This Is What Genital Mutilation Actually Looks Like- NOT SAFE FOR WORK, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED

Jewish American sodomite Jaron Bloshinsky, known as “Jazz Jennings”, recently had “complications” while undergoing the “change” by mutilating his gentials to pretend to be a woman:

Eleven years after first sharing her story with Barbara Walters at the age of just six, Jazz Jennings has completed her transition after undergoing gender affirmation surgery.

In an interview with Nightline, Jennings revealed that she suffered a bit of a hiccup during the final step in her transition, which will be explored in depth on the final season of her TLC show I Am Jazz.

‘There was just an unfortunate event and setback where things did come apart, and there was a complication,’ Jazz said.

‘I had to come back in for another procedure, but it was just all part of the journey. The good thing though is that it was only cosmetic and external so it wasn’t too dramatic.’

The unforeseen issue was caused by the hormone blockers that Jazz believes are responsible for saving her life.

‘Being on the blockers is something that I don’t regret at all. But the only, you know, downside to it was that I didn’t have enough growth down below. So there wasn’t enough tissue to work with when it came to the surgery’ said Jazz.

‘And it was very challenging to find a doctor, a surgeon who was willing to perform the operation on me just because I’m such a difficult case.’

As a result, the family had to seek out an innovative new treatment in the field of genital reconstruction.

‘They’re using the tissue I have, the peritoneum, and also, they may take a skin graft as well. I say it’s going to be like a patchwork vagina, Franken-vagina,’ explained Jennings.

‘So yeah, as long as it’s functional, that’s all that matters.’

Jazz soon added to that statement however, saying: ‘”And I want it to look somewhat pretty, just because it’s my body.’

Nine weeks after her two surgeries, Jazz was feeling great and ready to begin the new phase of her life.

Jazz also addressed the hateful attacks she and her family are subject to, revealing the anger she feels when people direct their scorn at her parents.

Those attacks usually involve individuals who accuse the family, and Jazz’s parents in particular, of brainwashing the girl.

‘I really, really hate it,’ said Jazz.

‘And hate’s a strong word. But I hate it when people are, like, “My parents abuse me into being transgender because they wanted another girl, not a boy.” And no, that’s not how it was. This was all me. This is how I felt. And I was the one telling them that, “I’m a girl, I’m a girl.”

She continued: ‘They just embraced and loved me for who I was. And they didn’t force me to do anything. They never force me to do anything.’

In the end though, Jazz now has the happiness she longed for as a toddler.

‘When I was 2 years old, I went up to my mom and asked her, “When is the good fairy going to come with her magic wand and change my penis into a vagina?”‘ said Jazz.

‘It was like a dream. It was. This is a moment that I had always envisioned and just experiencing it was so surreal. I was like I can’t believe this is happening.’

Derick Dillard has frequently used his social media accounts to attack the transgender teenager.

The married father-of-two, 30, went after Jazz earlier this year just hours after she had come out of her gender affirmation surgery.

‘I’m doing great, thanks for all of the love and support,’ wrote Jazz, with the high school student also sharing a photo of herself smiling in her hospital bed.

This did not sit well with Dillard, who decided to fire back on social media.

‘This kind of thinking should not be encouraged by media. A system that allows this kind of child abuse is clearly broken,’ wrote Dillard.

TLC, which briefly parted ways with the Duggars after son Josh was revealed to have molested four of his sisters when they were minors, has repeatedly declined to comment on Dillard’s bigoted remarks about Jazz.

The initial issue between the Counting On personality and the I Am Jazz star began close to two years ago, when Dillard dubbed Jennings’ show ‘an oxymoron’ as a ‘reality show which follows a non-reality.’

The Arkansas native declared in a tweet last August that ‘”Transgender” is a myth’ as ‘gender is not fluid,’ but ‘ordained by God.’

Jazz responded: ‘Every day I experience cyber-bullying, but I keep sharing my story. Today was no different.’

The hubbub seemed to die down until November, when a Twitter user named Shelbey told Dillard that while she can understand his rationale on some issues, he tends to generate negative responses to his tweets ‘because they often come off as hateful,’ adding that ‘calling someone’s identity an oxymoron is very condescending.’

Dillard responded by saying that he feels sorry for Jazz, but refused to use female pronouns in talking about the Florida native, who ‘is a transgender female and has been living as a girl since kindergarten,’ according to her show’s website.

‘I pity Jazz, [for] those who take advantage of him in order [to] promote their agenda, including the parents who allow these kinds of decisions [to] be made by a child,’ Dillard said. ‘It’s sad that [people] would use a juvenile this way. Again, nothing against him, just unfortunate what’s on tv these days.’

‘I really have nothing against the kid and wish him all the best in life. I just hate seeing him used this way.’

Dillard said that he ‘never bullied anyone’ with his previous remarks, but was expressing his beliefs that the show is a tool of propaganda.

‘I’m expressing my view of what should be treated as reality; if I say I feel like I am Nepali, that doesn’t make me so,’ he said. Dillard noted that he believes ‘it’s important to have a mature discussion’ on the topic, as he’s ‘just expressing [his] concerns, as a Christian.

‘The beauty of the world,’ he tweeted, ‘is that everybody is not like me.’

Jazz took the high road in her response to Dillard back in November, writing: ‘In the face of constant ignorance and hatred I prefer to disregard negative opinions and continue moving forward with love.’

These attacks on a minor teenager were not enough to get Dillard cut from the family show in August, but by November he and the network had parted ways, with Dillard claiming he left on his own terms and TLC suggesting it was a network decision.

His wife Jill does still appear from time to time and was one of the stars of Counting On, the reworked show TLC aired after Josh Duggar’s sex scandal. (source, source)

Instead of saying why this is wrong, which is clearly is, rather one might ask, what does gential mutilation surgery actually look like?

Here are two videos below illustrating what actually happens. For those too squeamish to watch, in involved chopping off the genitals, then creating a fake “vagina” using the skin and tissue from the remaining previous genitals.


How on earth is this legal?

This is not surgery, but it is socially accepted genital mutilation.

There is nothing good at all that can be said about this in even the slightest way.

People wonder why “transsexuals” commit suicide. Not to justify suicide at all, but how would any man feel knowing that a fundamental part of what makes him a man was just mutilated beyond repair?

How can anybody say that teenagers, who all know are already often times confused enough about life, should be forcibly given legal power to mutilate their own genitals through drugs and surgery in what is a permanent decision?

Yet this is what the LGBT wants, and this is what is being, as nothing less than a gift from the government and powers that be, given to society and imposed upon them.

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