Major Indian Politician Who Supports Hindu Terrorists Declares That India Should Invade Bangladesh

Subramanian Swamy is a senior member of the BJP, which is the effective political wing of the RSS, a terrorist group founded in the early 20th century based off of the National Socialists that wants the creation of a “pure Hindu ethnostate” and the forced conversion or murder of all non-Hindus, especially Christians and Muslims. In a recent statement, Swamy accused Bangladesh of “torturing” Hindus and that India should invade Bangladesh:

Senior BJP leader and Rajya Sabha MP Subramanian Swamy on Sunday said that India should invade Bangladesh if the torture of Hindus does not stop in the neighbouring country.

Addressing a press conference in Tripura where he weighed on several issues, Swamy said, “India will continue to support it, but Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina should be warned to stop those mad people from demolishing Hindu temples, converting Hindu temples into Masjid and converting Hindus to Muslims.”

If Bangladesh does not stop torturing the Hindus, I would recommend that our government invades Bangladesh and takes it over, Swamy was quoted as saying by ANI.

Swamy was in Agartala to attend a programme of ‘Sanskritik Gaurav Sansthan’ Tripura unit.

Calling Imran Khan just a “chaprasi”, Swamy said Pakistan is run by the “ISI, military and terrorists”.

The outspoken BJP MP said there was no point holding talks with Pakistan.

“Imran Khan is nothing but a ‘chaprasi’ because the country (Pakistan) is run by the military, ISI and terrorists, and Imran Khan is just one of the ‘chaprasi’ of the government. He may be called the Prime Minister, but he is a ‘chaprasi’,” Swamy said when asked about the infiltration of terrorists into India by Pakistan after Khan took over as prime minister of the neighbouring country.

“There is no point of any talks with them,” Swamy said.

“I also think that Sushma Swaraj (External Affairs Minister) should not waste her breath speaking about Pakistan in the UN because Pakistan gets psychic pleasure when India abuses it. Just ignore Pakistan, prepare your military and one day break it up into four,” he added.

He said the NDA government has done many good works in the last four years and people would bring it back to power to fulfil the unaccomplished tasks.

He said the BJP would fight the national general elections on two issues — Hindutva and corruption.

“Two big powerful issues are there for the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. These are Hindutva and corruption. We shall seek one more term for finishing unfulfilled tasks. And people will agree,” he said.

He urged the Muslims community agree on building three Hindu temples Ram Mandir at Ayodhya, Krishna temple at Mathura and Kashi Viswanath temple at Varanasi.

He also expressed confidence that a ‘Ram Mandir’ would be built by the BJP. (source)

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