and inspires him to provide for her and shelter her physically. Indeed, to the point of laying down his life. If a woman gives a man what he really needs—genuine interest, understanding, and acceptance of him as he really is, he will ask her out, and keep coming back for more. (source)

Read the entire article, because it is worth the time. The problem began years ago, and so what is happening today is a metastizing of decades of problems.

Men are looking for women as men always have, and they want women who will be a home for them.

Women in the Western and increasingly, entire world have been given all they want with government force to support it and to the detriment of men. It has not helped women’s rights or men at all, but has rent the two asunder and made both isolated and miserable.

It takes two to dance the tango. For all that say men need to “do more” to attract women, perhaps it is that women need to look at themselves and, in a society where men are viewed as expendable and have many times for the sake of their own sanity and security have “checked out”, that they are objectively worth the time and effort of a man and consequently will themselves put their own time and efforts into seeing that they are worth the risk of a man checking back into society for one of them.