Day Care Teacher In Minnesota Who Tried To Strangle A Toddler To Death By Hanging Him With A Homemade Noose In Her Basement, Gets Just Ten Years Probation

Nataliia Karia

By Theodore Shoebat

A day care teacher in Minnesota is only getting ten years probation for trying to strange a toddler to death by hanging him with a homemade noose in her basement. According to one report from USA Today:

 A former day care provider convicted of hanging a toddler has been sentenced to probation.

Nataliia Karia received 10 years probation on Monday for hanging a toddler in her daycare and running over two men with her minivan, before attempting suicide. She had faced 13 years in prison. All of the victims of the November 2016 incident survived their injuries.

Through an interpreter, Karia asked for forgiveness.

“I apologize and I don’t know if you will be able to forgive me. I have no excuse for what I did,” she said.

Judge Jay Quam said this is one of the hardest cases he’s ever had adding if this was a normal case, given everything that happened, he would give the most severe sentence that he could.

But he says this was not a normal case.

Karia sobbed as the prosecutor ran through the details of what happened.

“She hung (him) by the neck with a homemade noose in her basement in Minneapolis. This case is about that little boy who very well could have taken his last breath in that basement,” assistant county attorney Christina Warren said.

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