UK Mother Makes Business Peddling Sex Dolls Custom-Designed In The Likeness Of Her Customers’ Dead Spouses

A mother of four in the UK is now producing sex doll rental services custom-tailored to look like the deceased spouses of her rentees according to a report:

A MUM is offering one of the UK’s first sex doll rental services – and offers to make bespoke dolls for those seeking comfort after losing a partner by matching their likeness.

Jade Stanley, 35, from Bromsgrove, Worcs, says business is booming and now offers the first ever rental service for those looking for comfort after losing a loved one.

The married mum-of-four said: “We have a lot of people approach us who have dolls made that resemble a partner they have lost.

“It can be very beneficial for them and helps them keep a piece of their loved one, it provides them with comfort and people don’t always buy the dolls for a sordid reason.

“We even get couples who want to experience a threesome but maybe feel uneasy about seeing their partner with another person.

“It’s also great for people who maybe feel socially awkward about approaching the opposite sex.”

The dolls are also for those looking to experiment with multiple people or those with mental health conditions and learning difficulties that may struggle with social situations.

Jade already owns a chain of sunbed shops but was hooked on the idea of sex dolls after reading about the industry in a newspaper article 18 months ago.

Entrepreneur Jade said: “I’d seen a lot of press about the dolls and started doing my own research.

“I was really interested but found that the competition were mainly offering the dolls in a more sexualised way and it was quite seedy or for their own satisfaction.

“I wanted to approach it from a different angle. More to help people that are seeking comfort or may find it difficult in social situations to approach others due to mental health conditions or learning difficulties.

“It’s an incredibly discreet service and the ordering process is all done online with delivery straight to your door by trusted couriers.”

The dolls, with names such as Sienna and Cindy, are then placed in a large box and delivered by a trusted courier to the customer’s front door in what Jade describes as a ‘discreet white glove, two-man service’.

Once the dolls are returned to the company they are thoroughly cleaned, while the artificial vagina is removed and replaced with a brand new one so that the dolls can be used again.

Bespoke dolls can cost up to £4,000 and be made to any specification with customers able to choose hair colour, eye colour, nail colour, weight and even if they have scars, moles or tattoos.

Businesswoman Jade says her dolls are currently booked for the next few weeks.

She is currently waiting for a new shipment from her factory in China and hopes to take her company global, as the service is currently only available in the UK.

Jade said: “I want to take this worldwide and have very grand plans.

“I’m hoping to open an office in US city of Atlanta.

“The market is so big and is it isn’t going to stop here.

“We are currently in the process of working with some well-known pornstars to get dolls made that look just like them.” (source, source)

In the first season of the Twiligh Zone, there was an episode called “The Lonely,” about a man sentenced to imprisonment on an asteroid, and eventually he is brought a female robot companion with the latest technology, meaning she has life-like skin and can show “emotions.” While resisting her at first, the man eventually falls in love with her. Later in the episode, he is cleared of his charges and allowed to leave, and he is forced to leave his “wife” behind. In response, one of the men rescuing him shoots the robot in the face and reveals to him the machine and metal underneath he had forgotten about. As he is leaving the asteroid, he says that as he is leaving, he is only leaving “loneliness” behind.

This episode fits perfectly with the rise of sex robotics today. As we predicted and continue to emphasize, sex robots are going to be a major trend for the future because the more they can pass through the “uncanny valley,” which is the difference in perception between what is real and what is false with minor differences, the more that people will naturally come to see them as human even though they are not because their biology will deceive their minds. Basically, unless a person intellectually accepts that something is a robot and chooses to reject it, he could potentially be deceived by a robot into believing it is a real person. This is compounded by the article above’s premise as any association of these with a man’s personal memories or desires provides a strong emotional attachment that cannot be generated from the machine but arises from the innermost passions of the soul.

Imagine if you could make a robot that is perfectly a replica of a woman who is one’s “dream woman,” be it a fantasy or a spouse, and that responds, acts, learns, and in time with advancements in A.I. and biotechnology, is actually covered in flesh and will bleed or emit body odor just as that same person really does. One would not be able to distinguish between the two on a natural level, and so the man would actually have the potential to think that, assuming his real wife is dead, the robot is really his same wife.

The Bible warns (Jeremiah 17:9) that the heart is deceitful over all things, and that while one must absolutely not deny one’s feelings just as much as one must not deny reason, one’s feelings must work in harmony with reason, and that a discord between them is a potential sign of trouble. With these coming advancements in robots and biotechnology, this will become more important in order to avoid being deceived, not just in a sexual way, but in a social way.

The creation of a “perfect woman” is only a superficial consideration, for the real reason for such developments are for military purposes because a soldier that looks, acts, and behaves in a way that cannot be distinguished from a human is the perfect spy or soldier as it cannot “die” but just be destroyed, it cannot feel pain, and it can perform all and more of the same tasks that a man performs in a more perfect and efficient manner.

The development of such sex robots will be critical to watch, as they are but the public face of selling the “Terminator” to the public in a socially acceptable way.

This is not sexy at all.

Yet this is what this is the end of the aforementioned sex robots.

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