Never Give Up And Always Persevere, Because The Sentiments Of The Masses Do Not Per Se Reflect Truth

There have been may issues with the Church and the LGBT, but according to a recent study, a solid majority of Catholics now want to see more support of homosexuality in Church:

A majority of Catholics want more positive approaches towards the LGBT+ community within the Catholic Church, poll figures show.

Research carried out by YouGov for the Equal Future 2018 Campaign surveyed a total of 9,606 people in the world’s largest Catholic countries—Brazil, Columbia, France, Italy, Mexico, Philippines, Spain, and the US—to find out more about attitudes towards LGBT+ people in the community.

More than half (63 percent) of practicing Catholic agreed with the statement “the Catholic Church should reconsider its current teachings on LGBT issues to help support the mental health and well-being of children and young people”—a higher percentage than the general population (59 percent) and only a few percentage points below those who are baptised Catholics, but not necessarily practicing that faith any more (65 percent).

Only 15-16 percent of people in each category disagreed with the statement. Another statement, reading: “The Catholic Church’s current teaching on LGBT issues could cause a child/young person to feel that being LGBT is a misfortune or disappointment,” found 49 percent of practising Catholics in agreement as opposed to 26 percent who disagreed. Baptised Catholics and the general population was more likely to agree with the statement (56 percent and 53 percent respectively).

The proportion of practising Catholics agreeing with the statement that: “It could be damaging to a child/young person’s mental health and well-being if they felt that being LGBT was a misfortune or disappointment,” (49 percent) was instead more similar to that of baptised Catholics (51 percent) and the general population (50 percent).

Equal Future 2018 campaign director Tiernan Brady, who also led marriage equality campaigns in Ireland and Australia, welcomed the results as a call for change from within the Catholic Church’s membership.

“The support levels for changing the Catholic Church approach to LGBT people are reflected not just in the opinions of the general populations of all the countries polled, but also amongst baptised and practising Catholics. This is not a call for change from outside the Church—it is from its own people,” he said in a statement, adding that the results “clearly show that Catholic people across the globe believe that the current teaching and approach of the hierarchy towards LGBT people is damaging to children and young people.” (source, source)

This story is not a surprise.

About five years ago, I spoke with a Catholic man who had done serious mission work throughout the USA in the inner cities, and currently lives in the Louisiana area where he runs a medical clinic for impoverished people and has continued to evangelize through his practice. He said that, from his own personal estimates, “at least 50%, and it’s probably 60%” of Catholics were “baptized pagans,” meaning they have the name of Catholic and regardless if they go to mass or not, they effectively do not believe the faith they claim to espouse.

The homosexual issue is, as it has been noted before, the best way to determine the social and political views of a man because it is the most controversial topic with, due to the objective nature of the act, will generate the most response from people and to that the most genuine response. That 63% of Catholics, or just about the numbers estimated by this person of Catholics who are effectively “walking dead” apostates in the faith they claim to support, are in support of changing the Church’s teachings on the sodomite issue is highly indicative.

The Catholic Faith is not dependent on numbers or social consensus. However, she is and has always been the most powerful of Christian denominations because as per the words of Sacred Scripture, the see of St. Peter is the rock on which Christ founded His Church and is against which the gates of hell will not prevail over, and this include ideas used to advance infernal concepts such as tribalism, blood-and-soil nationalism, nationalism masquerading as religious piety, or simple heresy.

What adds to the problem is the century-long infiltration of homosexuals into the priesthood and ranks of the Church. While the Church has been through crises throughout history, and these crises have included issues involving homosexuals, political infighting, and even the corpse of a pope being put on trial by another pope (look up the “Cadaver Synod” if one has any questions). However, regardless of the level of infiltration- of which it must be said that the level of infiltration today is incomparably worse than arguably ever before -does not change that which has been revealed in Sacred Scripture.

Considering these numbers, is it any surprise that talking to the “average” man in the pew is useless as far as his opinion is concerned? Yet one is not concerned, as stated above, with what the common man thinks, but what objective truth objectively says.

The Church is going to decline greatly, both in the USA and throughout the world. This was already foretold and warned about in Sacred Scripture, else the ominous remark would not have been made that “when the Son of Man returns, will He find Faith on the Earth?” This is an omen of the loss of faith that is to come and is taking place right now, and the Church is the main target because while there will always be people of good will who seek God, the crippling of the precisely and divinely instituted organs of power by Christ himself will inherently give way to the rise of heathenry, the systematic persecution of Christians, and inevitably the rise of the antichrist.

Likewise, the apostasy taking place within the ranks of the Church, not to mention the individuals who in the face of persecution leave the Church out of either a desire for escapism or because of attempting to search for meaning in forms of Christian practice given to nationalism and so to justify their own inherent biases in favor of the very things that Christ explicitly fought against, there is no time better than now to stay in the Church because it is in chaos such as this that saints are made.

It is tempting to think of the glory of God as being rescued from trouble, and there is a natural desire to want this. However, the way to the resurrection is to walk the way of sorrows and eventually to one’s own death.

So be not afraid to be scorned, hated, or to hold views that ostracize one, assuming all along an preparing for the day that one will be first economically deprived, then eventually physically persecuted for one’s beliefs. What matters is that, regardless of commonly accepted views, one accepts and perseveres in the truth to the end.

Indeed, there is no other way.

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