Germans Sick Of Refugees Take Life-Size Doll, Dress It Like A Refugee, And Hang The Effigy In A Noose From A Crane

There has been many tensions with the refugees in Germany, and many people are very angry. Recently, an effigy of a refugee hanging in a noose from a crane was recovered by Berlin police:

On Sunday in Berlin-Neukölln the Berlin fire brigade brought down a doll disguised as a refugee from a construction crane.

At 8:45 am, witnesses alerted the police, who immediately brought along the fire department and the cart and locked the crane.

At the time, it was still not clear whether it was a real person or a doll. But the police could quickly give the all-clear.

The black mannequin, wearing an orange life-jacket, hung on a gallows rope.

On the crane also hung a poster with the inscription “Humanity”, which also pointed to a political action that could be related to the rescue of refugees in the Mediterranean Sea.

To get the doll from the crane, the fire department used its own special crane. A firefighter with a fall protection had climbed onto the approximately 23 -meter-high crane arm and cut off the doll, said the fire department. (source)

With all respect to the German people, there has been a lot of violence with the “refugees,” and many are tired of the violence that comes out of their communities. However, as we have noted before, not only is genocide never the solution to one’s problems, but the entire “refugee crisis” was manufactured intentionally to provoke public outrage. We have proven this twice (here and here).

The German government wants violence. They want chaos. They want people furious at the refugees while at the same time enabling the worse among the refugees to engage in the worst forms of behavior with absolute, fearless license. The purpose of this is to present the government as the “solution” to the “problem” which they created in order to justify a return to militarism.

As far as the “refugees,” they are the biggest losers in all of this, because they are being collectively blamed for the violence that is coming from their communities. Just as a pawn is sacrificed in a game of chess, so in this game of geopolitics will the refugees, having been used to advance the rise of nationalism, will likely be sacrificed to the anger of the masses and will result in a return to the horrors of the previous World War being committed once again in the name of said nationalism.

The people hung this “refugee” in effigy because they are taking out their anger on the refugees, which is exactly what the German government wants them to do. This is not to avoid the issue of violence from refugee communities, but to say that the propaganda from Berlin and Brussels is working on the people and this is but one of the fruits.