The leaking of an arrest warrant containing the names and addresses of two men suspected of stabbing a man to death in an incident that sparked the worst neo-Nazi rioting in Germany for decades, has raised fears that it was released by far-right sympathisers among the police.

Photos of the warrant were posted on social media by Lutz Bachmann, founder of the anti-Muslim Pegida movement, as well as by Pro Chemnitz, which organised a demonstration on Monday in which neo-Nazis and far-right extremists outnumbered police by more than ten to one. It was also shared by a local association of the Alternative for Germany party.

That the warrant was leaked to the public, and that it would be used to spark a massive nationalist and nazi protest, gives credit to suspicion that this was part of a Gladio operation. Lutz Bachmann is the founder of PEGIDA, which he founded in collaboration with Gotz Kubitschek, who is the head ideologue and lobbyist for the German and Austrian Identitarian movement whose spokesperson, Martin Sellner, I confronted and debated for his elusive nazism:

The arrest warrant was shared on Facebook by Pro-Chemnitz’s Martin Kohlmann and his post got a thousand shares. The warrant was spread to other activists by Tommy Frenck, a neo-Nazi. It was reported in a German publication on how Stefan Moller, an official spokesman for the AfD, sent out an email in which was posted a photo of Hocke with six other AfD members, alongside Tommy Frenck, a neo-Nazi occultist from Hildburghausen. On Tommy’s neck is a tattoo that proudly says, “Aryan,” and on his shoulder is another tattoo of the occult image of the Black Sun, and on his arm is a tattoo of a skull with the Wehrmacht helmet.

Other nazis were present in the rally, including Patrick Schröder and David Köcker, according to one German report.

Patrick Schröder