The German Government Air Lifts Ukrainian Neo-Nazis Fighting Russia And Gives Them Medical Treatment

By Theodore Shoebat

So it turns out that Germany backs the neo-Nazi Ukrainians who have been fighting Russia. There is information showing that the Germans were airlifting Ukrainian neo-Nazis to give them medical attention. As we read in one report from RT:

Germany treated more than 100 soldiers from Ukraine since 2014 but doesn’t know if they served in the army or in neo-Nazi-linked paramilitaries. Some were filmed doing Nazi salutes on stretchers and sporting far-right logos.

The federal government “doesn’t have information” on whether the treated Ukrainians were part of the Ukrainian army or paramilitary groups linked to neo-Nazi and far-right fighters, such as the notorious Azov Battalion, head of the parliamentary Defense Committee Wolfgang Hellmich wrote, responding to an inquiry by Alexander Neu from the Left Party.

Hellmich’s letter, obtained by RT Deutsch, details that 112 Ukrainian fighters were airlifted and treated in Germany since the conflict in eastern Ukraine began in 2014. It also confirms that all transportation and medical costs were covered by the German side.

Earlier, the Defense Ministry’s spokesperson told RT that the patients are selected “solemnly by their medical condition,” with priority given to those in need of urgent treatment, and not based on where they served.

Neu, whose party is in opposition to the ruling coalition, was specifically asking about the fighters from the infamous Azov Battalion because its members were reported by numerous media outlets as brandishing Nazi insignia and espousing neo-Nazi and ultranationalist views. The battalion’s official symbol is the ‘Wolfsangel,’ which was used by several German SS divisions during WWII.

In July, one of the injured Ukrainian fighters about to be airlifted for treatment by the German air force performed a gesture identical to a Nazi salute while he was lying on a stretcher and being filmed by the Deutsche Welle TV crew. According to the report, eight Ukrainians were admitted to a hospital in Berlin that day, and six others were transferred to a hospital in Hamburg.

Another injured man heading off to Germany at the same time was filmed by a Ukrainian TV channel TSN wearing a T-shirt from the clothing brand popular with neo-Nazis and ultranationalists. The shirt in question made a reference to the SS Division ‘Wiking.’

The Azov Battalion actively participated in the war in eastern Ukraine. Its fighters can also be regularly seen marching in torch-lit processions, praising the Nazi collaborators in Ukraine, such as the SS Galicia Division.

The neo-Nazi ideology within the battalion was noted by major media outlets, such as USA Today and Der Spiegel, while its commanders dismiss the ties with Nazi Germany, and insist that the extreme views of some of the fighters are “their personal beliefs.”

What this shows is that Germany has not really changed its spirit. In the two World Wars the Germans fought the Russians, with the Nazis having their own Ukrainian SS division (1st Ukrainian Division UNA) who wanted to kill off the Russians, the Poles and the Jews. What is Germany doing today when it backs Ukrainian nazis fighting Russia? Its abiding by the same spirit that it has had for a very long time. There is a pattern in German history of being fixated on Eastern Europe. So during the Thirty Years War German Protestants backed the Ottoman invasion of Poland.

Near the end of the First World War, the German general, Erich Ludendorff, envisioned the Social-Darwinistic removal of two million Poles from Polish territory that Germany wanted to annex for the cause of pan-Germanism (see Tooze, The Deluge, ch. 6, p. 135). During the Nazi Holocaust, the Germans, erupting in their anti-Catholic hatred after centuries of being conditioned to the antichrist heresy of Luther, carried out the extermination of millions of Poles. So horrendous was this genocide, that it moved Pope Pius XII to write:

“The blood of so many who have been cruelly slaughtered, though they bore no military rank, cries to heaven especially from the well-loved country of Poland. Poland, imperishably crowned in the pages of history by the long record of her loyalty to the Church and her services to Christian civilization, should claim from all eyes a brotherly, a human tear. She puts her trust in that Virgin Mother of God who is the help of Christians, and waits for the day when she will be allowed at last to emerge, unharmed, from the waves that have engulfed her.” (Pope Pius XII, Darkness Over the Earth, ch. viii)

The German government allowed the migration crises, knowing it was going to cause anger and fear in its own society, and now it wants to expand militarily in North Africa in the name of stopping migration. German military expansion will not anger the general populace of Germany because it will be seen as a means of protecting the German nation.

The current American administration is actually helping the cause of German militarism, although under the guise of pressuring Germany for the benefit of American interests. When Donald Trump says that Germany needs to pay its fair share in defense, the Germans are actually happy about this because it supplies the pretext to boost military spending. With America appearing to want Europeans to be their own defenders, this only sends the message to Germany to further empower itself over the continent, since Germany is the most powerful nation in Europe, and an isolated Europe means a domineering Germany. In fact, in the 2017 report from the German Marshall Fund, it reads:

“A complaint of Trump’s — articulated many times by U.S. policymakers going back as far as the 1960s — is that Europe has been free-riding on the U.S. security umbrella, and not spending enough on defense. The demand for more European defense coordination is legitimate.”

While some German politicians act angry about Trump’s push for Germany to spend more on defense, the reality is that behind closed doors, the Germans are taking advantage of this situation to not just increase its arms manufacturing and production of military technology, but to as well integrate the militaries of other European countries into its own military force. The German military will be integrating a unit of the Romanian military and an elite unit from the Czech military, and it has already integrated a Dutch unit and has agreed to take in another Dutch unit. According to one report published by Foreign Policy:

“Romania’s 81st Mechanized Brigade will join the Bundeswehr’s Rapid Response Forces Division, while the Czech 4th Rapid Deployment Brigade, which has served in Afghanistan and Kosovo and is considered the Czech Army’s spearhead force, will become part of the Germans’ 10th Armored Division. In doing so, they’ll follow in the footsteps of two Dutch brigades, one of which has already joined the Bundeswehr’s Rapid Response Forces Division and another that has been integrated into the Bundeswehr’s 1st Armored Division.”

Dutch soldiers

Germany is already forming its army of auxiliary troops. Germany commenced its road back to militarism in the 90s, when it created the neo-Nazi Albanian Muslim terrorist organization, the KLA (Kosovo Liberation Army), to kill Serbs and spark destabilization in Kosovo so that it could cause war in the Balkans. And this actually does tie in with the Counterjihad.

The wars, in which Serbs fought Croats, Albanians and Bosnians, broke down and fragmented Yugoslavia, the nation that consisted of the provinces of Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Albania. The Germans, by arming the KLA, and recognizing Albania and Croatia as independent nations, helped in fragmenting Yugoslavia. It did this because Yugoslavia was a major ally to Russia. Croatia and Albania are pro-German, and so by isolating them as independent nations, it weakened Russian influence in the Balkans where the biggest ally to Russia is Serbia. The forces behind the Counterjihad were all in favor for the fragmentation of Yugoslavia and the killing of Serbs by NATO.

The Center for Security Policy fully supported the the breaking down of Yugoslavia. In 1990, Frank Gaffney wrote an article expressing his backing of the fragmentation of Yugoslavia, and his anger that the United States and the UN were resisting Germany’s efforts to support Croatia and Slovenia in their seceding from Yugoslavia, which was all part of a plan to strike back at Russian influence. Gaffney lamented:

“Immense international pressure has been brought to bear on Germany in recent days aimed at persuading Bonn to foreswear its plan to recognize Croatia and Slovenia by Christmas. In an ideal world, Germany should not do so alone; instead, it should be joined by every other civilized nation. In this less than ideal world, if the United States and others continue to decline to extend such recognition, Germany should not hesitate to press ahead.”

Germany, the nation that amplified to the highest level the genocidal system of eugenics, is now described as a “civilized nation” by Gaffney. During the Second World War, the Nazis dismembered Croatia from Yugoslavia, and the Germans wanted to do the same thing in the 90s, and they succeeded in getting what they wanted. And now all of a sudden Germany has good motives, according to Frank Gaffney? Actually, Gaffney knew that the Germans had nefarious motives behind pushing from secession, writing:

“While Germany is probably largely inclined to do so for the wrong reasons (i.e., out of an ambition to exercise economic and political influence in Central Europe), helping to legitimize the independence of these two democratic and free-market-oriented states is nonetheless the right thing to do.”

In other words, Gaffney understood the dangerous consequences of allying with Germany in their hegemonic ambitions, but he wanted the US to do anyway. It just like the US training Nazis or the Mujahideen: it is obvious that doing so will have very destructive consequences, that it will lead to the formation of imperialist governments, to eugenics and genocide, but they do it anyway, all in a power play against Russia. And this has nothing to do with Communism, because the US supported the Japanese against Russia when it was under the Czar, and he was a Christian monarch who hated Communism.

By supporting Croatia to secede from Yugoslavia, it enabled the pro-Nazi forces to advance and thrive in that nation. Look at Croatia now: pro-Nazi agents, or people who admire and subscribe to the ideology of the Ustaše, are now controlling much of the government in Croatia today. The Ustaše were a Croatian ethon-nationalist cult that worked with the Nazis, and together they exterminated about one million Serbs during the the Holocaust. Now Croatia is seeing an intense return back to this sort of violent ideology.

Ustase sawing off Serbian man’s head

Decapitation done by the Ustase

The culture minister in the Croatian government is Zlatko Hasanbegovic, a Muslim who wants to emulate the Ustaše and revive Nazism in his country. According to one report, Hasanbegovic cut “funds for progressive groups and independent media and endorsing a revisionist documentary film that denies the scale of the crimes committed by Croatia during its alliance with Nazi Germany in the 1940s.” Hasanbegovic even praised the Ustasi as “heroes” and “martyrs”.

Zlatko Hasanbegovic

The mainstream party in Croatia is the Croatian Democratic Union, or HDZ, founded by Croatia’s first president, Franjo Tudman (who died in 1999). It is currently the largest party in the Croatian parliament (or the Sabor), holding 56 seats, an imposing majority upon the smaller leftist parties. HDZ exhibited some moderation, but in the early 2000s there was a shift to Nazi sympathy and ideology. HDZ began to absorb the smaller Far-Right parties, including the pro-Ustase Nazi party, the Croatian Pure Party of Rights, which was the party that Hasanbegovic belonged to before joining HDZ. The party is able to amass huge numbers for rallies, such as the one that took place in January of last year in which five thousand people gathered together, some of whom chanting “For the Homeland Ready,” the Ustashe version of the Nazis’ Sieg Heil. 

HDZ rally

Thanks to people like Frank Gaffney, Croatia — now independent — has been working with the CIA and Saudi Arabia to fuel the civil war in Syria. In 2012, when the Syrian War first began, Croatia was one of the biggest providers of arms and ammunition to Islamic jihadists fighting against the Assad regime. According to a 2013 investigation by the New York Times, Croatia sent weapons and ammo through Jordan, with CIA logistical support and Saudi Arabia financing. According to the United Nations, Croatia sent $36 million worth of ammo to Syria through Jordan in the first two years since 2012. Since 2012, Croatia and Saudi Arabia have sent $21 million in weapons, including rocket and grenade launchers, to Syria. Before 2012, such arms trading was non-existent from Croatia.

All of this is because Croatia was dismembered from Yugoslavia and thereby left as a tool of NATO powers, and this fragmentation of the Balkans occurred on account of political measures supported by Frank Gaffney and those like him. Croatia, a German ally, worked with the CIA to arm jihadists to destroy Syria and slaughter hundreds of thousands, all for the cause of neutralizing Russia’s influence in the Middle East — all of this sounds like an operation akin to Gladio. People like Gaffney support terrorists, and when terrorism becomes a headline, they form a “counterjihad movement” which is a vehicle to promulgate eugenics, homosexuality and ethno-nationalism.   

In 1999, the Center for Security Policy — a Right-wing think-tank founded by Frank Gaffney which financed the 2007 Counterjihad Summit in Brussels — published an article that expressed bitter anger that the US government was not dropping enough bombs on Serbs to defend the Albanians, and that it was not demanding that the Serbs comply completely with NATO’s terms:

“Slice by slice, the Clinton capitulation is underway. No longer does the president demand unconditional compliance with NATO’s terms, as he did when this fight began. Instead he says, ‘There’s plenty to talk about.’ No longer does he vow to bomb Serbia until Slobodan Milosevic surrenders. Instead he is open to bombing pauses and to negotiations with Serbia’s hard-line ally, Russia. No longer does he declare that a ”NATO force” or even a ”NATO-led force” police the peace in Kosovo. Instead he throws the door open to a UN force so broad as to comprise even pro-Serb, anti-Albanian Russians and Ukrainians.

Soon it will all be over but the arranging of the fig leaves. And on every important principle, NATO and the United States will have lost.”

In April of 2017, I wrote an in depth piece on how Germany was instrumental behind the NATO bombing of Kosovo, and how it pushed the Americans to commence the strike, and how the Germans created the Nazi Albanian KLA. The Germans did this because they wanted to establish their hegemony in the Balkans, and really continue from where they left off in the Second World War. The Germans wanted to control the Balkans in both WW1 and WW2, and in both of these wars they armed Muslims to kill Serbs. In the 90s, wanting to end its pacifism, Germany helped commence the bloody conflict in Kosovo, doing the same thing it did in the World Wars: arming the Albanians to kill Serbs. NATO’s war in Kosovo was essentially Germany’s war to advance its own power and return to militarism. The Right-wing think-tanks like Center for Security, then, were in reality promoting the cause of German military advancement and German militarist ideology that seeks for the establishment of Germanic domination.

Frank Gaffney, one of the godfathers of the Counterjihad, is all for German militarism. In 1990 he wrote an article stating that that the reunification of Germany would bring a stronger German military to combat the Soviets:

“The prospect of a future, real reduction in the conventional military threat facing Western Europe. This will be of considerable strategic significance provided the dismantling of the East German army and integration of 50,000 of its officers (roughly half of the total) and enlisted personnel into the Bundeswer do not wind up greatly reducing the integrity and reliability of those German forces assigned to NATO.”    

In 1984, the CIA produced a document in favor for allowing Germany to remilitarize itself and acquire long-range offensive missile systems. The document is entitled, Soviet Views on the “European Defense” Movement, and it was distributed to Frank Gaffney. The document reveals a number of things: firstly, that going as far back as the 80s, the Germans wanted to return to militarism and create a European Union army; secondly, it shows that the CIA and their partner Frank Gaffney, one of the key designers of the Counterjihad, were behind Germany going back to militarism. The document also shows how the Russians were combating this revival of German militarism. The document, in regards to a German-French cooperation at lifting restrictions upon German rearmament, reads:

“West German leaders in particular, while insisting that nothing should be done to undermine Nato solidarity, have made it known that they believe the time is right for closer Western European political and security cooperation. This sentiment within Western Europe has led to some revitalization of the WEU [Western European Union], the seven-member organization formed in 1954 to provide a framework for and to monitor postwar restrictions on West German rearmament. Although the WEU has served mostly as a forum for political consultation, its members, led by France, have tried in recent years to make it into an effective mechanism for coordinating their foreign and defense policies. The French have agreed to Bonn’s request to lift remaining WEU restrictions on West German conventional armaments production in exchange for West Germany’s support for revitalizing the organization. In conjunction with these moves, Paris and Bonn have also stepped up bilateral defense cooperation, most noticeably in the area of joint armament production. At the annual Franco-German summit last May the two countries reached final agreement on joint production of an antitank helicopter and discussed joint development of a military photoreconnaissance satellite.” 

The CIA document actually makes mention of Russia’s warning against German remilitarization. It reads that the Soviets affirmed that permitting West Germany to rearm would “pose a ‘threat to the security not only of its neighbors, but also of distant states’ and warned Bonn that ‘negative consequences’ would inevitably arise if it produces its own long-range offensive weapons.”

The document mocks the Soviet’s warning that this remilitarization is due to West Germany’s “self-interested militarist ambitions.”

The document reveals that the Soviet general, Nikolay Chervov, told a a delegation from the German Social Democratic Party that NATO’s decision to allow a West German general to be in charge over nuclear planning signified that the Germans wanted to get nuclear weapons:

Frank Gaffney signed his name on this document, showing his support for German militarism:

Gaffney was working with the CIA in their efforts to revive German militarism all in the name of combating the Soviets. This action is similar to that of the CIA plan of Operation Gladio, in which American and European secret services trained  and armed neo-Nazis and Right-wing terrorists to form a secret paramilitary army to fight the Soviets. We can say that Gaffney was involved in the US government’s measures to combat the Soviets. He supported the arming of Muslim fighters against the Soviets, and he supported the remilitarizing of Germany to go against the Soviets. Moreover, Gaffney worked with the CIA partnered eugenist, Richard Mellon Scaife, to form the Center for Security Policy. Gaffney’s Center financed the 2007 Counterjihad Summit, and this fact really reveals the link between the CIA and the Counterjihad. On top of this, Robert Spencer worked with Paul Weyrich, the founder of the Heritage Foundation — another think-tank financially established by the eugenist, Richard Mellon Sciafe — who directly worked with the Nazi, Laszlo Pasztor, and collaborated with neo-Nazi groups in Eastern Europe. All of this sounds like Gladio, or at least something like Gladio.   

The organizer of the 2007 Counterjihad Summit in Brussels, the EU politician and neo-Nazi Filip DeWinter, also was in favor for fragmenting Yugoslavia, and showed this when he bragged about going to Croatia five times to provide support for their forces against the Serbs:

All of this sounds like something very akin to the CIA’s Gladio operation. Baron Boddissy, a key figure in the Counterjihad who was invited to the 2007 Brussels Summit, praised the Danish NATO tank commander, Lt. Col. Lars Moller, for killing Serbs in battle, and mocked the UN for letting him:

“Don’t you just love the UN? If you shoot back at the enemy, you’re ‘overreacting.’ Things haven’t changed much in the last twelve years. … The trouble had begun when the UN representative allowed the Serbs to move tanks into the area from which they had previously been banned. … No wonder Lt. Col. Moller had to be sent home — the last thing the UN wants is somebody displaying a tough stance. …. It’s obvious that the Nordic Battalion deserved the criticism. An aggressive response defeats the purpose of the UN and goes against its mission statement. When your imperative is to have peace at any price, the aggressor holds the trump card, and must be appeased, rather than defeated.”


Barron Boddissey with Marxist Lars Hedegaard, at the 2007 Counterjihad Summit Brussels

In the Counterjihad movement there is an obsession with Northern Europe. I’ve been noticing this for years. Its obsessed with the Nordic races, and the Nordic religions. Boddissy wrote an article entitled, “The Men of the North,” in which he says:

“In trying to define Western Civilization, I have often asked the question, ‘Who are we?’ This is part of the answer. When we Americans look at Denmark — and the response of the Danes to the aggressive provocation of the Mohammed Cartoon Crisis — we are looking in a mirror. We would be well-advised to emulate our Viking cousins when our own turn comes.”


In 2008, Robert Spencer wrote a praise for Weyrich after his death, describing him as “the great conservative leader, one of the founders of the Heritage Foundation and CEO and Chairman of the Free Congress Foundation”, and he also recounted that “In 2002 he named me an Adjunct Fellow of the Free Congress Foundation and asked me to write a series of monographs on Islam”.   

The Heritage Foundation, while it is probably the most politically influential Right-wing organization in the US, and is praised as a beacon of conservative and family values, is a eugenist organization. When the Heritage Foundation was founded by Paul Weyrich, its biggest funder was the American industrialist billionaire, Richard Mellon Scaife, one of the biggest eugenists in American history. Scaife was the financial founder of major Right-wing think tanks, such as the Heritage Foundation, the American Enterprise Institute, and the Center for Security Policy which organized the 2007 Counterjihad Summit in Brussels, the meeting that would commence the Counterjihad as a significant international movement.

Scaife also served as the vice-chairman for the Heritage Foundation. Scaife, while supporting the Heritage Foundation, donated millions of dollars to Planned Parenthood and other pro-abortion organizations. What this proves is that a eugenist Nazi was the financier behind these think-tanks, and by this, behind the institutions that would direct the formation of the Counterjihad.

Richard Mellon Scaife

In 2011, Scaife wrote an article for the Wall Street Journal entitled: “Why Conservatives Should Oppose Efforts To Defund Planned Parenthood”, in which he recounts how he met Margaret Sanger, a major eugenist and anti-Catholic who founded Planned Parenthood to slaughter Blacks, Italians and other non-Anglo races through abortion. Scaife wrote:

“I met Sanger several times before her death in 1966 and was impressed by her intellect and her commitment to many issues, not the least of which was enabling every woman to be ‘the absolute mistress of her own body,’ as she put it.”

He also wrote, “I admired her fearless, relentless readiness to stand up for what she believed, despite decades of angry, mean-spirited, often hypocritical attacks on her ideas and her character. So I am aggravated by the continuing attacks on Sanger and her primary legacy, the Planned Parenthood network that still serves to many Americans today. … If not for Margaret Sanger’s vision and bravery, many poor Americans would have no place to turn for birth-control measures and counseling or for other health-care services.”

Scaife is a major donor to Project Prevention, an American organization that pays drug addicts to get sterilized. According to a 2010 report, which reveals that Scaife is a major donor to this eugenist organization, 3,500 Americans agreed to be sterilized in exchange for money. Such actions are not done to truly fight drug addiction: its to desensitize us to the idea of sterilization.

In the early to mid 1900s, it was very common in the West for people with mental problems or physical deformities to be sterilized, and most people do not care. But, because of the Holocaust and Nazi atrocities, such ideas have been considered taboo. So, the eugenists are trying to condition people to think nonchalantly about sterilization. Right when we become lethargic about these things with the idea of, “Hey, they got paid,” then at that point we have been pushed into another step towards full indifferentism to the eugenist policies of the past. How does eugenics always begin? It always begins with people no one cares about. 

In the 1970s, while Scaife was funding Planned Parenthood, he was also working directly with the CIA as he was funding for their interests. While being encouraged by the CIA, Scaife was giving $100,000 a year to the Institute for the Study of Conflict (ISC), and to its leader, Brian Crozier. The ISC was created in 1970 to supposedly combat communism in the US. Crozier was a member of the Pinay circle, a group of European elites consisting of intelligence agents, military veterans and a network of wealthy funders. *See Peter Dale Scott, The Road to 9/11, ch. 6, p. 98*

Cordelia Scaife May, Richard Mellon Scaife’s sister, inherited her brother’s fortunes and continued funding the eugenist cause. In between 1983 and 1989, Cordelia donated $5,800,000 to Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) *Juan F. Perea, Immigrants Out!, p.123* a major eugenist organization founded and ran by the anti-immigration Darwinist John Tanton, who is also a big supporter of Planned Parenthood and even founded a Planned Parenthood chapter.

Cordelia Scaife May

In 1997, Tanton told the press that “the United States should make greater efforts to encourage population control.” And in the same year, FAIR conducted an event to celebrate the work of Protestant minister Thomas Malthus, the one who popularized the idea that certain people must be killed off to maintain the population and preserve resources for “the fit,”; Malthus would be also be one of the biggest inspirations to Charles Darwin to preach his ideology of evolutionism and natural selection. 

Garrett Hardin, who was one of the most prominent members of FAIR, saw no issue in the slaughter of children to depopulate the world. Hardin lamented about “the next generation of breeders” having children “in Third World countries.” He once said:  “It would be better to encourage the breeding of more intelligent people rather than the less intelligent.” Hardin was down right genocidal, saying: “A fetus is of so little value, there’s no point in worrying about it.”

Garrett Hardin

Dan Stein, the executive director of FAIR, hated Mexicans and held contempt for their Catholic faith. He once said:  “Certainly we would encourage people in other countries to have small families. Otherwise they’ll all be coming here, because there’s no room at the Vatican.” To Stein, getting rid of the immigration of non—Northern Europeans was about an ideology of Anglo-Saxon supremacy. He described the Immigration Act of 1965 as  “a great way to retaliate against Anglo-Saxon dominance and hubris.”

And isn’t it both telling and revealing that this eugenist, Richard M. Scaife, financed the creation of the think-thank that funded the 2007 Counterjihad Summit in Brussels: the Center for Security Policy, ran by Frank Gaffney. In 2014, Gaffney wrote an article praising the eugenist Scaife as a great patriot and as a “founding father” of the Center for Security Policy:

“On July 4, 1826, two of America’s founding fathers – former Presidents Thomas Jefferson and John Adams – passed away. Their myriad contributions to the character and direction of this country have long survived them. The same will surely be true of a man who passed away this Fourth of July, a founding father in his own right: Richard M. Scaife. Few have done more than Dick Scaife to give life to and build the modern American conservative movement which has, in turn, played an outsized role in shaping our nation over the past fifty years.”

Gaffney then praised Scaife as the financier of major Right-wing think-tanks, the Heritage Foundation, the America Enterprise Institute, and his own Center for Security Policy, affirming that if it were not for the funds of Scaife, these political organizations would not have existed:

“What most distinguished Richard Scaife’s philanthropy was the extraordinary role it played in incubating and sustaining institutions that have enabled generations of conservatives to play prominent roles in the Battle of Ideas. In his memoir, A Richly Conservative Life, Mr. Scaife wrote: ‘It might be too much praise, but it doesn’t bother me at all to be thought the ‘father’ of right-wing think-tanks – that is, conservatively oriented policy research organizations.’

Those policy research organizations – including the Heritage Foundation, the Center for Strategic and International Studies, the American Enterprise Institute, and my own Center for Security Policy – would almost certainly not have come into being, let alone made the sort of contribution they have to public policy, had it not been for the visionary and sustained support of Scaife-sponsored foundations.”

The Heritage Foundation, the Center for Security Policy and the American Enterprise Institute, all of these organizations were founded by a eugenist nazi, and this reality should shift our awareness on what truly are the motives of these “think-tanks.” It should also bring us to the realization that it was a eugenist who ultimately gave birth to the organizations that would officiate the Counterjihad movement. Now, groups like the Center for Security Policy are “anti-Islam,” but decades ago they were all for arming the jihadists. Now that the jihadists have gained attention because of the very terrorism caused by policies people like Gaffney supported, now they are against Islam, and under the cover of nationalism, they have been expressing their backing for the Nazis of our time.


When the Counterjihad movement was commenced in the 2007 Brussels Conference, it was done by two entities: the EU agent and neo-Nazi Filip De Winter, and the Center for Security Policy ran by Frank Gaffney. According to Baron Bodissey, the Counterjihad Summit in Brussels “was sponsored by the Center for Vigilant Freedom,” which was led by Christine Brim. Brim is quite an obscure person, as much of the info on her work for the Center for Vigilant Freedom has been scrapped. At the time of the Counterjihad Summit in Brussels, she was the Chief Operating Officer for the Center for Security Policy, a major government think-tank ran by Frank Gaffney that has some very big government players involved.

In the 1990s, a new branch of the Center for Security Policy called the William J. Casey Institute, was established. In an article on the institute, Frank Gaffney writes that it “was formally launched on 13 March 1996 with the mission of exploring the nexus between international financial, energy, trade and technology flows and traditional U.S. national security policy concerns.”

Gaffney goes on to write that the “national stature” of the William Casey Institute “has been achieved in no small measure thanks to the Institute’s former Chairman, Hon. Roger W. Robinson, Jr.” Gaffney further recounts that Robinson was “Senior Director of International Economic Affairs at the National Security Council, where he worked closely with Bill Casey in formulating the policies that helped destroy the Soviet Union.” Gaffney then writes about how, “Prior to his government service, Mr. Robinson was a Vice President in the International Department of the Chase Manhattan Bank with responsibility for the Bank’s loan portfolios in the former Soviet Union, Eastern and Central Europe and Yugoslavia.” 

Robinson was in deep with the CIA. There are dozens of pieces of correspondence between Roger Robinson and the CIA that been opened for the public to read. The communications pertain to a range of issues, from restraining Soviet Banks in the US to Japanese commerce. In one piece of communication from 1986, the director of the CIA at the time, William J. Casey, received a note from his secretary, saying:

“Roger Robinson called, just back from two weeks

in Japan. He wanted to be sure you saw his

article in the 22 June WASHINGTON POST which

is attached, and the reaction to it from today’s


The attachment contained an article written by Robinson and published by the Washington Post, pushing for the United States to set impediments on Soviet banks in the US.

This correspondence was made in 1986, a time when Operation Gladio was still being conducted, before it was supposedly disbanded in 1990. In 1986 Roger Robinson and Norman A. Bailey wrote a letter to the Director of the CIA, William Casey, asking for support to form an organization called “Center for the Study of Economic Security” as a means to combat Soviet advancements in Western economies. In one part of the letter it says:

“We believe that in order to perpetuate this work and consolidate progress, it would be advisable to consider the establishment of a prestigious institute or center outside of government dedicated to the study of international economic security. This new field is in its infancy but already includes such crucial issues as the Soviet strategy to dominate West European gas markets, the security dimensions of the international debt crisis, and the strategy implications of East-West finance.”

The Acting Director of the CIA, Robert M. Bates, wrote a response letter back to Robinson and Bailey, stating that while the Intelligence Agency was sought “to counter Soviet subversive inroads”, the CIA could not directly fund their operations until the center was established:

“While the Director heartily endorses the ideas behind the creation of a Center for the Study of Economic Security, he feels that it would be inappropriate for Agency officials to get personally involved. As for Agency funding of your proposed Center, such financial involvement is precluded by Agency policy based on the Katzenbach Commission Report. Once the Center is operational, of course, we would be pleased to discuss the possibility of funding individual research projects or papers.”

Robinson and Bailey wrote a reply affirming that they never asked for direct funds, rather, they were asking for funds through a third party, someone who could finance their operations without any obvious indications of CIA interests. In one part of the letter it says:

“We rather had in mind talking informally and unofficially with Bill about his personal idea concerning possibly private sector contacts with a potential interest in participating in the funding of such an undertaking. In addition, we wanted to extend an invitation to Bill to assume any role he might deem indicated in such an organization, should it materialize — but only after the conclusion of his distinguished government service.”

The Center for Security Policy, alongside numerous other Right-wing organizations like the Heritage Foundation, were indeed funded by a private investor — Richard Mellon Scaife — who worked directly with the CIA, which was encouraging Scaife’s funding. So, these think-tanks were financed by third party investors motivated by CIA requests. The Director of the CIA at this time, William J. Casey, worked directly with Roger Robinson to form the William J. Casey Institute branch of the Center for Security Policy.

In accordance to the initial plan discussed in the correspondence between Robinson and the CIA, the Center for Security Policy and its William J. Casey branch was to be focused on the economic advancements of the Soviet Union. Gaffney wrote in a report:

“The William J. Casey Institute of the Center for Security Policy was formally launched on 13 March 1996 with the mission of exploring the nexus between international financial, energy, trade and technology flows and traditional U.S. national security policy concerns. …  In his capacity as CIA Director, in particular, Mr. Casey was at the forefront of constructing a more security-minded U.S. policy with regard to economic, financial and energy relations with potential adversaries like the former Soviet Union and China.”

Gaffney, later in the report, wrote on the collaboration between CIA Director Casey and Roger Robinson:

“Within four years of its inception the Casey Institute had become an influential voice in the public policy community. This national stature has been achieved in no small measure thanks to the Institute’s former Chairman, Hon. Roger W. Robinson, Jr. Mr. Robinson’s background was ideally suited to establishing the Institute: During the Reagan Administration he served as Senior Director of International Economic Affairs at the National Security Council, where he worked closely with Bill Casey in formulating the policies that helped destroy the Soviet Union.”

Working to destroy the Soviet Union, correspondence between the CIA and Robinson to combat the Soviets in the 80s and 90s, all of this is completely in line with the agenda of Gladio. 

This further illumines the connection between the Counterjihad and CIA operations. As we can see here, there was a lot of correspondence between Gaffney’s partner, Robinson, and the CIA, specifically the CIA director William Casey. Casey was involved with Regnery, the very publishing house that publishes much Counterjihad literature.  Almost all of Robert Spencer’s books are published by Regnery, a publishing house founded by Henry Regnery, a pro-Nazi who was subsidized by the CIA to produce books that would be used to battle Communism. There is a report from 1985 which was archived by the CIA, recounting how in a Wednesday evening dinner in the Mayflower Hotel in honor of Henry Regnery, there were major big-wigs present such as General William Westmoreland and CIA Director William Casey.

Henry Regnery’s nephew, William Regnery, inherited the wealth of his uncle and is now the major funder behind the National Policy Institute, which is one of the biggest promoters of eugenist Alt-Right ideology. Since Regnery was working with the CIA, more specifically the CIA director William Casey, and William Casey worked with the Center for Security Policy, and Regnery published most of Robert Spencer’s books, and William Regnery funds the Alt-Right, then there must be a network between the Counterjihad and the current day eugenist movements. 

William Regnery with Richard Spencer

In the official bio for Robinson, it says that “Mr. Robinson was a Vice President in the International Department of the Chase Manhattan Bank. He had banking responsibilities for Chases loan portfolio in the USSR, Eastern and Central Europe and Yugoslavia for five years and served for some two and a half years as a personal assistant to former Chase Chairman David Rockefeller.”

Chase Bank was a major supporter for the Nazis during the Holocaust. Chase stole the money from accounts owned by Jews who had fled the Nazi terror. The New York Times reported:

“Among the 168 banks and other financial institutions listed as having blocked tens of thousands of accounts by Jewish depositors following Nazi orders in the occupied zone between 1940 and 1942, the commission said, were a few American ones, which have also said they would cooperate to return the money.

It listed them as Morgan & Company, now part of the J. P. Morgan & Company; the Guaranty Trust Company of New York, now also part of J. P. Morgan, and Chase Bank, now part of Chase Manhattan Bank.”

Roger Robinson, Frank Gaffney’s partner

In 1998 a lawsuit was filed against Chase stating that ”the Paris branch of Chase, with full knowledge of its New York home office, collaborated with the German authorities and displayed excessive zeal in its enforcement of anti-Jewish laws,” including blocking and freezing the accounts of depositors. The Nazis were selling a special German Mark, called Rueckwanderer, to German Americans in the US. Chase Bank was extremely involved in the transactions of these Marks. By helping in the sale of these Marks, Chase Bank, alongside other US financial institutions, helped the Third Reich raise over $20 million. In turn, Chase Bank received from Germany over $1 million in commission. When Germany commenced its policy of extermination of the Jewish people in 1938, Chase Bank became even more intense in eagerness to continue its business with the Nazis, since it wanted in on the money seized from bank accounts owned by fleeing Jews. According to the National Archives in Washington:

“The Germans sold special German Marks—known as Rueckwanderer [returnee] Marks—to U.S. residents of German descent. It has also been known that Chase National Bank (later Chase Manhattan, and now J.P. Morgan Chase) was involved in these transactions. Newly declassified FBI records offer a far more detailed picture than ever before. Thanks to FBI sources within Chase National and the other businesses involved as well as documents subpoenaed for a Grand Jury investigation launched in August 1941, the Bureau was able to follow a money trail. While the scheme to build dollar exchange for Germany through the sale of Rueckwanderer Marks originated with Germany, U.S. financial institutions were clearly implicated.

They helped the Germans raise over $20 million between 1936 and 1941, and in return earned over $1.2 million in commissions. Over half a million alone went to Chase National Bank and its subagents. The financial houses understood that the German government paid the commissions through the sale of discounted, blocked Marks that came mainly from Jews who had fled Germany. In fact these financial houses, especially Chase, were most eager to increase the scope of their business after the Nazi anti-Jewish pogrom known as Kristallnacht in November 1938, when Jewish emigration from Germany reached its height.”

Going back to the bio for the Center for Security Policy’s Roger W. Robinson, it says that Robinson “served for some two and a half years as a personal assistant to former Chase Chairman David Rockefeller.” David Rockefeller was a major funder for eugenics, and like the Danish counterjihadist, Nicolai Sennels, he was a huge advocate for population control.

David Rockefeller was a big supporter for the Population Council, an organization that advocates for population control through contraception and abortion. The Population Council was founded by John D. Rockefeller III, and it was financed by the Rockefeller Brothers Fund. The first president for the Population Council was one Frederick Henry Osborn who, according to the New York Times, “made a fortune in railroads and investment banking, retired from business at the age of 40 and turned to eugenics and demography, writing extensively on heredity, the environment and population problems.”

The same report says that “Mr. Osborn and John D. Rockefeller 3d began the Population Council to foster studies and education on the people of various nations in relation to their material and cultural resources. He was a director of the Population Association of America and the American Eugenics Society.” Osborn was amongst the earliest Americans to advocate for eugenics, as part of America’s inundation of eugenic ideology into Europe. It was in the United Stated where the first sterilization law was passed, in Indiana in 1907. From then on, sterilization laws began to be passed in other states, and by 1928 — just when Europe’s first sterilization law was passed in Switzerland — thirty American states passed their own sterilization laws.

When Germany took American eugenics and began to impose it in its fullest Darwinist way, Osborn and his ilk were in glee. Osborn said: “Germany’s rapidity of change with respect eugenics was possible only under a dictator.”

Frederick Henry Osborn

American eugenists saw in Germany’s eugenist policies what they truly wanted to carry out in the US. Osborn was disappointed that, while the US was responsible in teaching the Germans eugenics, it itself did not follow through to accomplish the Darwinist plan. Osborn said:

“a brief history of the origin and development of eugenic sterilization showed the originality of the United States, where all the first laws were initiated, and indicated a lack of thoroughness of our people in their failure to follow through.”

Osborn also remarked: “recent developments in Germany constitute perhaps the most important social experiment which has ever been tried.”

After the Second World War, when the eugenic language of calling people ‘inferior’ became more taboo, Osborn was instrumental in changing the face of the eugenist movement to make it appear more compassionate. During this ‘reformation’ from 1946 to 1956, Osborn was president of the Pioneer Fund, a secretive White supremacist group. In 1956, Osborn travelled to England to give a speech for the annual Galton Lecture at a meeting for the Eugenics Society, to tell his fellow eugenists on the manner by which to advance their social-Darwinist cause:

“They won’t accept the idea that they are, in general, second rate. We must rely on other motivations. … Lets stop telling anyone that they have a generally inferior genetic quality, for they will never agree. Let’s base our proposals on the desirability of having children born in homes where they will get affectionate and responsible care, then perhaps our proposals will be accepted.”

When Roe V. Wade was passed in 1972, Osborn praised the legalization of abortion as part of the new face of the eugenist movement, saying:

“The name was changed because it became evident that changes of a eugenic nature would be made for reasons other than eugenics, and that tying a eugenic label on them would more often hinder than help their adoption. Birth control and abortion are turning out to be great eugenic advances of our time.”


What is revealing is that Frank Gaffney works directly with Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), broadcasting his radio show from their building.

FAIR is interconnected with the eugenist Population Council. On the official website for FAIR it lists one Sarah G. Epstein as one of its Board of Directors and describes her resume as:

“Ms. Epstein is an art lecturer and volunteer. She serves on the boards of several non-profit organizations, including Pathfinder International, Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington, Center for Development and Population Activities and The Population Institute.”

Sarah G. Epstein

Planned Parenthood is an organization that a lot of people would consider eugenist, while the other, Pathfinder International, is a eugenist group that is not as known. Pathfinder International was founded by Clarence Gamble, a major eugenist leader in America who was responsible for the sterilization of many people deemed as having a ‘low IQ’ in North Carolina. According to one report:

“Throughout his career, Gamble was a prominent champion of eugenic sterilization and fought for laws mandating the sterilization of mental ward patients and the performance of vasectomies on ‘unfit’ males. In this way he sought to eliminate hereditary forms of illness and retardation.”

Clarence Gamble

In 1937, Gamble provided information on contraception to the native population of the very small island of Bocagrande which lies right near the Florida Everglades. The nurse who was in charge of the program, Frances Pratt, told Gamble that the island was an ideal place to experiment with different contraceptive methods, and of course she was talking about experimenting on the natives. After offering to fund for one year the birth control program, and to pay Pratt’s salary, Gamble had the entire island as a whole laboratory for himself. One form of birth control that was experimented with was to shove a sponge covered in a “contraceptive foam powder” into a woman’s vagina. *See Reed, The Birth Control Movement and American Society, p. 252*

Gamble bemoaned that North Carolina’s population increase was not coming “from the more intelligent levels” and told an audience of eugenists that they were “in a strategic position…to improve North Carolinas next generation by correcting the present undesirable differential birth rate.”

In 1936, Gamble commenced his contraception program in Puerto Rico to get the Puerto Ricans to stop having a lot of children. This operation was done under the Puerto Rico Reconstruction Administration (PRRA), a program issued from Roosevelt’s New Deal program. There was one concern about the eugenist project, and that was that by experimenting with birth control pills on Puerto Rican Catholics, Catholics in the US would get upset, thus jeopardizing Roosevelt’s campaign for reelection.

The program was temporarily halted until Roosevelt’s reelection victory was secured. Once that was done, the program was resumed. Birth control was illegal in Catholic Puerto Rico, but the United States began to pressure the Puerto Rican government, and it acquiesced to American arm-twisting. After this, Puerto Rico became an open season lab for birth control fanatics. Gamble brought his foams and powders, but then he began utilizing a different: “the pill.” Gamble financed the first experiments done for the pill in Puerto Rico; these experiments were done by Drs. Gregory Pincus and John Rock, “The Fathers of the Pill.”

Gamble worked directly with Margaret Sanger to further support her “negro project,” which was conducted to exterminate blacks through abortion. In a letter written by Sanger to Gamble, she wrote out a strategy to use black protestant pastors to convince African Americans that Planned Parenthood did not want to annihilate their people:

“We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members.”

FAIR’s connection with the Population Council, and Center for Security Policy’s collaborations with FAIR, establishes a continual line from the pro-Nazi eugenist movement all the way to the Counterjihad movement. Since it was the eugenist Scaife family that funded both the Center for Security Policy and John Tanton, founder of FAIR, there is an ideological relation between the two, and thus — taking also into account the many eugenist ties within the Counterjhad movement —- there is a eugenist foundation in the establishment of the Counterjihad network.    


Roger Robinson is also a huge backer of Japan. He is in complete support for Japan possessing nuclear weapons, providing Turkey with nuclear technology, and for the US to make profit from selling Japanese nuclear technology. Japan is a wolf nation; it invaded much of East Asia during the Second World War and butchered countless millions. Yet people like Robinson have no issue in pushing for the revival of Japan militarism. In a Center for Security Policy speech given in 2013, Robinson said:

“I don’t want to jump to conclusions on this, but I would say that if you’re Japan today, and you’re seeing the bellicosity and the direct threats to their nation from North Korea, and you see China again with fire control radar locks, and this is your world and you see Russia salivating over your territory and South Korea, of all places, willing to join the fray at some level at such a delicate time and press their own territorial issues with Japan, you’re in a position where you have to have leave in the US-Japan security relationship to not be thinking about nuclear reprocessing of the type that would provide you with a rather rapid capability to nuclearize should it be required.

And I think that obviously there’s a commercial element to this that they’re not backing away from nuclear energy – and we could have that conversation about the benefits of being able to sell their nuclear technology abroad – but I think this group is more interested in the other elements of this that are less public and what they may mean.” 

The United States wanting to militarize Japan for the purpose of profit is merely a continuation of an American foreign policy that has been going on since 1852, when the US government had Commander Matthew Perry send two giant steam powered ships to the coast of Japan to scare the Japanese into agreeing to do commerce with the Americans.

The Americans taught the Japanese about military technology, and by 1868 Japan became a unified and militarily formidable nation, in what is called the Meiji Reformation. From this time, Japan commenced a very violent and efficient plan of military expansionism, defeating China in 1895, and crushing the Russians in 1905. Japan’s victories gained the respect of the Americans who had thought that they could use the Japanese as a check against China and Russia. From this, the Japanese would continue on their warpath, until they turned on the Americans, the ones who began them and the ones who ended them.

Shinzo Abe has made it clear that he wants to revive the Meiji Era, and the American heretics are helping Japan do this. The support for a return to Japanese militarism and nationalism, is the support for eugenics. For even a brief perusal of Japan’s imperialist history shows that it was amongst the most diabolical imposers of eugenics, with its Unit 731 conducting the most horrid human experiments, and with its armies extermination millions of people, be they in China or the Catholic Philippines, who they deemed as racially inferior.

And if you think that admiration for Nazism is dead in Japan, think again. An official of Shinzo Abe’s Liberal Democratic Party, Yoshio Ogai, wrote a book entitled, Hitler’s Election Strategy, A Bible for Certain Victory in Modern Elections. The book praises Hitler for having the ability to “wipe out enemies with emergency measures”, and affirms that the Nazis’s process of “unifying public opinion in a short period of time and snatching power” provides “very important teachings.”

Eriko Yamatani, head of the National Public Safety Commission, posed a photo with Shigeo Masuki, former leader of Zaitokukai, a Japanese racist organization that wants all Koreans in Japan to be exterminated. Sanae Takaichi, the Internal Affairs Minister, and Tomomi Inada, Policy Chief of the ruling Liberal Democrats, posed in separate, undated photos with the leader of the National Socialist Japanese Workers Party, Kazunari Yamada.

Eriko Yamatani


Eriko Yamatani, posing with a member of the hate group, Zaitokukai.

The Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications for Abe’s administration, Sanae Takaichi, publicly endorsed the pro-Hitler book in a newspaper interview in which she said: “Like the author indicates in the book, the key to winning is to have a ‘strong will’”. Takaichi also posed for a photo with Kazunari Yamada, leader of the National Socialist Japanese Workers Party (NSJAP).

Sanae Takaichi with Nazi leader Kazunari Yamada

Roger Robinson believes in Abe’s pernicious ambition to change the Japanese Constitution to allow Japan to war against other nations, and so does Abe’s Nazi  Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Taro Aso, who looks up to Hitler as a role model for the administration’s militarist goals, saying:

“Germany’s Weimar Constitution was changed into the Nazi Constitution before anyone knew. It was changed before anyone else noticed. Why don’t we learn from that method?”

This is the Japanese administration that Roger Robinson of the Center for Security Policy wants the United States to support. Robinson wants us to support these Japanese nazis. Why are these Right-wing elites supporting Japan? Because, like Theodore Roosevelt, they want to use Japan as a check against Russia. And this ties in with the agenda of the Center for Security Policy.

In 1986, Roger Robinson’s partner, Norman A. Bailey, wrote a document entitled, CIA Report on Soviet Use of Economic Relations, and it was addressed to William P. Clark, who worked directly under President Reagan. In the document it reads that the Soviets “work to weaken West European and Japanese economic ties with the United States and to develop stronger West European energy dependence on the USSR.” Its about guaranteeing that Japan remains a defender of American interests in East Asia against Russia and China. The US is supporting Japan for the same reason it is supporting Turkey: both Japan and Turkey hate the Russians and have a history of fighting Russia.


Frank Gaffney praised a modern day American nazi, Jared Taylor, and although he boasts about being “pro-Israel,” he acted as the sycophant that he is for this agent of the very eugenist beliefs under which the Jews were slaughtered. On his radio show, Frank Gaffney introduced Talyor by praising his website, American Renaissance, which is filled with the promotion of eugenics and racism. Gaffney said:

“Jared Taylor joins us, I believe, for the first time. I’m very pleased to have him with us. He is the editor of a very wonderful online publication, American Renaissance.” 

This is the same Jared Taylor who advocates for “embryo selection,” which is the process of “selecting” one embryo (based on its genetic makeup) over numerous others, and destroying the rest. Jared Taylor advocates for this process in his belief that it would produce a superior race, saying:

“I believe that an enlightened European people will begin to think in terms of improving itself genetically. I think there are positive eugenic steps that could be taken, embryo selection is one”     

 After the media began to expose the interview, Gaffney said that he did not know that Taylor is a racist. Yet, its impossible that Gaffney did not know this. For one, a quick and brief search for Jared Taylor and his organization, Amren, on the internet, will reveal within a matter of minutes that they advocate for racialism and eugenics. Secondly, when you read the interview transcript, Gaffney promotes a book written by Taylor that has a title with the most obvious indication of racism: “White Identity: Racial Consciousness for the 21st Century”. Gaffney introduced Taylor by saying:

“He formerly was an editor at The Washington Times and the author of six books, including ‘White Identity: Racial Consciousness for the 21st Century’ and also ‘Shadows of the Rising Sun.’”

As Gaffney was saying these words, he did not know that he was interviewing a racist? I find it very hard to believe. Further on in this interview Jared Taylor said in regards to Angela Merkel:

“I think she feels the weight of history upon her and is not in a position to say, ‘we must defend our borders in the name of our Germanness.’”

You would think that a “pro-Israel” guy like Gaffney would have questioned this, but he doesn’t. He just moves on as though nothing being said is shady and sketchy. I mean, Germany did do mass genocide in the name of “Germanness,” and the fact that Gaffney would ignore this and would advertise a book on “White identity” reveals that Gaffney is a total shill for the violent nationalist forces of our time.

Gaffney asked Taylor on whether or not Europe is “devolving once again into the kind of cataclysms that it has from time immemorial with bloodletting letting place. Is that overreaching at this point or is it perhaps a distant possibility?” In other words, Gaffney is asking if Europe will ever turn violent again, to which Taylor responds with:

“I certainly hope that that does not happen. On the other hand, if that is what it takes for Europe to survive as Europe, then I think that is better than Europe facing oblivion.”

One thing that I have learned over the years is that when people say, “I hope its not the case, but…” that whatever they say after the “but” is what they really want. These modern day eugenists want blood, and the propagandist like Gaffney have been helping and still assist in the efforts of the forces of destruction. 

Frank Gaffney has worked with the eugenist organization, Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), and in fact conducted radio interviews from the official FAIR radio station. In 2015, Gaffney, from the FAIR station, interviewed Joe Guzzardi, Media Director and Senior Writing Fellow at Californians for Population Stabilization, and Robert Vandervoort, Executive Director of ProEnglish. Both of these organizations are eugenist.

If you look at ProEnglish, the founding chairman of the eugenist organization is John Tanton, a major supporter of Planned Parenthood, and according to one report, Tanton “organized the Planned Parenthood chapter in Petoskey, Michigan.” Tanton’s organization, NumbersUSA, is funded by Peter Thiel, the German Silicon Valley billionaire who is a huge eugenist and is revered by big American Right-wing media outlets from PJ Media to Frontpage Magazine to Breitbart.

The Nazi elites of our time are right in the midst of all the vulgar masses, tickling their ears as they fill up their pride with words of populism and grandeur, aspirations of a far off fantasy of human perfection, and as the mob worship and bow down before their idols dressed in prestigious attire, underneath the cold callous edifices of glamour, lies the blood of innocent human sacrifices, butchered on the altar of egoism, under the hands of a people innovating themselves to perdition.   

The other organization which Gaffney promoted in the FAIR studio was Californians for Population Stabilization, which is a population control and eugenist group. The Media Director for Californians for Population Stabilization, Joe Guzzardi, who Frank Gaffney interviewed in the eugenist FAIR studio, is a writer for the social-Darwinist magazine, VDARE, and someone who is angered when children are taught too long on the Holocaust. In a 2002 article, Guzzardi expressed his anger over how a group of Hispanic American students spent three hours in a Holocaust museum and only two hours to see the Smithsonian Museums, the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument and the Vietnam Wall.  Guzzardi writes:

“Two hours total for all of DC`s dozens of sites but three hours-plus for the Holocaust Museum? Remember that these young students know next to nothing about American history or civics. Naturally, the kids should be exposed to the atrocities of Nazi Germany. Of course, time spent at the museum isn`t wasted.

But the extended tour of the Holocaust Museum indirectly sends a grim message, perhaps purposely, to the kids. That message is:  ‘Do you see what happens when people hate? You, as a Mexican-American, may be a victim of hate. There are people out there who don`t like you and want you to go away. Can you see where hate leads?’ This is just my analysis. But the themes that are hammered home over and over again in high school deal with the wonders of diversity and the shamefulness of racism. The Holocaust Museum visit reinforces the idea in young pliable minds that racism, taken to its extreme, leads to death.”

Joe Guzzardi

Now, look to this way of writing and observe the strategy he utilizes. At first he shows his rage about students going to a Holocaust museum for three hours, and then he says, “Of course, time spent at the museum isn`t wasted.” He says this to prevent people from pointing out his own elusive Nazi sympathy. If the time spent at the museum was not a waste, then why even complain? What is the issue? Why even bring this up? There is an agenda in all this, and the shadow of this agenda is illumined by these words of Guzzardi:

“The Holocaust Museum visit reinforces the idea in young pliable minds that racism, taken to its extreme, leads to death.”

These agents of Belial don’t want us to think that racism leads to genocide, and so they use a form of sophistry to try to discourage people from pointing to the Holocaust as an evidence of the evils of racism. He wants students to spend more time in the Smithsonian, where Darwinism is propagated, than in the Holocaust museum where the consequences of Darwinism are revealed. Yet, Gaffney — who boasts about being “pro-Israel” — does not mind promoting and partnering with people like Guzzardi.    

  Like the Danish eugenist, Nicolai Sennels, and the American eugenist, Baron Bodissey — both figures of the Counterjihad movement — Guzzardi believes that there are too many people in America, and that the cause of this increase in population is immigration. Guzzardi states: “U.S. population growth is accelerating at a rate found only in Third World countries, and immigration is its chief driver.” He then promote’s Clinton’s belief in lowering human population:

“President Clinton concluded that reducing immigration is ‘a sensitive issue,’ but nevertheless a necessary part of population stabilization. As it turned out, no one listened to President Clinton either then or since, and U.S. population continues ever upward.”

In April of 2017, Guzzardi wrote an article dedicated to “Earth day,” which is merely a pagan day for Gaia worship, and stated that there are too many people in the world, and that overpopulation is the biggest threat to the environment:

“With the increase in the human population has come an inevitable decline in other species. Land used for housing, roads, businesses, schools and other forms of human activity has displaced land in its natural state. California has already lost 99 percent of its native grasslands, 80 percent of its coastal wetlands, and 94 percent of its interior wetlands. The late David Brower, a CAPS Advisory Board member and the Sierra Club’s first executive director noted, ‘Overpopulation is perhaps the biggest problem facing us, and immigration is part of that problem. It has to be addressed.'”

On the same official website for Californians for Population Stabilization, there is a report that decries anti-abortion movements and expresses desire for more abortions to decrease human population:

“A host of other factors also have a bearing on our current sorry state – the often long lag times between causes and effects in geophysical and ecological phenomena (climate change is a prime example); the backlash against birth control, family planning and abortion by religious and patriarchal special interests”

On their official website there is a report written by one of their Advisory Board Members, Leon Kolankiewicz, in which he promotes environmentalist Huey Johnson, and presents a statement regarding his work in the promotion of population decline through abortion. Kolankiewicz writes:

“Interestingly, many years ago, Johnson was also outspoken on the imperative of limiting population. According to CAPS [Californians for Population Stabilization] board member Prof. Otis L. Graham, Jr.’s 2008 book Immigration Reform and America’s Unchosen Future, Johnson once even got into hot water for his views when he was Resources Secretary. At a luncheon in Washington, D.C., Johnson:

‘…told his audience that it was time for a population limitation policy in California. He suggested ending tax subsidies for larger families and [he also suggested] support for abortion rights. Talking to reporters later, he added that the federal government ‘should tighten immigration rules.’”

 Gaffney is working with these types of people and organizations, which means that he is collaborating with green “deep ecology” fascists who want to murder people for the sake of their pagan earth god. This is just another reason to point to the Nazi roots and associations of the Counterjihad.

The Left are international socialists, and so they tend to initially focus on population control for the world; while the Right are national socialists, and tend to, at first, be fixated on population control for the nation. So while the Left will be particularly focused on abortion and contraception as solutions, the Right will focus on immigration control as a solution.

Both are anti-human at the end of the day, and while the Left is internationally focused, they will ultimately transgress against nations; and while the Right focuses on the nation, they will inevitably become international as they advance in power. And although the Right will many times portray themselves as being against abortion, they will always meet with the Left in agreement on abortion, the difference being that they will advocate for infanticide in the name of race, while the Left will support the same evil in the name of class.

The Left-Right dichotomy is the Shia-Sunni struggle of the world outside the Islamic realm. The Shia Muslim and Sunni Muslim both believe in Islam and the prophet Muhammad, but what polarizes them is the question on who took the mantle as the leader of the faithful after the death of Muhammad. The Left and the Right will both lead the world to anti-human ideologies, but their disagreement lies on which words to use. The Left loves to talk of being “international” and “global,” while the Right likes to speak of “the nation,” “nationalism,” “the folks,” and the like. Either way, both result in people before a firing squad. As long as political forces believe in Darwinism, they will always bring death and confusion.

The only true path that leads to an authentic universalism and love for humanity, is the Catholic Faith.

Guzzardi is also vehemently anti-Catholic, writing that because the Church tends to be more merciful to illegal immigrants, that it is an enemy to the United States:

“Let`s not kid ourselves. We can no longer consider the Catholic clergy as merely our spiritual advisors who have our best interests at heart. We have to acknowledge that the cardinals, bishops and priests are daunting foes who have become leftwing, open borders radicals—as much our enemy, and America`s, as the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Foundation, the League of United Latin American Citizens or the Southern Poverty Law Center. Moral: Patriots who work for immigration sanity must beware the wolf in the clerical collar.”

The eugenists and racialists of our time are increasing in their wont to attribute the “migration crises” to the Catholic Church and the Jews. I believe this was the agenda behind the migration crises in Europe: cause anger amongst the masses, create a savior figure to act as the solution, and point to an enemy as a source of the problem. More and more frequently are we seeing Counterjihad and Right-wing activists blaming the Jews on the migrant situation. For example, on the website of the major Alt-Right radio station, Red Ice, it blames the Jews for the migrant crises:

“The answer to the question why Jews seem to have a predilection for multiculturalism in the host countries they reside in, is that they as a seemingly invisible minority among lots of other more visible and apparently problematic minorities no more appear as a social category, and thus they can undisturbed continue to exercise their power by promoting their ethnic group interests at the expense of the indigenous peoples. The aim is to destroy the traditional Western culture and weaken its civilization; to divide and weaken the northern European-derived populations, break down their ethnic consciousness and national cohesion, so that they never again will have the opportunity to organize an ethnically conscious and collectivist movement like the German National Socialism of the 1930s.” 

Ingrid Carlqvist is a Swedish Counterjihadist who works directly with Robert Spencer as part of their “Free Press Society” project, and she as well blames the Jews for the migrant crises in Sweden. Ingrid has also been invited numerous times to speak for FrontPage Magazine and also was on CBN (Christian Broadcasting Network Network) alongside the Marxist Lars Hedegaard to talk about the “migrant crises” in Sweden.

Carlqvist spent over an hour doing an interview with Red Ice on why the Jews are to blame on the migrant crises, and she also reveals her Nazi sympathies when she says that the Nazis did not kill the Jews for no reason, as if the Jews exterminated in death camps did something to deserve it:


The Counterjihad loves to boast about how anti-jihad they are. But the reality is that its godfather, Frank Gaffney, was all for arming jihadists.

In 1995, Gaffney’s Center for Security Policy published an article written by staunch interventionist William Safire, pushing for the US to work with Turkey, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia to provide Muslim Bosnian fighters with sophisticated military technology to fight the pro-Russian Christian Serbs. This type of plan is exactly what Operation Gladio was about: training anti-Russian militias, be they Nazi or Muslim, to neutralize Soviet influence in Europe. The report reads:

“Mr. Clinton should lead the West to join nations like Pakistan, Turkey and Saudi Arabia to finance purchase of antitank, antiaircraft and intelligence-communications equipment.”

The report goes on to advocate for providing the Bosnian army with arms, training and air power:

“Bosnia already has 120,000 troops, all the troops it needs today to defend its whittled-down borders. They are mainly Bosnian Muslims, with some indigenous Croats. What those troops need is defensive arms, the training to use those arms, and the sustained air cover to give them the time to get that training.  Here’s where Clinton has been snookered again by Europeans who want no Muslim state on their Continent. 

They keep claiming that lifting the embargo on arms for Bosnian self-defense would prolong the war. Time has demonstrated how mistaken that defeatist European story is. One-sided arming led to war; only by equipping Muslim troops with comparable firepower can a balance be struck that could lead to peace.”

In 1994, Gaffney wrote an article pushing for the US to support Muslim Chechen fighters against the Russians:

“The Center for Security Policy believes, accordingly, that the United States must demonstrate convincingly its opposition to such trends in Russia. The place to start is with Chechnya. Washington must stop dismissing this odious military crackdown as a legitimate, if regrettable, response to an internal problem — a response reminiscent of the Bush Administration’s when Mikhail Gorbachev used force to suppress growing dissent in the Baltic states. 

It should, instead, be making it clear that Russia’s failure to act in a manner consistent with democratic practices and Western norms in dealing with the Chechen independence movement will inevitably have adverse consequences for U.S. and allied assistance to Moscow and for efforts to integrate Russia into the West. The United States should stand with those genuinely committed to such practices and norms — and not fall prey once again to the temptation to cling to leaders who may have done so once, but whose actions indicate they no longer do. If President Clinton cannot bring himself to make such a principled statement, the Congress must do so at the first possible opportunity.”

Gaffney and his eugenist founded Center for Security Policy supported arming the Muslim jihadists in the 90s to go against the Russians. This sounds exactly like Gladio, which was designed to support and arm anti-Russian forces, and that includes Muslim jihadists and Nazis. And after the Muslims struck and attention began to be built around jihadist activities, Gaffney and his ilk — after advocating for arming the Muslims — is now against the Muslims and is promoting eugenist organizations.

Lets see, an organization, like the Center for Security Policy, is financially founded by a eugenist — Richard Mellon Scaife — and they at first support the Islamists, and then after the Islamists struck — thanks to policies that Gaffney supported — this same organization finances the Counterjihad and is promoting eugenics. It all makes perfect sense once you have an awareness of the diabolical planning that lies behind this scheme: create the problem of Islamic terrorism, and then finance a whole network of supposed Counterjihad groups; make propaganda using jargon like “Western civilization,” “White Europe,” “They are threatening our way of life,” as guises to cover up the true agenda of spreading eugenist and racialist ideology.   


Frank Gaffney is most definitely connected with the eugenist organization, the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) which, like the Center for Security Policy and the Heritage Foundation, was financially founded by the same murderous eugenist billionaire: Richard Mellon Scaife. There is a document from the CIA archives that shows that Gaffney, while analyzing the Intermediate Nuclear Force Treaty in 1987, was working for AEI:

On the Advisory Council for the Center for Security Policy, is Michael Rubin, who is a Resident Scholar for the major eugenist and Right-wing American Enterprise Institute. 

Michael Rubin, who works for the American Enterprise Institute, and is on the Advisory Board for Frank Gaffney’s Center for Security Policy, is an agent who pushes American policy for dangerous causes. In one interview that was published by the American Enterprise Institute, Michael Rubin says that Israel should give weapons to Azerbaijan to attack Armenia, since Armenia has a stronger relationship with Iran than it does with the US. Michael Rubin says:

“The Armenians receive assistance from Iran, and so it would make sense if Azerbaijan could access Israeli weaponry and training. Clearly, neither Armenia nor Russia are sincere about ending the occupation of Nagorno-Karabakh. Turkey is occupied elsewhere, and so it makes perfect sense for Azerbaijan to reach out to friends to right a wrong that Azerbaijan has suffered for two decades.” 

Michael Rubin

If the US or whoever arms Azerbaijan to kill Armenians, who does that help? Turkey, since it was the Turkish Ottoman Empire that butchered over a million Armenians in the 20th century.

While the American Enterprise Institute touts itself as being “conservative,” they are a conduit for the teaching of eugenics and racial supremacy. There was an article published by AEI, written by its Adjunct Fellow, eugenist Jon Entine, which says “Jews are a genetic goldmine.” Entine goes on to write:

“For hundreds of years, the smartest, most literate male Jews–the rabbis and moneylenders–mated with the wealthiest and wisest daughters, ensuring the spread of “smart genes,” due to arranged marriages.”      

Jon Entine

Entine describes Judaism as a biologically and race based religion:

“Finding links between Judaism and DNA, even flattering hints of genetically-shaped high IQ, is particularly unnerving considering the lessons of Jewish history. Yet we can’t escape the fact that Judaism is different from Christianity or Islam. It’s not purely faith-based. It originated as a tribal religion, tied to nationhood. It remains a rich tapestry with threads of faith, land, and blood ancestry–a genetic as well as a cultural inheritance.”

The Jews who rejected Christ would make Judaism from being spirituality to racialism; they rejected the Messiah, the Temple was destroyed, and they rejected the Church. Those who enter the Church, are part of the true religion of Israel. But the Jews who’ve been wanting nothing to do with the Church, needed to make a new religion altogether. Once they rejected the Messiah, they had no temple to go to, and so their race, their blood, became their religion.

Hence why they were enraged at St. John the Baptist, when he exclaimed to the Jewish authorities: “And think not to say within yourselves, We have Abraham to our father: for I say unto you, that God is able of these stones to raise up children unto Abraham.” (Matthew 3:9) St. John the Baptist was combating the racism of the Jews, and when they rejected their Messiah, they only amplified their racial pride. With hatred for the Messiah of mankind, and with no temple, the only god they could look up to, is the one of race. The rejection of God, always leads to the extolling of genetics.

Entine is for the genocide of children with deformities. In one article he wrote, which was published on AEI’s website, entitled, “Let’s (cautiously) celebrate the ‘new eugenics’”, Entine promotes eugenics and for the extermination of children with deformities:

As parents of DS children and as activists in the disability rights movement, their pain is understandable. But that does not make their desire to ban or heavily restrict this technology persuasive or wise. Abortion is a prickly issue, contentious and personal, entangled with legal and moral standards that vary from community to community. Lewis and Reiskin advance a moral argument as a backdoor way to promote changes in the legal landscape, and I believe they do so disingenuously. If successful, their efforts would lead to curtailments in abortion rights and limits on genetic health screens. Almost all communities in the United States, Europe and most other Western countries allow for the termination of pregnancies when the mother is found to be carrying a fetus with a genetic disease. The raw truth is that prospective parents would prefer having children with no genetic defects. There is already broad national support for screening fetuses to determine whether they contain genetic abnormalities: amniocentesis. It involves inserting a needle through the uterus to withdraw fluid and fetal cells from the amniotic sac.

As the opinion piece noted, 80 to 90 percent of women who receive a positive amniocentesis test for DS choose to terminate their pregnancy. Although controversial in its early days, it’s now a broadly accepted procedure that ultimately results in the termination of tens of thousands of pregnancies every year.”

There is another article published by AEI, written by the eugenist, Charles Murray, in which he writes:

“I begin with the assumption that elevated Jewish intelligence is grounded in genetics. It is no longer seriously disputed that intelligence in Homo sapiens is substantially heritable. …Hence my view that something in the genes explains elevated Jewish IQ.”


So lets summarize what we learned in this investigation. The entire Counterjihad movement was established through think-tanks like the Center for Security Policy and the Heritage Foundation; both of these institutes were financially founded by a eugenist named Richard Mellon Scaife who worked directly with Margaret Sanger and gave millions to Planned Parenthood. What this is establishes is that the foundation of the Counterjihad was financed by a eugenist, and thus the very underpinnings of the movement is Darwinist in nature. This explains why the road of the Counterjihad movement ended with an acceptance of atheism, Darwinism and homosexuality.

Moreover, the Heritage Foundation and the Free Congress Foundation worked directly with Eastern European Nazis like Laslo Pasztor and Ivan Dochev, and also would later work with Robert Spencer in an effort that would help begin the Counterjihad movement. Pasztor and Dochev and their Hungarian Freedom Fighters worked directly with the CIA in training and recruiting people to be a part of a paramilitary force, and this was being done at the same time of the CIA’s Operation Gladio. Also at the same time as Gladio, Paul Weyrich was collaborating with Pasztor, and Weyrich would later work with Robert Spencer. All of this demonstrates that the Counterjihad sprung from the same ideological and political forces. The CIA conducted Gladio; the CIA worked with Pasztor; the CIA worked with Sciaife; the CIA worked with Gaffney; Gaffney’s Center for Security Policy, alongside EU politician Philip DeWinter, established the Counterjihad as a movement. This all sheds light on the reality that the Counterjihad movement indeed is one government enterprise.

The Counterjihad is a frankenstein monster created in the labs of the elite. We are all in the laboratory of the political climate shifters, but I hope that enough of us have enough awareness not to be lab rats.